Reality Check Monday in 2020: Tips for hand care, home care, fashion care, and smiles on the side


Casual Style from Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40


Welcome to Reality Check Monday, where I offer you some tips and inspiration to take us through 2020, one of the most challenging years ever.  Today, I have tips for hand care, home care, fashion over 50 care, and a suggestion meant to bring hope and a smile. 



Hand Care on over 50 feeling 40


You may have already figured out that hand sanitizer zaps the youth from our hands!  It dries out our skin and is particularly hard on cuticles. So, here is a reminder to make sure you use hand lotion often, and then try this….

When sitting and watching television or even reading, soak your nails in olive oil or coconut oil.  It does help to keep your cuticles supple and fresh, and is right there in the kitchen…no need to make an additional purchase.   Make this a part of your daily routine and your hands will remain youthful and lovely.



Spray Paint Ideas on Over 50 feeling 40 

My new reality on a budget means that I now must do a few more projects on my own rather than relying on the professionals.  We are going forward with our kitchen remodel but had to refine the budget just a bit. 

Kitchen redesign on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, we (OK, confession, Mr. B, is doing most of it) are the painters.  I took the suggestion form many of you and decided to go lighter with the kitchen and family room walls…so the red is going away.  The color of the walls will be Plateau, the Marquee One-coat paint from Home Depot.

Marquee Paint at Home Depot on Over 50 Feeling 40

I promise when all is done to post a new image of my kitchen…I cannot wait for it to be finished.  But as all reinvention projects, I must be patient while this plays out!  While I am waiting, I am spray painting some of my old decor with the Rust-oleum spray paint above.  My hardware will be bronze, so I decided to paint a very things bronze.  This paint is so easy to work with since the paint and the primer are in one can…I really like it.  Found it at Walmart.  I am going to do my best to stretch that budget and still have nice decorations for the house.



Chicos Kimono Jacket on Over 50 Feeling 40

Last week I began my research to see what I want my personal style to be now that I have officially left the professional world to work from home.  My FIRST STOP POST was at Chico’s and I tried this Kimono Jacket…I love the ease and look of kimonos and the jackets keep that with a little more structure and better fit.  That is what I am wearing in the first photo of the post today.  This will go across multiple seasons and it was on a sales rack when I went in to the store.  I like the light-orangey color a lot…it works for me.  This is a great way to begin my new style search and was officially my first purchase toward the goal.  Most of my professional clothes will be going to re-sale, so I am searching for the new ME.  Join me tomorrow as I make my second stop!  


So many of you have confessed to being in the doldrums during this challenging time.  I know we all have to use our own discretion and judgement.  We know our own health and what to be aware of.  I do want to encourage you to get out of the house if you can! It makes such a difference.  I want you to know that I do not go anywhere I do not feel safe or know the surroundings.  I wear a mask and I carry and use hand sanitizer often. 

The first picture was from a breakfast outing with Mr. B…the restaurant is only allowed to have a certain capacity…we were far away from others…and all employees had on masks.  But our Eggs Benedict Florentine and Watermelon Spritzer were delicious.  It makes such a difference to get out every now and then.

Then, my friends who I previously worked out with often during the week when we all went to the gym decided to meet for a “tailgate” party in the parking lot of the gym on Sunday morning.  It was so amazing to spend time with these ladies in a safe setting.  We all brought breakfast and talked and talked.  We sat in parking lot chairs social distancing.  The closest we got to one another was for this picture!

This does wonders for your attitude and joy.  Do something special for yourself or be the one who puts an impromptu gathering together with safety in mind. If you do this responsibly, I do not believe you will regret it and it is so worth it.  For me, these little outings make a huge difference. 

If you cannot get out, then pick up the phone and call friends and family often.  Please do not stay isolated.


My readers are simply the best…I love you all and appreciate your support.  So many of you have stepped up to help since I was laid off of my professional higher education job due to the pandemic.  Several of you have ask for my links to retailers, so when you are ready to make a purchase, you have the links.  I am doing this now occasionally in lieu of slideshows so that you have these links.  Here are some of the links readers have requested from me.  When you use these links, and place an order, then I will receive a small commission from your purchase.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for doing this!  If there is one not here, that you would like to see, then let me know!



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I will be here tomorrow for Stop Two of my new Life-Style journey, and as always!



Greeted me at Starbucks yesterday…just had to share!



Taking Juice Plus+ for seven years on Over 50 Feeling 40

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Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. What a great kimono Pam! The color is just perfect for a season-spanner and looks good with your coloring! Great buy! Thank you for the tip on soaking nails, I’m going to be more diligent about this. I have extra virgin coconut on my shopping list for today – used up my whole jar but I use it for a lot, from cooking to washing my face to moisturizing. Just haven’t done the nail soak so I’ll add that! It also has helped with my thinning eyebrows – I’m massaging it in each night before bed and notice a difference. It’s like magic in a jar! I like the colors you are using in your kitchen. Home improvement projects have been pretty much an ongoing thing for me as I get my house ready to list – and I’m doing all the work myself except I probably won’t do the floors! I love having a project! Also a good tip on hand sanitizer, to moisturize if you are using the sanitizer. To reverse the ill effects, I got some natural, homemade soap and use that exclusively. It lasts forever and I even worked out a way to keep a little bottle of this soap mixed with water in my car. You have to wipe it off, but I don’t mind because it isn’t drying my skin. And wonderful tip about getting out! I would go absolutely crazy if I wasn’t regularly going out – to eat, to shop, to walk in the park, to visit with friends. I’m currently planning a fall trip because travel has been very important to me too. We have to learn how to live with crazy because it doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this, Karen. I am going to follow your lead with my eyebrows! Happy Monday!

