Summer Fashion Over 50: Remember Advantages of Cotton Gauze

Soft Surroundings Gauze Tunic on Over 50 Feeling 40


It is June and time to think about those fabrics that serve us best for summer fashions when we are over 50.  Cotton gauze is one of those fabrics.  When I began to first notice garments reported to be made with gauze, I immediately thought about bandages!  It wasn’t a good picture in my head.

But, cotton gauze is often lightweight and 100% cotton.  It does not wrinkle like linen and is good for warmer climates.  Soft Surroundings offers several garments in cotton gauze.  Since, I already owned one top and knew it to wear well, I was drawn to this one in their recent Memorial Day Sale.  This will be an “all-year” top because the tabs allow the sleeves to come down long.  It can also be worn as a third-piece over a knit tee or tank.

Black Summer tunic on over 50 feeling 40

Now, I know some of you are wondering why I am wearing these colors for summer.  Well, because they are my colors…good for me all year round.  I do not hang up my best colors because of a season change.

 I recently walked through Target and this little $9 scarf jumped out at me…because of the colors.  I can wear this on my handbag…in my hair…or as a short neck scarf.

Most of my summer is spent in air conditioning, so this works for those days.  On the days, I will be outside at an event, I can go in lighter colors that do not attract the sun like black does. But, I do wear black in the summer and have many options in the color.  It is one of my favorites.


“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” —  Christian Dior


Styling a Soft Surroundings black tunic for summer on Over 50 Feeling 40

I so agree with Christian Dior on this one.  When I had my colors done and was declared a WINTER, I looked at the palette and was so excited to see that it included black and all my favorites.  This is what you will see when you enter my closet.


Thank goodness I can get a look like this without paying Dior prices!  Do you have colors you wear no matter what the season is, or do you stick closely to seasonal colors?

Please share…enjoy today’s Fabulous Finds for summer slideshow…and 



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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I have one outfit from several years ago…In gauze from Soft Surrounndings. It’s a black top with off white wide leg pants.
    Cool and attractive.
    You look great!

  2. Hi Shirley, I love it too! I found it at my favorite consignment shop! She recently had to close her storefront after several years due to the blows dealt by the virus. But, she has a successful shop on EBAY called The Garment Exchange. This bag was in her window one day when I stopped by and a grabbed it. I love a good treasure hunt. So sorry I do not have a link I can provide for it.

  3. I have several of the wide-legged cotton gauze pants from Soft Surroundings that I absolutely love. Like you mentioned, the material doesn’t wrinkle like linen has a tendency to do. Great summer fabric.

  4. I think you guys are making me want a pair of the pants! Thanks Michele…it is a great summer fabric.

  5. Good Morning! I like that you included the little set of colors from your closet. Do you ever wear that emerald green? I love that color, but rarely see anything for sale featuring it. Used to have a calf length tailored skirt in a bright emerald shade, and always felt so lovely wearing it to work. Anyway . . .yes, I wear gauze shirts in the spring and summer, and on vacation. They are always a cool and un-wrinkled option. As to colors I put away? – everything remains in my closet all year, but I do shift my bulkier sweaters and vests to the back obviously, come summer. Never based on color though. I actually enjoy wearing black and darker shades of navy MORE in the summer as blouses than during cool months because I usually have a bit of a tan then, so they’re more flattering.

  6. I do wear emerald green and love it. I will try to wear it soon here. I actually have an emerald green linen top. Thanks for sharing, Connie!

  7. Had to laugh Pamela, because today I too am wearing a black top, and khaki bottom, but mine is a skirt. I am a deep autumn, but can also take some of the Winter shades. My bag was an orange tote which I love, but the colour doesn’t look good when I wear it, so this is my compromise.

  8. I really like the entire outfit. I have one gauzy cotton shirt and I really love how cool it is. I actually tend to wear black more often in the summer because my skin has some color. I find in the winter I’m so pale that the black makes me look old and tired. In the summer I feel more confident wearing it.
    I love you bag, but I’m wondering as things start to loosen up for shopping, some places prefer you only bring in your phone and method of payment. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for cute smaller bags that are pretty and practical.
    Your hair looks great! Salons in NJ can start to reopen later in the month, which for me is a worry because my husband is a hairdresser and has to go back to work…double edged sword for sure!!
    Have a great day!!

