Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear these style on over 50 feeling 40

Welcome to the Saturday edition of Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer!  Jennifer and I seek out fashion displays in our communities which make us stop, ponder, and wonder what you would think of the styles.  We are not looking for items we love or hate…just displays that make us what to know what you think.

Would You Wear Dresses on Over 50 Feeling 40

Please make sure that you keep your comments personal for you….explain why or why not you would personally wear it…or not.  You can look at the designs…the fit…the colors…the prints…your lifestyle…use whatever explanation you can to assist with readers with learning about why you would or would not wear the styles.

Anti Anxiety Blue on Over 50 Feeling 40

If you came here stressed or anxious, you should feel better when you leave.  This display features the color of the year, Classic Blue, selected to instill calm, confidence and connection.  You may give your opinion on all three or just one…it is is up to you, but please be clear in your comments which dress you are scrutinizing.  Feeling calmer yet?  Well, let’s connect with each other as you tell us…..




I want to thank each and every one who are following and encouraging me on my journey to become a woman of elegance.  You guys rock…and I am honored to have you join along.  Turns out I had to address somethings in the inside before I can tackle the outside.  But I am encouraged as to where this will lead.  Diving more into the closet is not going to be easy!

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning! The blue dress in the middle really is beautiful! I would wear that for certain. The color is one of my favorites, and the overall style really appeals to me. The other two are not dresses I would choose, but they each have good features. I’m not loving the graphic print on the dress on the left, but I like the style and the sleeves. The lighter blue floral pattern is not one I’d choose, but it’s a flattering style. The dress in the middle though, absolutely would wear that!! It’s stunning! This, to me Pam, says ‘elegant.’

  2. i have to echo the first post….i really like the middle one, i havent bought a dress in years, but that one really makes me want to try it on. love the rich color, so i would keep the accessories minimal, probably my real gold (lol, which is minimal). some low heeled strappy sandals in a neutral color. unless you could find a pair in that material thats custom dyeable…that would be sharp.
    the other two i would pass by because of the waist on the pretty floral number, and the graphic print just isnt me.

  3. I just love the center dress and the abstract fabric dress on the left. I love the shape and color of the cobalt blue shift center. It’s so flattering!
    The abstract print dress is both interesting and unique and I just love that idea! It appears that the sleeve covers the uppermost arm, a really good idea. Though I’m thin, my upper most arm is starting to get crepey looking….like deflated balloons. Lol. Both dresses work fir that. The dress on right is sweet looking but I just don’t see me wearing it, it’s just not my style. For another, it might be perfect.

  4. Like all of them. The Middle blue is elegant and I would probably wear that for dressier occasions. The graphic print is intriguing and the wrap dress is a good all around dress. would wear all of them.

  5. I love the blue dress in the middle. Like them all but that one is calling my name!

  6. Blue is my favorite color, but I would not wear anything here.
    Left dress – probably scuba material which I don’t wear or understand and the print is blah.
    Middle dress – Great color but those sleeves
    Right dress – I love wrap dresses. I don’t like the hem on this or the elastic sleeves. The print is too small.
    I would happily wear the long blue dress in the slideshow.

  7. I don’t wear, or have a need, for dresses. I must say though, that the solid blue dress caught my eye. One of my favorite colors and I always gravitate towards blue clothing. The style of this dress is pure elegance in its simplicity and drape. Despite the blue in the other two dresses, the patterns and styles do not appeal to me..just a personal choice when it comes to the styles.

  8. Blue dress in center is me (if I still wore dresses). Don’t care for the large print/left dress, nor do I like wrap dresses and the small print on right. Back to the middle: this is a beautiful vibrant, saturated blue hue. Stunning minimalist design with the unusual long sleeves. Would wear long necklace in silver with neutral handbag and shoes (or matching blue) in block heel sandals or simple pumps.
    Have a great weekend Pamela!

  9. I really do like all the blue variations. The middle on would be wonderful on a cruise if we ever do that again, and the print on the left is a bit too short for me, but like the sleeve length for sure. The wrap on the right would need a different belt to take away the dainty look and I would add a bold cuff and substantial necklace. I would wear that one with ballet flats or a short wedge sandal. Glad this is going to be a popular colour.

  10. As I’m gradually moving from black clothes to a Winter palette (apparently!) I love the idea of getting into blue. The abstract dress on the left and the beautiful darker blue one in the middle are calling out to me. Although I do have a slight paranoia about the just-above-the-knee length!

  11. I like all three dresses but could see myself wearing the graphic print on the left and the middle one more than the floral. The material on both looks like a lightweight jersey which is versatile and great for traveling (remember that?)Living in a country club community we attend numerous parties all year (hopefully again!) and the middle dress has a little drama with the sleeves. A sparkly long necklace and gold or silver strappy sandals and I’d be good to go.

