Would You Wear It Over 50 with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear these looks on over 50 feeling 40

AHHHH…it is the weekend!  And time for our Saturday version of Would You Wear It for women over 50 with me and my friend, Jennifer.  If you want to beat the heat, this is one way to do it and have some fashion fun. 

Chico's Leopard Jeans on Over 50 Feeling 40

On this day, Jennifer and I post fashion displays we have located around town which makes us wonder what you would think of the styles. We ask that you look them over and tell us if you personally would or would not wear the outfits…please say more than Yes or No…but explain specifically why they work or don’t work for you. The comments are read by the audience and we learn from each other. 

Chicos Denim Jacket on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today, I am featuring a display with two styled mannequins in it and you may comment on one or both.  Look them over carefully, and let us know, ladies…..



Mr. B loved this Sun Basket meal this week so much, that I selected it as our favorite for the week…it was delicious.  This is the Steaks and romesco with baby broccoli, summer squash and almonds.  It was easy to cook and we loved it. 

For those turned off by the beef, most meals you can choose the protein you want and they have a line of vegetarian meals.  This selection was from the Paleo Diet selections.  We get three Sun Basket meals a week and have really enjoyed them ( I think this is the 6th week for us). 

We have grandchildren coming for a week, and I asked Mr. B if he wanted me to pause the meals for that week and he said NO…increase the portions.  So, I did that.  I noticed at the bottom of the recipes they have suggestions for how children can assist with the cooking...love that and plan to do it!   To check out this delicious and fun meal service, go to SUN BASKET.


Of course, I have a slideshow for you today… so many sales out there with great prices…enjoy it and then make sure you go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has found for us today!



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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Both outfits are great. They speak to me, though Id wear them in early fall not in our hot humid summers. In other words it’s a bit early around here for pants of any weight and any jackets.
    I would not change a thing about these two outfits. I like the black top and bold necklace , and I do wear shirts tied if knotted in front as thus mannequin on right shows us. Jean jackets are my staple piece in spring and autumn, so that too works for me.

  2. Animal print no, no, no! I hoped that was over by now. The jean jacket and khaki pants are fine. The black top looks like a tunic and I don’t get the front tuck. I would prefer the blouse in a solid color — that is too colorful for me and I don’t like it with khaki pants.
    This looks like Chico’s. They seem to specialize in oversized jewelery. The necklace is way to big, but the bracelets are fine.
    Happy Saturday!

  3. I like the black top and I’d style it with the chinos instead of the leopard print pants. I also like the print shirt. The denim jacket just looks hot. I also like the bracelet, and I like the necklace but it appears a bit large for my frame.

  4. Both outfits are fine, but I wouldn’t wear either of them. It’s way too hot where I am for pants/capris, let alone a jean jacket with a long-sleeve shirt. I’m living in shorts and tanks these days.

  5. Well, let us play ! I like both outfits (thanks for the choice, Pam), but would not wear anything myself except perhaps the khaki pants and the necklace. I do not wear solid black near my face, I am too pale for that; I do not like animal print (!);, the knot at the bottom of the coloured shirt on the right is not for me as I have a short and rather prominent bust. The jean jacket is ok, but a bit “I-have-seen-it-too-many-times”. As for the khaki chino pants, it depends on the fabric (organic cotton would be ok, for instance). I wish you a great week-end (from a very sunny Paris).

  6. I am not a fan of animal prints but I love the outfit on the right with the denim jacket for a fall look.

  7. I must say, the stylist on this one did a great job with attention to detail. I like the look, even the ones in the background. Personally however, the colours are not right for me and I don’t wear jean jackets. I do like the white outfit behind and would try that on. I must be doing the tuck wrong, as it always looks to accentuate my tummy like that. Of course the jewellery is worth a try. Lovely looking choice today.

  8. I’d wear the outfit on the right all day long. I like the “just right” fading of the jacket and the playful flowers or fronds(?) on the printed blouse. The light pants are summery looking without the starkness of being white. The outfit on the left, black is too “still” and it isn’t flattering on me. While I like animal print, I’d rather have it in rich colors vs. on top of white.

  9. Yes! I’d wear the print top with those pants (I may even already have those pants). The print top is in my colors, and would fit nicely in my range of clothing. Not the jeans jacket, That would be way too hot for me., and too many layers.

    I’d wear the black top with different, neutral, pants, and a scarf or necklace to diminish the black. Would definitely not wear it tucked in the front. That is not a style for me.

  10. I like both outfits They are casual but classic. I wish you would name the stores where you take the pictures. I would like to look into their fashions. Happy weekend!

    1. Let me run right out and get both outfits for my closet…wait! I already have both outfits hanging there! While I wouldn’t wear the black top half tucked, or the shirt tied, because it would emphasize my tummy, each piece is a classic and oh so wearable.

  11. Love both outfits! I probably have something really close to the parts on the black top with the bold necklace, would just need to find an animal print pants. But love that outfit. Also really like the jean jacket outfit, but would probably put different color /fabric pants with it. For some strange reason- I wear white jeans -and color jeans/pants all the time, but when I try tan pants, then suddenly I see lumps and bumps. But both are great style inspirations.