  9. I have a summer orange Italian leather bag that I often wear with these colors. Great minds, Fiona!

  10. Thanks Linda…let me work on a small bag slideshow for you! That’s a great idea.

  11. This is not your question, however, I own a styling comb like you have in the slide show, different brand more expensive. 😏 it is a morning game changer. I have curly, fine, thin hair and morning bed hair is a real thing, not in a good way. Using a tool like this is so easy and within minutes (3 to 5 minutes) I have tamed the “monster”.
    I too own black linen that I wear during hot weather.

  12. I was like you when I heard “cotton gauze”. It didn’t sound attractive at all, & some of the first garments I saw were very cheap looking & had an almost scratchy feel inside. At that point, my interest waned even more. The Soft Surrounding garments look lovely, so I may have to revisit this fabric.

  13. You look absolutely lovely; ready for a Summer afternoon event or picnic.

    My wardrobe is all muted pastels & “dove grey”. Sounds blah boring to many, TeeHee! But, the colours are so me.

    Love. Love. Love! cotton gauze garments. Only have one top left now, a dusty miller green. The dresses & other tops wore out over the years (all bought while living in Fla. early 1980s).

    Thanks for highlighting cotton gauze. It used to be more popular & sadly fell out of favour in Summer garments. Next to a silky chiffon, gauze is a personal fave.

  14. Your closet colors look like the colors I like to wear, but I don’t think I’m a winter. I have stopped wearing black around my face because it just doesn’t help at all. haha On my way to check out Soft Surroundings gauze. It’s hot here today and more to come. Your hair looks great. Lucky you that you got to go to hair salon.

  15. I love the shirt in the picture, but having trouble finding on Soft Surroundings…if you have a style name or number, would welcome it.

  16. Hi Catherine, I also had difficulty finding it last night. It may be sold out…I will keep looking and post a link if I find it.

  17. I’ve liked gauzy clothing since my old hippy days in the 70s: long skirts, filmy dresses, embroidered tops. I think I’ve always had at least one item in gauze & at the moment I have 3: a long black skirt with a fitted, embroidered yolk and flared panels, a matching short sleeved, heavily-embroidered lace-up top & a loose, flowy black shirt I wear as a light jacket or buttoned over jeans, I like them because of how they move (floaty, graceful, a bit sensual) & how they feel (cool, casual but dressy, unstructured, feminine). The skirt is 1 of only 3 dressy things I own any more; I wear it with a variety of tops, w/ sandals, pumps or boots. And the shirt is so flexible. I can dress it up or down & wear it anywhere. Now I’m letting my hair grow out to what’s turning out to be charcoal & silver, I’m on the hunt for a gauzy silver top & jacket I’ve decided will be my only clothing purchase for 2020 — I’ve come close but not found quite what I want yet. Thanks for the motivation to keep trying!

  18. Hi Pam, I agree with your thoughts on wearing your colors all year round, perhaps dabbling in lighter versions in summer and darker versions in the winter. Years ago I had my colors done was deemed “summer”. My hair was a little darker then (ash-y brown) and through the years I have mostly stayed with that color palette. As I got older, my hair color went lighter due to my colorist’s insistence that as women age, they need a little warmth in the hair to counteract the diminishing color in their faces/skin tones. That affected (at least to my eyes) the range of colors I can wear and look ok in – including a green that is a little more olive-y than the former blue greens like teals and mallard and so forth. but I pretty much still stick to summer tones. With dark blue eyes and now a little blonder hair color, they still work.
    By the way, you may have mentioned it before, but would you share your height? I know you are taller than my now shrinking a bit 5’4″. Oversized or longer tops look great on you but the shorter women need to be careful when choosing the tops so as not to be overwhelmed, even with a bit of heel on the shoe.
    Thank you!

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