Eileen Fisher for Fall 2020 at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

Time to have some fun!  Tuesdays have become the days that I share with you my search for a new personal, life-style now that I am no longer in the professional (go-to-an-office) world. I am still working from home, but my new life leaves room for a more casual chic style.  In my search, I am seeking what I think looks best and fits my new life…  Garments I can get mileage from and fill some wardrobe gaps I currently see.  I am also looking for ideas of how to style pieces I currently own.

Today we head over to my favorite Dillard’s in The Shops of La Cantera and spend time there only with Eileen Fisher.


Navy Blue Eileen Fisher on Over 50 Feeling 40

Let me begin by saying that I have been a huge fan of Eileen Fisher for years.  I love her sustainable fabrics, designs, and quality. This top is organic cotton linen, cooler and lighter.  I also like that Eileen Fisher, herself, promotes us wearing her clothes anyway we can…she doesn’t mind if we shop a quality department store, her own website, or Ebay…she just likes to see us in her clothing.  I love her navy blue and tried on several pieces since navy is an area of my wardrobe I would like to shore up. 

I know online that it is difficult to tell navy from black…but all three pieces of this outfit are navy.  I wanted to check sleeve length in different garments, fit and to see how wearing along scarf this way looks without a jacket or cardigan.  Of course, it does look good without the scarf, as well.  This was my favorite outfit of the day.  There were many items in navy which was encouraging…sometimes it is not that easy to find.

Navy Blue Eileen Fisher Outfit at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40


Organic Linen Eileen Fisher Dress at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have not worn dresses in a long, long time.  I just have been more confident in my pant outfits for work and even nicer functions.  So, I wanted to start trying on some dresses to see about returning them to my new life-style.   True confessions:  If I were to get dresses, my legs need some loving!  I would need to get a little tinted lotion on them quickly…they are pastey!  When my wonderful sales associate at Dillards suggested I try on this Organic Handkerchief Sleeveless Linen Dress with the Organic Linen Gauze Textured Weave Cropped Poncho, I was skeptical. 

I did not think I would like it…but, in fact, I liked it a lot!  The pieces are on sale, but I did not purchase at this time.  I do want to keep this style in mind and it is a good example of trying things on that you might not think will work and listening to a knowledgable sales associate.  Sometimes it’s a nice surprise!

I also liked this navy shirtdress as well.  This is a great transition piece of summer to fall. It is not on sale, but I did like the dress and might consider it in the future…once I start working on these legs!!  The important takeaway here is that I am encouraged to wear dresses again and add them back to my wardrobe. They are so easy…especially with warmer weather.  It has been so long since I looked at myself in a dress.  It was important that I do this.


Eileen Fisher Jeans at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is kind of good that this image is fuzzy, because I did not like the look that much.  This tunic is in fun colors, but the fit on my curves was just not a flattering one.  If I was smaller, I would wear it with leggings.   I liked the jeans better with the cuffs pulled down rather than cuffed ,but her jeans are super comfy.


Eileen Fisher Black on Over 50 Feeling 40

Just because I am researching my navy doesn’t ever mean I will stop wearing my beloved black.  This top is beautiful and has sheer sleeves.  If I was in need of another black tunic, it would be a contender.  Very nice, and went great with this ruana….

Eileen Fisher at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

My friends at Dillard’s can confirm the fact that I usually purchase Eileen Fisher pieces on sale.  It is easy to find them for great prices….so don’t be afraid of the full price items you see.  What did I learn on this trip??

  1. That I like navy and I am excited to add more to my new life-style. I did purchase a pair of navy pants on this trip that were on deep discount…Score!
  2. I hope to wear more dresses in the future and to return to casual dresses next summer.  This trip gave me confidence to do just that.
  3. I had ceased wearing scarves in the last two years, but I am now encouraged to bring them back occasionally.  I just really like the vibe they communicate.


On Sunday, we told clothing retailers what would make us loyal customers and keep us as loyal customers.  In my estimation, Dillard’s is doing it right.  I get great service, can try clothing on, have a variety of sizes and price points readily available, and am treated like a customer should be. The team at The Shops of La Cantera are doing it well!   They actually responded after the post on Sunday…the only retailer to respond so far, and we are looking at a possible event for September!  Some of my favorite events have been at Dillard’s.

The sad thing for me, is that Dillard’s left the program where I can link to them and make commissions. 

I highly recommend shopping Dillard’s online and in-store, but for now, let me share these places where you can find Eileen Fisher and her beautiful garments which are perfect for a casual chic lifestyle and it does provide income for me.  Thanks!








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