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Over 50 feeling 40 with Would You Wear It

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend Jennifer!  By request, we have added this extra version of Would You Wear It during the week and as long as there is interest, we will keep it going.  On these days, Jennifer and I show you styles we have found which make us wonder what you would think.  We are not presenting outfits we love or hate…just outfits that made us ponder your opinions.  

This is done with the intention to have you think about the clothing in constructive ways which Is really even more important as we continue to become “online shoppers.”  I also hope it helps brands determine what would sell or not sell.  You guys have become a great focus group!  

Would You Wear It Over 50 on over 50 feeling 40

We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear the garments as styled, and give your constructive thoughts about why it does or does not work.  Please avoid language that might offend someone who feels differently from you, but rather answer personally as to why it would or would not work for you.  Remember this is WOULD YOU WEAR IT…not WOULD YOU BUY IT.  This is about the garment and styling and not the costs.

So, ladies, let’s begin…look at the garment I have for you today above and answer…………………………………………….



Summer Necklaces on Over 50 Feeling 40

This photo is from a very old post, but I still own and wear all of these necklaces.  This is just a reminder that summer accessories are a great way to dress for the season.  I actually made the necklace on the left.  I found the green coral at a garage sale for fifty cents and added the shell from a Texas beach to the necklace myself.  Now, that’s affordable fashion at its best!

Summer sandals on over 50 feeling 40

Of course, summer sandals are another way to celebrate the season…of course with pretty painted toes!

Accessories will help you take any simple neutral look to a fun summer style if you are creative and add some of these types of pieces to your wardrobe.  

Now head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  As always, I have a Fabulous Find slideshow below…today’s theme?  Accessories, of course!



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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning! This dress is summery and fairly cool looking , but not sure it’s for me. There is a lot of fabric here. If it were in petite (I’m only 5’4) I’d say yes, but may wear it only after a day at the beach or over my swimsuit. I can’t see this going out in public for somebody as short as I am.
    I like it on this tall, slender model.

  2. The dress looks very comfortable and it’s cute! I’m not sure about the boxy shape and the stripes. On my curvy plus size body it might be a disaster. It’s something I’d really have to try on. I would give it a try though!

  3. ummm, the only thing i can think of, is that if you were pink from a sunburn, and you still wanted to be outdoors, that could be your choice…..but heavens, it even makes the skinny girl look big.

  4. I really like the dress, but it is a definite try on before buying. I’m not sure the horizontal strips on the bust would do me any favors. This dress looks like it would be very cool and comfortable. Perfect for a long car trip.

  5. Clever design use of the stripes.Would wear it if it were a shirt. Too much fabric. Also a new brand for me. Pricey for me. Would have to be on a good sale!

  6. It looks like the perfect, cool dress to put on when you are out on a hot day. The horizontal stripes at the waistline gives me pause, but if it is loose-fitting then I don’t think it would be a bad thing. I am what a friend calls “fluffy” and don’t love close-fitting clothing.

  7. While I love the fabric, the length would drown me. It may be better tucked in and pulled up with a slouchy soft leather woven belt, in a toffee/caramel colour with matching slip in sandals.

  8. An attractive swimsuit cover up when trying to avoid too much sun, but crazy-pricey. Dry clean only cotton? Never heard of such a thing.

  9. I’m afraid the full sleeves would not benefit my large bust. Overall the dress looks too boxy and shapeless to be flattering for my figure. Many others have noted that they would need to try the dress on first, and so would I…but no stores having dressing rooms open, yet! Shopping is actually depressing now, especially if you are searching for a certain piece.

  10. LOVE this dress as could style/wear it in various ways though would tweak it (shorten it a tad) and perhaps take in the sleeves a smidgen. i.e.: Wear it as is, as an overlay, belted etc. As for its price ($507.00 Cdn. /today’s currency exchange rate) I would probably opt to make it though …. ☺…. speaking of which great job on your necklace creation.

  11. Looks great on the model but there is too much fabric, including length, for my short curvy body.

    1. Hi Ladies,
      Even though I love long dresses, being 5’2” the stripped dress I believe would be too much on my frame. Perhaps in a Petite it “ might” fly. I also like a sandal with a “little” bit of a back heel. Therefore, the sandals would not be in my choosing. The jewelry is lovely. I would wear on a solid top….. thank you! 🙂

    2. I LOVE ❤️ this dresss.
      It speaks summer!
      Too pricey for me also.
      I also really think summer jewelry is fun.

