How I style an artisan jacket for fall

Pamela Lutrell in Ali Miles Artisan Jacket from Dillards

Nothing compliments the colors of fall quite like an artisan jacket, or accessory!  Fall clothing can join in the season’s celebration of all things color…and we see it here with the flowers, the pumpkins and, yes, this fun jacket.

Pamela Lutrell styles an Ali Miles Artisan Print from Dillards

I picked up this Ali Miles jacket at the beginning of summer in a seriously deep sale from Dillard’s.  Many of you know that I love to communicate my creative side with an occasional artisan/boho piece in my closet.  

For those who include creativity in what you want to say about you with your clothing, artisan pieces are great for the wardrobe. 

When I saw this jacket in a sale last June, I loved the colors and immediately thought it would be good for Fall.  While it is not heavy, it also is too warm to wear in the summer.

Here is what I keep in mind….

Pamela Lutrell in artisan jacket for fall clothing

When wearing an artisan jacket that is a statement piece, I always go for either a column of neutral color or in this case a couple of neutral colors underneath and I keep the accessories very simple.

Today, I am wearing a black tank and black ballet flats to pull the black from the jacket, but I chose to go with dark blue denim to create a more casual look.  I wore this out to lunch with a friend last week.

The simple coin necklace was a gift from my son when he went to Mexico City prior to the pandemic, but coin jewelry is very on trend right now. 



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Pamela Lutrell's autumn decorations


I love to wear garments this time of year that celebrate all of the vibrancy of fall.  An artisan jacket will do just that and for sure puts a smile on my face.  Take time to appreciate the colors around you today!

I just saw a brilliant red cardinal sitting atop our bird feeder with orange hibiscus flowers in the background…I just had to pause and enjoy.

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. That’s a great jacket Pam! Having statement pieces is a fun way to express your style. They really give us a lift! I like how you used the neutrals as a backdrop and let the jacket shine on its own. This is really a good style formula, using the column of neutrals and one statement piece. Having these formulas to go to simplifies getting ready for the day. Speaking of taking note of colors, yesterday I was at my son’s house and noticed a gorgeous maple leaf that had very bright red, bright yellow and bright green in it – almost looked neon with all the brilliant colors. I took a picture of it, much like the one you posted last year (I kept that photo because the colors worked so well together) because it was so beautiful. My son was watching me arrange it for the picture and said, “It’s a LEAF Mom! A leaf!” However, I pointed out, he finds great beauty in exotic woods that he uses for projects around the house! We have a lot of cardinals here and I just love seeing them around the yard. They stay all winter. I also have a lot of beautiful finches that have now left for the year. Your fall colors around your porch are gorgeous! The natural world around us gets it right every time!

  2. Love your leaf story, Karen! As you noted, I notice and photograph leaves a lot! I always gain inspiration from the colors this time of year! Happy Sunday!

  3. love the jacket..i have two bright and bold ones in my closet, every time i do a closet purge i look at them, and then tuck them back into the closet…one has gold threds in it, so i save it, just in case theres a slightly dressy something or other where it would work, the other one is multi colored and the cut is just perfect, so i keep it just cause i love it…neither has been out of the closet for awhile. last year seems so far away i dont even remember if i wore them.

  4. Love this particular Artisan jacket and you wear it beautifully. I think staying with neutrals as you have here, is an important point. Otherwise too many colors battling it out.
    I love fall as you do and part of it are the interesting colors to add some punch to our neutrals. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You look wonderful Pam, I love the way you style the jacket with black.
    I have a sweater jacket I knitted from a Kasse Fasset book that was a lot of work but has a baeutiful “look”, just a riot of color and pattern and texture. You have inspired me I am going to wear it as soon asthe weather cools.
    Happy sunday:)

  6. That is a great jacket! I keep thinking I need to step up my jacket wardrobe, but I never seem to find what I’m looking for at a price I’m willing to pay. I do wear a lot of cardigans in the fall & winter though.

  7. Yes…get it ready Francesca! I love to meet the change in seasons with items I cannot wear the rest of the year.

  8. Thank you, Becky! I will confess now that this jacket cost me a whopping $15!! It was in a deep clearance sale and I was so excited to see the quality when it arrived. Keep an eye out…sometimes we can hit those days and get real bargains!

  9. Love this jacket on you! Not just that, but I love the timing of this post. On Friday I was on Ebay shopping for a new keyboard & somehow wound up looking at women’s jackets (don’t ask!). I found this fabulous “artisan” jacket that has my name all over it, but as I’m serious about not buying things I don’t need just because they catch my eye (even though at under $50Cdn it’s not that expensive), I sighed & moved on. And thought about it all that evening, all of yesterday & well into today.

    Then I opened your post & there you are in YOUR artisan jacket — which, while it isn’t like the one I was looking at, has the same vibrant creative vibe — and it was like the Universe was whispering “Buy Me” in my ear! 🙂 That’s the excuse I’m using anyway. Off to buy it now. [BTW, that copper jacket you’re trying on is lovely!]

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