Jennifer Connolly: A Woman Cultivating Everyday Elegance

Jennifer Connolly on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is a wonderful fall Friday and time to celebrate another woman cultivating everyday elegance.  I could not complete this series without sharing my good friend, Jennifer Connolly.  She has taught me, personally, so much about elegance. 

Jennifer blogs on A Well Styled Life, and as I did with each woman, I submitted questions to her to answer…so here are the answers.



1. Tell us some things about you so everyone can get to know you better.

“I currently live near Sacramento, CA. We moved here to be closer to our only grandson and to test the waters in an active retirement community.”

2. How did your blog come about and how did you select the name?

“I started A Well Styled Life after closing my image consulting business. I decided to share online what I was sharing with my clients.

I chose AWSL because how you live your life is as important as how you look, doing it:) We get to choose how stylishly we do things, and so on.”

3. What challenges have you faced as a blogger right now and how are you evolving your blog?

“I’m now a fulltime blogger. Running my blog costs a pretty penny each month so it needs to cover itself and helps support our income in my husband’s retirement.”

4.  Please describe your personal style and how you decide what will be in your wardrobe.

“My personal style is pretty buttoned up. Elegance, sophistication and polish are a large part of my style recipe. I am that person who receives a phone call from the hostess, to remind me it’s “only” a backyard BBQ.

I prefer to focus on timeless classics that I can wear for many years then add some sass to with a touch of trend.

I  do not buy fast fashion. H&M etc have no place in my wardrobe. I prefer to save up until I can spend more and get a higher quality garment that will be in my wardrobe for many years.”

5. How do you define elegance?

“I define elegance as a manner of behavior that is gracious, generous, restrained, kind. Elegant dress is understated, often monochromatic neutrals in classic shapes from high quality fabrics with impeccable construction.”

6. Can elegance be learned?

“Of course, elegance can be learned.”

7. What advice do you have for older women who desire to learn elegance later in life?

“I’m not sure I have any advice other than to expose yourself to the arts, read encouraging books, observe women you admire, slow down, and treat yourself like the fine piece of porcelain you are.

Go the extra mile. It just takes desire and effort.”

8. What is your biggest dream right now?

“To once again be able to travel and see parts of the world that expand my mind. To spend more time with loved ones and focus on the memories, I am making FOR them.”

She always inspires me and I am happy to share her with those who may not know of her great style.  Jennifer and I will be here tomorrow, together again, to share two looks for Would You Wear It.

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I agree that elegance is how we conduct ourselves, how we present ourselves. It’s so much more than what we put on. It has to start inside, just my opinion! On a side note, I don’t remember who shared the recipe for the cauliflower soup, I believe last week?, but I made it last night for dinner and on my goodness is that ever delicious! So rich without being laden with calories and the flavor was just amazing! That is definitely a keeper!! I highly recommend that one!

  2. Thanks for another amazing woman Pamela. I must keep reminding myself of the point to “treat yourself like fine porcelain”. Maybe we should all write that on the bathroom mirror to see every day. I have enjoyed this segment on elegant women, and each has their own style, so it is not a cookie cutter image and can be adapted by anyone willing.

  3. I’ve followed Jennifer Connolly for several years; in fact, her blog is where I found you!
    She gives excellent styling advice and I use her one third/two thirds rule daily to make sure I get my proportions right. I look taller (funny cuz I’m under 5’!) and thinner. I agree that she’s a perfect example of elegance without stuffiness.
    Sometimes you can almost hear her laughter in her blogs!

  4. I am a big fan of Jennifer and have been following her blog for several years now. She is such a stylish, classy and positive woman.

    I am really enjoying learning about these wonderful women, Pam! They (and you) are so inspiring! Thank you.

  5. I’ve been following Jennifer for a number of years now and I admire her style especially since she’s in California. She has helped me transition from east coast to west coast fashion wise. I love when she shows her wardrobe selection while she and her husband are tooling around in their RV! It resonates much closer for me than bloggers showing their European packing lists!

  6. Hello Pam,
    So glad you liked the Cauliflower soup Karen that was me. Today I am going to be doing a very similar set up with roasted butternut squash and onion so easy and nutritious.
    Thank you Pam for the interview I have been following Jennifer Connolly too and you both give me such joy and wisdom, my sense of style has really blossomed. Promise I will use your links Pam if and when I shop again. I am a little shopped out after all the fantastic sales my wardrobe has never looked so good with all the discounts. Can you believe Christmas is coming up soon?!

    1. It is hard to believe the holidays will be here soon, Francesca! and feel free to pass along your recipe to the butternut squash soup…sounds soooooo good!

  7. You and Jennifer are my two favorite bloggers! You’re both so real and down to earth and feature fashion, stores, and ideas that relate to my lifestyle. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    1. I also found you through Jennifer’s blog.
      I enjoy you both so much & you are both different.
      I try to not buy “cheap” trendy things but sometimes a little white t-shirt Under an expensive blazer looks great!
      Elegance is a great project as we age.
      I think through Covid we need reminders to care about how we dress even if it’s just to make ourself feel better.

  8. Hello Ladies.
    Following on from Pamela’s request here is my Butternut Squash soup, super easy. You will need I box of organic chicken stock/vegetable stock. one yellow onion, Pumpkin spice 1 teaspoon, cumin,1/2-1 teaspoon, salt and pepper. Garlic three cloves. 1/2 tablspoon of olive oil. (I like to double the receipe so I can freeze a batch for later) A hand held stick mixer and a dutch oven.
    Put on the oven to 350′. Wash your Butternut Squash and then just split them lengthwise. Take out all the seeds (keepiing skin on)and put a knob of butter in each hole. Cris cross the flesh just a bit with a knife.
    Put them on a baking tray and put in the oven until the flesh is soft, normally just over an hour/15. Heat the oil and add sliced onion and garlic and when they are soft set aside. When the squash is soft scoop out the flesh into a dutch oven and add the onion and garlic mix and add a 3/4 -1 carton of the chicken stock depending on how thick you like your soup. Add the seasoning. Heat and then puree with the hand held stick mixer. You can add cream, or croutons for texture. Happy Fall 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for featuring me Pam.
    I am blessed to know you. I’ve been fortunate to have spent time with you so I can say without hesitation that you have always been a gracious and. elegant woman.
    You’re elegance is inherent. Call it southern charm if you like but you are the epitome of elegance.

  10. Thank you for including Jennifer in your elegance feature. My confidence and wardrobe have improved since I began following Jennifer. She never fails to inform and bring a smile to my face.

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