  3. Thank you for such a positive, uplifting message this Monday morning. That kimono looks lovely on you. I have very set cuticles naturally. Add to that the fact that as a nurse my hands get tons of hand sanitizer and my cuticles are less than elegant. I’ll definitely be trying the coconut/olive oil tip.
    Thanks for the “smile”. I pray you have a blessed day.

  4. Thank you, Gloria and thank you so much for all you do as a nurse to help others! So glad you are here!

  5. Like others love love love your kimono! And today’s advice on using an olive oil soak is such a great idea! My mom used to do this in the 1950s as her nails were her pride and joy and she swore that this was so wonderful for keeping nails healthy! I loved today’s blog!

  6. We have gone out to eat a few times and sat outside. On one occasion, the staff were all wearing their masks under their chins and the bus person wasn’t wearing one at all. We should have left but old habits of polite behavior die hard, and we stayed. It’s spoiled going out for us. But we have gone to parks, and last week I made a little jewelry gift and visited with friends in their yards. I have tried hard to stay in touch virtually. My group of jewelry making friends has been unable to meet, so I host a virtual weekly show and tell. We want to make sure those group activities (such as your fitness group) can start up again without awkwardness or falling to the wayside as people move on. I’m concerned about what will happen when the weather turns bad here, but for now we are trying to be outside as much as possible. It helps a lot to be in nature. And I’m planning an elaborate driving trip with date tbd. I am also thinking of taking some classes on line this winter. In this area, you can audit a class for no credit at our local university for a nominal fee. To people who are struggling and anxious, I get it. I am too. But instead of trying to get my old life to fit my new normal, I’m pushing myself out of that old normal and trying to stay busy.

  7. I have found that Carmex in the little jar works wonders on ragged and sore cuticles. Just rub some on your cuticles while you’re watching TV in the evening and your cuticles will thank you in the morning.

    If you want your nails and hair to grow strong and quickly try taking a collagen supplement. I just add a scoop every morning to my tea and it really has no taste. I started using it when I had knee surgery to help with the healing process and found my nails and hair benefited as a bonus.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I have seen more and more people doing picnics in the park…that may increase down here as the heat goes away. I so hope it doesn’t spike in the winter…but we will see.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Ann. I completely forgot about Carmex…haven’t thought of it in a long time. Appreciate knowing it will help.

  10. I really needed to hear your words today. I have been extremely cautious about getting out which has started to really become isolating. There are days that I just feel so down. I have friends who are doing lunch out and I’m just not there yet. Some don’t understand and I think are frustrated with me. I have a friend I do backyard visits with and haven’t seen her in few weeks. After reading your post I contacted her and will be seeing her this afternoon! Thank you for the push.

  11. I am so glad you reached out to her, Linda. Keep reaching out…backyard visits are fun!!

  12. Morning, Pam! If you could, please add Christopher & Banks to the shopping links. In the meantime I will make a point to shop the Lands End link, as I like their swimwear and dream of taking a tropical vacation as soon as the world feels safe again. I like your new wall color choice and would love to see more pictures of the project. We have been up to our eyeballs all summer trying to restore our cottage to its former charm and just completed the upstairs bath remodel. Looking at the beautiful new patterned floor tiles just brings a smile to my face!

  13. Hi Connie, I wish I could link Christopher & Banks, but they do not work with bloggers that way. They have hired me in the past to work for them and hopefully will again. Glad you like Lands End. I will post pictures of the kitchen when all is done!

  14. Thanks! Also, I just wanted to clarify with you….I order from Target all the time. If I order through your link, will you get something if it isn’t the actual slideshow item? If you do I’ll make sure to use your link!!!

  15. If I save today’s article can I come back to it in a week, two weeks, etc. and buy through your listing of stores so you can get credit? Just wondering.

  16. Yes! Click on the link below that says Target and it will help me without a slide show!! Thank you so much!

  17. The way you styled your new kimono is casual chic at its best. The necklace & scarf tied to your bag added just the right touch. In the past two weeks, I have taken mini shopping trips, one to an outdoor mall & another to Kohl’s. I was more comfortable doing an outdoor mall than being in a totally enclosed one & wanted to use my 30% discount at Kohl’s. I felt quite safe at Kohl’s. Everyone was wearing their masks & mindful of distancing. I also appreciated the hand sanitizer station. Although I have done carry out regularly, I haven’t eaten at a restaurant yet.

  18. I love that you are using that metallic paint. I have used it to paint lamp bases and ceramic urns. The urns were the perfect shape but only were totally perfect after I “bronzed” them. Once you see what metallic paint can do, you begin to see so many things you can refinish! I’m glad to see the “new” kitchen is on the way.

  19. The rustoleum metallic paint is wonderful product. I had a high quality piano lamp which was shiny brass. I spray painted it Venetian Bronze to go with my change in decor. I figured if it failed, I would invest in a new piano lamp. Im happy to say it turned out great.

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