In search of my new life-style at JJill for Fall 2020

Pamela Lutrell in JJill on Over 50 Feeling 40

My search for my new style in my new stage of life continues as I visit JJill to see the beginning of Fall 2020!  First a word about this post….

I will return to JJill when I am feeling better and the smile on my face doesn’t say…”I did this right after my surgery!”  Also, I was visiting their location in the Quarry Market where the sales associates are stellar, but the lighting is not.  I did not want to leave the dressing room, so I promise to do this again.

But, for today, I did want to share with you my discoveries…sorry the pictures are not the best. 


Pamela Lutrell in JJill white shirt on Over 50 Feeling 40

I was told this Classic White Shirt was the perfect white shirt…and, you know, it really is!  That is why I purchased it!

Pamela Lutrell in JJill Boyfriend Blazer on Over 50 Feeling 40

It fits great and is a cool, comfortable fabric.  I loved it with the Ponte Shawl Boyfriend Blazer and, at some point, would love to get the blazer as well.  I went home and donated my white shirts that have not fit well (sadly there were many) and placed this one in the wardrobe.  I have always liked a blazer and white shirt with denim!

Pamela Lutrell in JJill Plaid Blazer


I wanted to show you the Easy Textured Plaid Blazer…it is fun, but really big…so size down if you decide to give it a try…it also looks great with the white shirt and indigo leggings!


Pamela Lutrell at JJill on Over 50 Feeling 40

I really like this Asymmetric Ribbed Poncho, but if I ever purchased it I would go with one of the other colors…they were very pretty and this is a flattering piece.

Pamela Lutrell in JJill Ruana on Over 50 Feeling 40

Here we have another…you guessed it…RUANA!  I like the plaid and an accessory like this can be very elegant.  This is the Reversible Glen Plaid Ruana. 


Pamela Lutrell in JJill Two Pocket Cardigan on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am so so sorry the light does not properly show you this gorgeous color.  JJill’s Oxford Blue is so pretty…kind of a peacock blue.  I am a fan of The Refined Two-Pocket Cardi and it will go on a future wish list.

Pamela Lutrell at JJill on Over 50 Feeling 40

Same Blue in the Rib Trimmed Boat Neck Pullover that I like with the new Riley Pant.  Remember most JJill styles come in petites and plus sizes.  If I was still working in the professional world, I would get these pants!


I still love the classic styles and I will always want to wear blazers, white shirts with skinny denim on the bottoms. It is a favorite.  I also am realizing more and more just how much I like some shades of blue.  Another beneficial trip and I will return.

Speaking of returning, tomorrow I return for a quick visit to Chico’s and will also begin to draw some conclusions about my new Life-Style. See you then!

Now, for more for JJILL, here is a slideshow!



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Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You are looking so pretty post surgery! Continue to feel well, Pamela! The JJill fall collection looks gorgeous and I especially love the new blue shade you’re modeling! Lovely color. You look beautiful….

    Must get there soon!

  2. Oh, I do like J Jill!! These are beautiful pieces, and suit your new lifestyle. They are the epitome of refined comfort! I’m glad to see your review on the pants. I wondered how those fit. I recently stocked up on some Wearever pieces in jackets and pants, and find that this brand fits my new lifestyle perfectly. Their pieces are easy to dress up with jewelry or a scarf. I’m with you on the blazer and white shirt look, that is terrific on you!

  3. I really like how you look In the ruanas. I think you should try some shorter shaped jackets instead of the long boxy ones. I think they flatter you more. It’s just my opinion.

  4. Thanks Barbara. I actually like both. I like the long lean look of the boyfriend jacket, but also the fitted styled look of the shorter. There is room for both.

  5. I love love love JJill cardigans. They are staples, and I love that beautiful blue. I’m seeing so many gorgeous shades of blue this year, thanks to Pantone. And a glen plaid, while so flattering, doesn’t seem to make an appearance very often … I wonder why. This looks to be a perfect white shirt, and like a good pair of jeans, is worth shopping for until you get the right fit. JJill can be hit or miss with their collections, and this one looks like a hit. Thank you, Pam; I like these dressing room try ons with purpose.

  6. I definitely have a purpose with my search, Linda…and I am learning so much. I agree with you…their current collection is a hit.

  7. Ponchos and ruanas have your name written all over them. They add a little drama to an outfit, don’t you think? That blue color is great on you. It just lights you up.

  8. The J Jill clothes look great on you. I just put the white shirt in my cart. I want the gorgeous blue cardigan too! I would agree their September collection is a huge hit! I love their simple elegant clothes. I hope you continue to feel better and many thanks for the hard work you do on the blog everyday! Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning. 🤗

  9. Wow – nice line up this morning!! 😉 You look terrific in everything, most especially the blue cardigan and the cream poncho. Just like last week’s carmel poncho, the lines are super flattering on you. I agree with your assessment of the classic white shirt, a nice fitted pair of jeans and a blazer. Have a great day, Pam! 🌻

  10. I have a couple of JJill’s classic white shirts, each with a little different styling, and they are my favorites. As you said, the fabric is so cool and comfortable and the fit is perfect. They launder well, and I just touch them up a bit with a cool iron. You look great in the ponte blazer (so sliming) and the new Oxford Blue is a terrific color on you! So glad that you are feeling better and getting out. Thanks for the mini fashion show!

  11. The blazer & white shirt are both perfect. I am a fan of a blazer with jeans, too. It is a great look for fall. I also like the ruana. It is such a nice accessory. I am planning a trip to Talbots, & the JJill is located in the same area of the mall. I’m thinking it would be worth my time to stop in there. That blue is gorgeous.

  12. It would be worth your time, Becky. Both have excellent collections out right now! Have fun!

  13. Hi Diabe, check out Rockport Shoes…they are great shoes and offer a wide selection in the size. I also like Vionic and Aerosole. Hope that helps.

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