  12. I would walk by this display and say .. I wish I was thin enough to wear that. I’m afraid the pants would draw too much attention to my middle but I’d try them on. (I agree this looks like a fall outfit.) The black top is fine with the necklace and would work on my skin tone. The second outfit is cute, but I couldn’t wear a tied top right in the middle of my stomach. I think I would look larger and I can’t wear button downs either. The pants and jeans are fairly standard pairing. Enjoy your weekend ladies!

  13. Yes, would wear all pieces for casual wear (as have similar already in my wardrobe) though I do prefer a different sleeve length as shown in the black top. (Either shorter or longer but not just above the elbow.) As for the necklace, I know I would be shortening it up as not blessed with a bust-line to carry it whilst on the subject of jewelry; due to the summer season and that we are now also wearing masks as an accessory, I am focusing more on bracelets and earrings rather than necklaces. Wishing you a beautiful weekend Pamela. -Brenda-

  14. I like both outfits. But personally would not wear the animal print, since I am short and avoid prints in my leggings and pants.
    I often wear a demin jacket so the pairing with the print blouse gives me more ideas once the weather cools down a bit.

  15. Both outfits look more like fall than summer. I prefer animal prints to be accessories (belt, shoes, purse, etc) so no to those pants and both the long bold necklace and front tuck call attention to the abdomen which isn’t flattering for my body shape. Black isn’t harsh (for my coloring) and I avoid wearing at my face. The denim jacket, khaki pants and blouse is an outfit I wear frequently in cold weather months so it’s a big yes for my lifestyle. The tied bottom on the blouse, the rolled up cuffs and the bracelets give it a fresh look. Thanks for sharing your meal of the week also, mouth watering!

  16. Both outfits would be smashing on a “Fierce! Feisty! Fabulous!” Woman. A woman who isn’t shy about making a big, powerful, awesome statement on her unique fashion & feminine sense.

    Sissy is such a woman. She’s high-energy & people love her “All American Girl Next Door” vibe. I share so many of your “Would You Wear It” posts with her *grin*. It’s as if you curated them just for her.

  17. I’d wear the animal print pant with the black top but I would not tuck the top. I have worn tops half-tucked but this one is simply too long for that look. I have never been comfortable wearing beige–even beige pants! I have a short neck so I never pop my collar. I’d wear the jean jacket but from what I can see of the shirt, the colors would not work for me. It drives me crazy that the stores are already displaying fall looks but there is one good thing about it! Many of the clothes you can actually wear now are on sale!

  18. Oh wow! I really like both outfits.

    I am a huge fan of animal prints (I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them) so the outfit on the left is something I would wear. The style of the pants seems like it would be flattering … can you please tell us what store this is? I am in love with those pants!!!

    The outfit on the right is also appealing to me. I am a fan of jean jackets and I like the look of it paired with the khaki pants. Not sure if the tied blouse would work for me, but I do like the look.

    These two looks fall into my wardrobe adjectives — comfortable, classic, contemporary, chic and creative — doesn’t seem like they would go together, but they very much describe my style.

    Thanks, Pam!

  19. I like both outfits, but I wouldn’t wear the one on the left because I prefer a solid bottom & don’t like the half tucked look at all. A jean jacket & khaki pants are classic staples in my wardrobe, & I like the print shirt as well. I wouldn’t wear it tied at the waist though because that seems a little to young for me. Of course, both outfits are a little too warm for right now.

  20. Oh, yes please! Love love love the jeans jacket — I have about 6 of the things, which is excessive as they’re all similar & with your recent encouragement I intend to pare that down to 1 or 2. I’d wear this as-is, right down to the knotted tropical print blouse (although it’s more muted than I’d usually wear). I have a couple of outfits just like this in my closet as we speak. I add statement earrings, bracelets (with turned back cuffs on blouse & jacket as shown), & natural leather sandals or boots.

    I like leopard print but in small bits (a shell under a jacket, for instance, or earrings) but I really like these leopard pants. I’d definitely wear that outfit but would want a V-neck on the tunic & wouldn’t tuck the front in — that’s a look that’s well past its best-by! — & would keep the necklace, although I have some I like better that are equally dramatic. I’d add a bunch of bracelets, earrings & metallic copper slip-ons.

    It gets cool enough here at night that I could wear both these right now. We went up into the mountains last night with a telescope to comet-watch & the breeze was right off a snow field & was downright chilly by midnight. I didn’t take a jacket & we wound up running the truck heater because my teeth were chattering! But the comet was spectacular!

    1. I am so jealous, Janet. Would love to be in cold like that right now and comet watching…the best!

  21. I think both outfits are casual and sophisticated. I wish I felt comfortable wearing animal print pants and that much solid black is too much for my pale skin. So much as I like it, it’s not for me. The one thing that catches my eye and I think is a little off is the necklace. I like the length, but I don’t like the wide piece at the end. I’d wear it in a heart beat if it was closer to the collarbone.
    The other outfit is great. The print blouse isn’t in my color way, but could easily be swapped for a different color. You just can’t go wrong with the classic look of khaki pants and a jeans jacket.

  22. I like both outfits. I like the outfit with the jean jacket. Great in the cooler weather.

  23. I’ve been camping without internet or cell service for the past few days, so I’m catching up this evening. I would definitely wear the outfit on the right though I would probably front tuck the shirt instead of tying it. Just personal preference. Though I like the look of the outfit on the left, it’s not something I would wear. Black near my face doesn’t suit my colouring and I prefer a plain coloured pant.

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