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As women over 50 begin to think about a new season, let’s discuss how we can prevent comfortable clothing from becoming frumpy clothing. 

Comfort wear is on trend , so this is an important discussion. The new fall collections offer many comfortable/athleisurewear options because this past year has been spent at home and in a slower lifestyle.  So, when we consider these styles how do we avoid frumpy?

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One definition will not do, the different definitions of the words Frumpy and Comfy come from our own very personal interpretations.




My definition of frumpy is wearing clothing which ages me and tells the world that I do not care about my outward appearance or what it says to the world about me.  I know frumpy…I lived in that place once during a time of depression and lack of self- care.   Thank goodness I left it in my past 17 years ago. 

Now, before I leave the house, I always look in the mirror and ask…what does this say about me?  If I think it makes me look older than I am…or doesn’t put a smile on my face…then I am in danger of going back in “frumpy” and I change the look.  Avoiding frumpy takes time in front of the mirror, every day when we get dressed. It takes time to question if we feel confident with what we wear. You must be very honest in front of the mirror and know yourself and what you like.  You must solidly know your own style and not try to be something you are not.

Some define frumpy as wearing certain prints, designs, and oversized clothing.  I believe all three of those can be very stylish with the right fit and textiles.   It is personal…how you feel about what you are wearing?  There are prints which I feel like an older woman wearing, but other women may feel very youthful in the same print.  




So many seem to think comfortable clothing is oversized…casual…pajama-style outfits.  But, for me, I am comfortable when I wear clothing that I feel completely confident wearing…no matter the occasion.

If I am confident, then I am comfortable.   Now, that I am re-thinking my new life after leaving the professional office scene, I am looking at traditional comfort wear, but the jury is still out on what this will look like for me going forward.


It all comes down to WHAT DO I WANT TO COMMUNICATE ABOUT ME WITH MY CLOTHING AT THIS NEW STAGE OF LIFE?  I certainly do not want to appear sloppy with my everyday look. 

Since comfort wear is a part of this equation, I will want it to fit well, be modern, and help me to look my youthful, confident best.  For me, a modern design and trend colors of a traditional comfort look is important for a youthful, confident appearance. 


So, I am curious…how do you define comfy and frumpy, and what personal guidelines do you use  to keep out of frumpy land? Do you feel confident wearing comfort wear?   Would love to hear your thoughts! 

More new styles have hit the market and I have some in today’s slideshow…hope you enjoy and make sure you always….. 




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