Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear This on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yes! It is already time for the Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend Jennifer!  I want to complement this audience about the comments last Saturday…they were so instructive and constructive! Very helpful and if anyone was reading throughout the comments…they learned a lot.  So let’s keep that going, ladies with this mid-week pop up.

If you are new to this, we ask that you look over our fashion displays and tell us of you would or would not wear the styles presented.  Please be constructive, consider all the outfit details and explain why they do or don’t work for you.  You are always welcome to comment on the way fashion merchandisers styled the display, and when I post a family of styles, you are free to comment on each one or select one or two.  

Would You Wear It Mid Week Pop Up on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, let’s begin…look at my family of three above, and tell us, ladies…….




“The single simple secret to timeless and ageless chic is to know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly. ”  – Tish Jett, Forever Chic

Monday’s post was another great read in the comments.  I am learning so much from each of you as we begin this journey together to Cultivate Everyday Elegance.  At the request of a reader, I have a slideshow today, featuring affordable scarves.   Then there is one with summer styles…and maybe a few more scarves.   I hope you enjoy both.  Now, head over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has for us today.



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Though I don’t usually wear floral prints at all I rather like this dress. I’m not really tall enough but it’s very very pretty. The other two outfits just do not appeal to me very much (except the Jean jacket for early spring). We are in the midst of very tropical humidity and heat so nothing much appears to me in slacks.

  2. I’d wear the cute blue jacket on the far right. The yellowish top in the middle looks too thin and the style doesn’t appeal to me, mostly because of the flounce on the sleeves. You can see all the lumps and bumps through it so I wouldn’t wear something like that. Kind of looks to be of poor quality. The dress is not my style so I wouldn’t choose that. I don’t care for the tiny floral and the color is too muted to work with my coloring. I think that the layers of flounces make it look kind of dated, and the cap flounce sleeves add weight to the upper arm, just how I’m seeing it. Not sure about the top under the blue jacket, but the tie on the side is currently on trend so that could work, depending on the fabric. Again though, the print and color aren’t really appealing to me. But I love the blue jacket.

  3. i love the dress, it wouldnt work for me anymore, but on a younger, lighter woman, so very pretty. i believe it needs heels to really get the layers flowing when you walk. the yellow blouse in the middle is a no…the embellishments at the neck and arms seem that they would limit you on accessories to chose…i like the blue denim jacket, but would probably pass it by as i have so many jackets that rarely make it outside here in south florida.

  4. Thanks for the side show on scarves! Loved them all! Would wear the outfit on the right. The dress fabric is pretty, but too much fabric for me in the skirt. The middle one is so so for me. But for the right body type,ok. Thanks again for the scarves, Hard not to want them all.

  5. I am only attracted to the jean jacket. I have jackets and sweaters, of all weights, that I wear when in restaurants or at the movies, and this appeals to me. The others items are not to my taste, but the print is lovely.

  6. Very pretty summer colors on todays displays! The dress while very summery and cute wouldn’t work for my body, maybe with a longer sleeve and a different belt? The blouse color in the middle display is not one the works with my complexion so it’s a no. I would definitely wear the jean jacket, flowered top and white pants. That look is a good one for me. I’m in Michigan and we are still having some cool days and/or evenings.

  7. The dress would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. It’s very feminine and would be cool on a hot, sticky day. I’m not a fan of the colors of the other two outfits. Pastel jackets remind me of the Golden Girls, not to mention the fact that it’s just too hot for them in my area where it’s around 90 degrees every day.

  8. You are so welcome…so many pretty ones…it was difficult to select the best!

  9. I would wear the jean jacket and the white pants with a navy tshirt. I don’t wear yellow it looks terrible on me, and I pass on most florals. Those tiers on the dress would be too much and again the floral is a no go. Thanks for doing this Pam.

  10. Great group of mannequins today! Even if I weren’t in a buying mood, this display would stop me in my tracks it is SO cute and cheerful. I would wear the two pants outfits, occasionally subbing out the jean jacket for a white summer weight cardigan and definitely pairing that lovely yellow top with a white, navy, or yellow sweater from my wardrobe. Likewise, I would pair either top with LOTS of things from my closet! The dress, while gorgeous and cut to flatter my younger self, would be a no nowadays.

  11. The dress would require a try-on; maybe/maybe not. I think it maybe needs a (white?) wider leather belt instead of the fabric one. Tie belts aren’t my body’s friend. 🙂 Not a fan of the yellow top because of the apparent thinness (thus the longer tank under?) and I’d prefer some other sleeve choice. The denim jacket look is great! Except for the tie on the side of the top, I think it messes with the lines of the outfit. I’m always a fan of skinny white pants/jeans for summer.