  12. Well, unlike everyone else, I love the lighter blue wrap dress. I like the other 2 as well. What do I DISLIKE? They way the mannequin seems to be scratching. Unattractive pose. BUT, mannequins are difficult to work with, so I will give her a pass. Love blues-any shade. Have a reat weekend

  13. The graphic print I would not wear….I like the style dress but not that print.
    The light blue is feminine, floaty and beautiful, however, that style dress looks terrible on me. I need more of a sheath style, so sadly it’s a no for me but I would love it on my very tall, thin friends.
    Love,love the sapphire blue. I would wear it in a heartbeat! However, I would probably have it altered. I’m not crazy about the floppy cape. I think that detracts.

  14. Actually I would wear any of the three, even the bold print of the dress on the left. Blue is a favorite color and the shapes look very wearable, hiding the bits we would prefer to ignore.

  15. I love these choices, My first thought was this looks like 3 ladies chatting at a summer wedding!

  16. I share similar sentiments as MP does but shall add: a) For the dress on the left feel that the use of princess panel lines (often used in replacement of darts or for a defined fit) just doesn’t work that well for this particular geometric print. b) Though a pretty dress, know within ten minutes of wear the sleeves on the center one would drive me batty … ☺ c) I avoid cross-over tops and encased elastic sleeves as IMO there are far more appealing finishings for the latter. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Do like the Daphne Dress shown in your slide show.

  17. I don’t care for either of the prints, but the dress in the middle is stunning. I love the colour and the style. The only thing that would concern me is the sleeves. They look lovely on the mannequin, but I’m not sure how they’d work in real life. I’d definitely try it on though.

  18. I love the royal blue dress in the middle! I would definitely try it on if I had an occasion to wear it. The dress on the right is sweet, but not my style. The abstract dress on the left would be stunning on the right person. I would feel like it was wearing me. Happy Saturday Pam!

  19. I like all three dresses, however the beautiful blue in the center just screams special event, not everyday. Thank you for the photos each week.

  20. All three dresses are pretty but I wouldn’t wear any of them. I’m not a huge fan of blue and having recently retired, I don’t need more dressy clothes – not even after everything opens up.

  21. I love the blue dress! The color is great and while the style doesn’t fit my everyday life, I would wear it to an evening event or a wedding. I’m not a fan of large abstract prints so the dress on the left just doesn’t appeal to me. I do like wrap dresses but I like the short-sleeved ones shown in the slideshow much more than than the light blue 3/4 sleeved print.

  22. I like the blue dress in the middle, without the sleeves. The color and fit are lovely. This would be the perfect dress for a special occasion! Unfortunately, the other two dresses are not for me.

    In looking at this display, I find that the differing styles takes away from the appeal of each dress. Although all are blue, they are much too different to be placed together (in my opinion). The mix of graphic print, elegance and frilly just doesn’t work for me.

  23. Must say first I rarely wear dresses anymore, and none of these fit my style. When I first saw the middle blue dress, and the sleeves, I immediately thought of the choir robes we wear at church! The right dress is too sweet and frilly, and the left dress, while I like the shape I find the bold print off putting for me. Thanks!

  24. Blue is a favorite color for me and I like that this store gave a choice of styles for a great summer dress and I would wear any of them. Love the intense color of the center dress …not sure how practical those sleeves would be and it’s definitely a special occasion dress. The dress on the left has a lot of white/ivory for my complexion and the bold abstract print might be too large for a more petite frame. BUT I can imagine it at a wide variety of occasions…with a denim jacket, with heel or sandals, work, church or social activities… The dress on the right would work for an adult indoor activity, but, I often have children, breezes, etc in my life that make a wrap dress slightly impractial. Wouldn’t it be fun to pack these three and head off for a long weekend destination wedding or other fun trip?! Maybe, next year…

  25. I would stop for this display. The blues are so pretty. Dress #2 is too formal for my style/life. Dress #3 is too feminine. Dress #1 is the winner! I prefer this sheath cut. The print is colorful and edgy. I would style it with a jeans jacket or black leather jacket and booties.
    I would buy this for an evening out. Maybe a concert, like that is happening anytime soon.

  26. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. It was interesting to see that the mannequins
    had faces. Most of the clothes you see now are displayed on faceless or even headless ones.

  27. I like the light blue dress as it looks so airy and light and fresh. Just wearing it would make me feel good, I think. Good for all ages, I think.

  28. The dress in the center would be very pretty for a dressy occasion but I fear the sleeves would get into everything. The other two are not my style because I don’t wear patterns.

  29. I like every about the dresses except the hemline. I don’t like dresses at or above the knee. The colors are perfect in my capsule wardrobe.

  30. I love the blues, but not necessarily the dresses. The graphics are too large and bold on the first and the hemline too short, the sleeves would drive me batty in the second, and although overall I like the softness of the second, I feel it could be brought up a notch with a few better details…a cuff on the sleeves, a different belt, maybe a contrasting coordinating fabric for belt and cuff? Just lacking a little something.

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