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It’s Friday, and time for me to discuss all that I am learning about becoming a woman of elegance later in life.  This week reveals four controversies which arise when elegance is discussed!


You might think a way of life as lovely as elegance would be pursued by all, but it is not and there are some “hot points” which draw many different opinions.  Feel free to express your own thoughts over these three areas.




Cultivating Elegance on Over 50 Feeling 40


There are those who believe you can only be considered elegant if you are wealthy and have access to luxurious items in your wardrobe, home and lifestyle. 


One of my favorite stories happened the last time we purchased a new car…maybe four or five years ago.  The dealership sales representative was a friendly, intelligent, well dressed African American male and he became so excited when he learned about my blog. He then began to speak of his mother who he loved and esteemed.  They lived in a low- income side of Houston, but he said she faced each day as if she were a queen.  She worked to make their house lovely and she dressed every day for the day, no matter what it held, in simple, elegant style. 

He smiled so big while speaking of her, and he said, “Tell everyone you know how important it is to look special and make your life special for those around you.”  He said she was the most elegant woman he has ever known and the reason why he cares about his own presentation.

I personally do not believe wealth has anything to do with elegance.




Summer elegance on over 50 feeling 40


Almost every author of every book I have recommended for us as we learn about elegance has written elegant women are modest women. I realize that many hear the word modesty and scrunch up their noses as if a putrid smell was released into the room.  However, after teaching high school and working in higher education, the younger generation is in desperate need of modest role models.

Modesty doesn’t mean wearing clothing up to your neck, where now a mask takes over, and it doesn’t mean head-to-toe cover.  It just means dressing with a careful eye to ask what messages your outfit sends to the world. 

I believe elegant women are confident women and have no need to display a little bit of this and a little bit of that in order to feel attractive.  Something to think about. 



Alfani from Macys on over 50 feeling 40

There is a belief to be considered elegant, “you have to be mentally elegant in order to release an aura of style and elegance.”  In other words, believe it and it will happen.  This is actually a goal for me…to be mentally elegant.  I am not there yet. Hopefully, when I get there I can say, I DID IT and believe it!

I still have too many doubts in my head.  Do you believe it has to happen in your mind as well as on the outside?



Clip on elegance on over 50 feeling 40

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel once said, “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”  Of course, a statement like this upsets many who love to follow the trends. Some consider elegant women to be too boring because they tend not to follow trends.  I believe there is a balance…as there is in all things.

I feel like adding an occasion touch of seasonal trends keeps us youthful, current, and true to our own personal style if we like a little stylish creativity.  To me the key is to keep it under control and not overdo.  No one likes a head to toe animal print!

Four important areas that I would love to hear what you think.  These are the controversies of elegance…who knew they existed.   I am learning, taking note and making a few changes.  Despite controversies, this remains my goal…to become a woman of elegance and leave a legacy such as the one that was left for our car salesman. 

Today’s outfit:  Macy’s Alfani top, JJill black pants, Ellen Tracy clip on earrings (if you do not know the story of my ears, I will tell it again soon), metallic Clarks Ballet Flats from Macys.



This birthday flower arrangement was from one of my good friends, Leigh Ann, and she said she selected it for me because it looked “elegant!”  I love that! Thank you so much, sweet friend.


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