  12. I agree with several others that I would only wear the blue jacket and white pants. The dress is pretty, but too flimsy, and short-sleeved for me, as is the yellow top. But I so love the scarves! Spending all this time at home, I keep telling myself that I do not NEED any more clothes as I have full closets ( note I used plural “closets”) , but I can always use new scarves which I enjoy wearing so much. I even have a friend who refers to me as “that scarf lady”, and she has often asked directions for how to tie them as I use various methods. Who can’t use a few more , especially if they are light enough for summer wear in hot weather.

  13. Powder blue is one of the few pastels that doesn’t make me feel washed out … in fact, it’s a great color on me and mixes very well with navy and even charcoal gray and black. I would get a lot of wear out of the jean jacket and would definitely consider it, though wonder if a very light washed denim might be even more versatile in my wardrobe (I usually prefer medium or dark denim but this got me thinking). It is a pretty display and the outfit on the right would flatter me, but I would skip the flowered top. I often wear silhouettes like this. On the question of scarves, if you find them too hot, try pure silk scarves. My school is old and has uneven heating an air conditioning. I layer up all winter, topping with a silk scarf most days, which often comes off during the day. Pure silk keeps you both warm and cool. Ecco makes nice ones that often go on sale, but you also see them sometimes at Talbots, Chico’s and JJill. One thing looking dated are infinity scarves. I wear mine without doubling, and tie a big, bubble knot right at the bottom. With no tail showing. It’s surprisingly flattering, and I notice I’m being copied at work :).

  14. I have been trying to subscribe for the past few weeks.
    (Loving your posts on becoming more elegant and don’t want to miss any)
    I keep getting “an error occurred. Please try later”
    How does one subscribe t your blog?

  15. Hi Carol, I just checked it and everything seems to be working from this end. You go to the homepage. Under the top story, you will see subscribe by email. Then fill in your name and email address and hit subscribe. You should get a notice that says SUCCESS! Let me know if you are still having issues.

  16. As my choice of style is classic, the design of the dress with its asymmetrical layered flounces does not speak to me however do like that fact that it appears to have self-covered buttons which is rare nowadays. (Also feel its colours are ideal for redheads. ) Whereas the price tag of the v-neck top would dictate its purchase since the fabric appears to be a tad cheap and would I only wear it under a blazer or similar. As for the floral top, a no as again not my style as prefer such tops more defined/fitted. To conclude, love the jacket’s shade of blue and as white pants are a staple in my summer wardrobe would wear all three pieces.

  17. I would wear the jean jacket on the right, but the dress although gorgeous would not flatter me and neither would the top in the middle. I prefer longer sleeves these days and most shades of yellow don’t work with my skin tone. The scarves are quite beautiful. Enjoyed the slide shows!

  18. The dress is pretty but the colors wouldn’t work on me and the style looks more suitable for a young woman. I wonder why they styled the belt tied to the side. A bow at the side of the waist would only work on someone who was very slim. From a distance, you can’t tell that the yellow shirt has a tank under it. Or, maybe it’s just a layered top. Either way, I would be unlikely to try it on. The color doesn’t work for me and I want to camouflage my hips, not emphasize them with something tight. The top under the jacket has possibilities if it comes in another color. I like the slim white pants and the blue jacket.

  19. I love the color palette of these mannequins, but I think the only item for me would be the jean jacket. The dress is not my style although the print is so pretty!

    The yellow top seems too big and too plain to me. Again, the color is one I wear, but I don’t think it makes a flattering presentation here.

    This grouping is very summery and cheery!

  20. Hi Pam ,
    The dress is so pretty, but no where to where it this year. Not sure I could pull it off at my age also. The yellow top seems to thin… it might be the fabric. The light blue jacket with the flowered blouse is something that would work nicely for me. Beautiful colors with slim cut white jeans are my go to. My area is too warm for the jacket now, but great for fall or spring,

  21. I like the jean jacket and the soft yellow patterned blouse underneath the jacket.

  22. I just loved the outfit on the right with the blue jeans jacket, blouse and slacks. Living in New Hampshire, I would wear this Spring, Sommer and early Fall. My arms are not the greatest so I would not wear the other two outfits. Love reading your articles!!!

  23. Love the colors! But the only one I’d choose to wear is the outfit on the right. I have a pyramid body shape and that many ruffles on the bottom wouldn’t be flattering for me. While I often wear a T and pants, that color combo would be too pale for me and something about the length, fabric, and layering doesn’t visually appeal to me although I do like the V-neckline

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