    1. Click on the small image of the dress in the post and all of the information shows. Thanks Christine.

  12. Because of the expensive price, I wouldn’t buy this dress, but if someone gave it to me as a gift I would definitely wear it! I’m not sure whether it would look good or not, but I know it would be comfortable on a hot day, and I like the combination of horizontal and vertical stripes.

    1. I have a similar shirtdress. Love it! Nothing says summer like blue and white stripes. If you live far from the tropics, the typical tropical summer prints can look a bit out of place.

      But shirtdresses come in all colors and prints, different lengths, and can be worn belted or unbelted, There’s one for every size and shape. Just make sure the hemline and scale of the stripe or pattern are right for you. They are oh, so comfortable, and a nice, cool alternative to shorts, capris and cropped pants. Also excellent for those who need coverage from the sun, or who don’t like to bare it all. Yes, yes, yes!

  13. I am flat chested, so I think this dress would help to give me the appearance of a bust line, but only if the rest of the dress fit better. Why do models wear clothing too big for them? I just don’t understand the oversized look. I would definitely try this dress on…it appeals to me. I would add color with accessories/shoes or keep it simple with a pair of sneakers.

  14. Good Morning Pamela,

    I am going to be honest here, my least favorite posts are The Would You Wear It? I rarely even open them.
    Love your blog on the other days.
    Thank you.

  15. Horizontal stripes and boxy sleeves emphasize my large bust and make me look heavier. The sleeve length and boxy shape do not flatter my curvy shape so I wouldn’t wear this dress even in a solid fabric.

  16. I love this dress! It is versatile. I can wear it as a dress, a duster over white pants and white top, beach cover-up.

  17. I like oversized loose dresses for summer but it’s above my budget…but gives me an idea when I can go into a fabric store and look for a pattern in a similar look.

  18. No I would not wear the dress. Too many stripes, too much material, wrong length and just not my style at all. Absolutely love the sandals you are wearing, however. I would totally love to own a pair of those. Love the colour and I could see myself wearing them with jeans or casual slacks, Bermuda shorts, as well as casual summer skirts and dresses.

  19. Hi everybody,
    For me, too, it’s too boxy. Certainly nice in the heat but too pricey. I don’t like the flip-flops with it neither.

  20. Cute casual summer dress. I definitely would wear it, though Od never spend $375 on a simple cotton dress.

  21. While I love stripes & the dress looks cool & comfortable, the boxy shape & long length would not be flattering to me.

  22. The price would be prohibitive for me, but I think it’s a cute dress. It looks cool and comfy, but I would have to try it on.
    Love the blue and white stripes!

  23. I don’t usually wear dresses except for formal occasions, but I’ve been thinking that I might like to try a casual summery dress. I love navy and white stripes and the casual, comfortable look of this one, so I would definitely try it on. I’m concerned about whether the contrasting stripes across the bust would be flattering though.

  24. I’ve read all the comments and am wondering why I am the only one that thinks this dress looks like a house coat? I might wear it over a bathing suit but wouldn’t go far in it. The boxy fit, long length, and huge stripes even make the tall slim model look oversized.

  25. As a 60+ woman with a little extra weight, this dress would look more like a robe on me than a dress. Jut too much fabric. Who makes clothes for real women my age?

    1. Lots of brands do! Stick around this blog, Sheryl, and hopefully you will discover some ideas. Make sure you every day you look through the slideshows. thanks for being here!

  26. I should like that dress more than I do: I like stripes, I like the crisp cotton, I like blue & white — so cool in hot weather — I like loose clothing in summer. But it doesn’t work for me at all: too boxy, too stiff, too busy. And those horizontal insets on the chest remind me of garments nursing mothers wear with button-down panels. LOL! Oh, but those silver laced sandals!!! I’d steal them right off your feet! Except they look like they’re flats, which I don’t wear — lucky escape for you 🙂 I gave myself a pedicure last night & am wearing deep purple polish & startle myself every time I catch a glimpse of them after my toes being hidden away all winter. LOL!

  27. Reminds me of a housecoat. Or a beach coverup. Just not my style. The horizontal stripes across the bust would not work for my large chest. The necklaces are fun but the collar style is just too hot in the summer. The sandals are cute and I would wear them if they have proper support.

  28. Stripes are classic, and I do love them. However, I would not wear this dress as it would overwhelm me since I am short, and the stripes are too much. I would love it if it had smaller and more subtle stripes. It also seems a bit long. I like the style of dress, but I would belt it to give it more shape.

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