Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer

Macys on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is very hard for me to believe that this is the last Would You Wear It  Over 50 for June 2020 with me and my friend Jennifer.  I was able to get quite a few shots of different displays when I went on a recent trip to the mall…of course, with my mask and my hand sanitizer.  The last two Would You Wear It posts have really had some excellent, helpful, constructive comments.  That is what this is intended to do…to help other women know how to look at displays with a discerning eye.  I think it would be an immense help to retailers to read these posts and understand the over 50 consumer.  We have some great things to say.

Would You Wear Denim colors on over 50 feeling 40

Just as a reminder or if you are new, please look over the displays and tell us if you, personally, would or would not wear what you see and why or why not.  Keep it personal and keep it constructive…and teach others about how to look at a display with fit, color, style, age, and body types in mind.  Please do not merely say Yes or No…explain your thought processes…please.

You do not have to comment on all three mannequins…but, of course you may.  So look this display over, ladies and tell us……………………………………



Sunbasket Southwestern Turkey on Over 50 Feeling 40

All three of our meals this past week from Sun Basket were excellent and so much fun to cook!  This was our favorite…the Southwestern Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet from the Mediterranean options. My husband loves having something different every night and being surprised, because he does not know what I select for the menu.  It really is like taking a cooking class for me…I have learned new techniques and spices through this process. If you are interested in learning more, just go to Sun Basket here.

Make sure you also head over to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer has for us today.  I have more Fabulous Fashion finds for you from the Macy’s One Day Sale and from Nordstrom’s Sale (some great off season finds), and tomorrow I will have a well stocked list of headlines just for women over 50 in Today’s News.   Thank you for being here and as always………………………………




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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I do like the outfit in the front with the tied shirt and would definitely wear that. The other pants outfit is cute too, but the top is too muted to be flattering on me. I like the style of the top and pants, just would prefer a different color. The skirt and top is not my taste, too many flounces for me, however, I’d probably wear the skirt with a fitted top. Would have to try it on.

      1. I love the clothes shown, however I don’t like leggings with short tops esp pants that appear skin colored! I like floaty tops that cover the backside. (That’s probably my late mother talking to me!)

    1. I really like the deep teal (?) blouse on left, shown with a skirt. I can picture me wearing that top now and into the early fall if the fabric works. The skirt defies all the usual preferences for myself, but I might try this one on. I’m thin so it might work. I’d pair it with a more form fitting top, maybe a little cap sleeve tee.
      The other two outfits are a bit drab with grey shades being prominent. Id like the shorter sleeve top in an all white on white (or pink and white) design rather than grey for summer…..
      The pants are fine by themselves.

  2. The outfit on the left would be a try on for me for sure. I love the skirt with the flow and lughtness for summer. I am a fan of the uneven hemline and own a few. The top has sleeves that are the right length for covering the less than perfect upper arms, yet have some airflow. I would add a chunkier necklace that follows the shape of the neckline and some small wedge sandals. The other two options are not for me as shown with the tight leggings worn as pants. I do like the colour of the whole display. The skirt makes me smile.

  3. I like the tied blue blouse and would wear it with white straight leg jeans. Are those white leggings? If so, the rear view would be a NO. I’m from the school that wears leggings with long tops only. YIKES! The other outfits are a NO — skirt to full, floral top flutter sleeves NO.

  4. i like all three blouses, the far left i would need to try on, im not sure about the way its belted, it might look great or maybe not. the middle one looks like it would wrinkle very easily, although it is pretty, and the far right, im sure would work. the skirt on the far left is very pretty, but i dont think i can pull off the style anymore. the leggings in the middle, sure if the top came down over the rear and crotch. the jeans on the right, yes, a good pair of black jeans or jeggings are a staple in my opinion. i do like the colors in this display.

  5. I do not care for any of these outfits. I really can’t think of anything to say other than “no, not for me”.

  6. None of the tops would flatter my large bust and rectangle shape. The front top has pockets that would not be good with my bust but without the pockets I would try it as the tie would be flattering and create a waist. The white leggings might work with a tunic top but the skirt is not my style.

  7. None of these really appeal to me as outfits but I do like the front tied shirt and would wear it with a wider leg jean. I might wear the tier skirt back left with a smooth tee.

  8. I’d wear the pants/leggings with longer tops. I would’ve be comfortable wearing them with the tops on the mannequins. I really like the dark teal top and would wear it. The skirt is pretty but having just retired, I probably wouldn’t wear it very often. The other two tops are fine but neither would suit me- both the style and the colour.

  9. Not a fan of the knotted tops. I say this because it’s hard for me to keep the knot tied properly and in place. As a short waisted woman, I often have to get close to my desk and readjust the furniture to fit properly and the knot always gets in the way. Wearing leggings fully exposed like that is something I would only do for exercise.

  10. I think I might put a simpler top with the skirt as there is a lot going on in the skirt. Maybe a black t’shirt

  11. A yes to the white leggings but only worn with a longer overlay as in a tunic top or similar. Whereas if those on the right are pull-on/skinny jeans a yes to them as feel versatile enough to even wear with a tailored blazer. As for the asymmetrical hemline skirt and definite no as dates itself. Last but not least a no to all tops as not my preference in style/cut for the blouses and dislike such large ‘n flapped pockets on shirts though do appreciate it has tabs to secure rolled-up sleeves.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend Pam. -Brenda-

  12. I would definitely try on all three outfits. My favourite piece is the shirt in the middle, though I likely wouldn’t tie it in front. In fact, I just removed an almost identical and very well loved shirt from my closet because it’s too worn and faded to continue wearing.

  13. I like all except the white pants with tie shirt. They are not structured enough for me to wear with that short of a blouse. The other items are on point for me.

  14. all are cute but the colors are not right for me,so I would not wear any of the tops. The pants maybe because I do wear mostly neutral colors for bottoms.Sorry just did not get me this time. But there is always next week.

  15. I like the skirt but I’d wear it with a semi-fitted t-top. I also like the teal top. I’d wear it with a pencil skirt or with narrow legged pants. The center outfit isn’t my style. I don’t like chest pockets and the pants look like leggings. I like leggings but I always wear them with a tunic-style top. I like the blue top. The jeans look a little too skinny for me but with the right pair of jeans, I’d wear this outfit!

  16. I like all three outfits but would substitute something else for the white leggings. Nobody looks good in white leggings. One thing that attracts me to the other items is that they would easily go with a variety of tops and bottoms and be really versatile.

  17. The blue print blouse with cap sleeves is right up my alley. I would wear it with capri pants and my airy white cardigan and feel very summery!

  18. I would try on the top on the left because I like the color, but I am not sure how it would look on me. The skirt is too frilly & fluttery for my taste as I prefer a more structured look. I like the tied up shirt in the middle, but I would wear it with jeans. It looks like those are light colored leggings, & that would be most unflattering to my curvy figure. The outfit on the right is ok, but there is nothing about it that really speaks to me, so I would likely pass right by it.

  19. The floral skirt on the left is a definite yes! The pattern and draping appeals to my love of boho styles! I like the color of the top it is paired with but the style has too much fabric. I could picture pairing this skirt with a denim jacket!!

    I also like the blouse on the far right. Again, the print and fit are quite appealing to me. I’d wear it with jeans or black pants as shown.

    I don’t care for the middle outfit — just wouldn’t work for me.

    This color palette is gorgeous — so soft and muted. Yeah!

  20. The mannequin isn’t wearing anything on its bottom half, or is it? I have to say, that is not a good look, even on a mannequin.

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