She said elegance from hello: Meet Eugenia, an inspiring woman over 50

Eugenia Hargrove on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome to our Cultivating Everyday Elegance series where we are currently receiving inspiration from other fabulous women.

When I first visited Eugenia Hargrove’s blog, The Age of Grace, I know my first thought was…”Well, hello elegance!” She is incredibly chic!   We share a love of fashion, our faith, and our desire to inspire others.  Allow me to introduce you to the always chic Eugenia! (I love her answers!)


Eugenia and elegance on over 50 feeling 40


1.  Tell us about you
“I live in Central Pennsylvania as an empty nester with my husband of nearly thirty-six years of marriage. We have two beautiful adult children but no marriages or grandchildren children yet. I still work full-time in the pharmaceutical industry for the past twenty-three years. I’m looking to retire soon since I turn 65 September 16. My goal is to spend more time with my aging parents who aren’t in excellent health, traveling, and gardening more.”

2.  How did your blog come about, and how did you select the name?
“As an African American working in the healthcare industry, I learned about the staggering health statistics for Black women, and that motivated me to start my blog in 2013. The focus is not just fashion but health care awareness for all women. And to redefine how society defines midlife. I believe all women can age gracefully in how they look, live, and thrive with self-confidence.

The name of the blog comes from my strong faith as a believer in Jesus Christ. The Age of Grace is the time now when God freely offers his grace and mercy to love that know and follow Him.”

3.  What challenges have you faced as a blogger right now, and how are you evolving your blog?

“My blog challenge is the balance of working, spending time researching content, but also supporting and learning about like-minded bloggers. For me, when I started blogging, I knew working full-time, I committed to posting once a week. I’m happy to say; I consistently delivered on that commitment with over 400 posts.

Also, to collaborate with more brands.  Although, I’ve had some favorable moments when I appeared in the September 2019 InStyle magazine.  And when I won the Sisters from AARP essay contest about my friendship with my bestie.

Ultimately, exposure is the best way to evolve one’s blog with blogger collaborations and connecting with more midlifers, that is one of my goals to help grow my blog. So thank you, Pam, for this Friday feature.”

Age of Grace on Over 50 Feeling 40
4.  Tell us briefly about your style and what inspires your looks.

“I’m not jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. I prefer my feminine side wearing dresses and skirts. For me, I always found it challenging to wear pants because they usually don’t fit my pear-shaped silhouette. I believe most clothing manufacturers make clothes for tall ladies with no curves. 

My style inspiration, my Nana, dressed to the nines every day no matter the occasion.  And I know my love of the black and white movies from the Golden Years of Hollywood featuring class, style, and elegant clothing inspires me as well.” 

5.  How do you define elegance?
“I say elegance is not just the clothes you wear with how you present yourself but, more importantly, having standards and integrity, a level of excellence in all that you do.” 

6.  Do you believe elegance can be taught?
“Yes, it can. As a teen growing in Philadelphia, my mother sent her impressionable adolescent to the local department store, Gimbels, for Charm School classes.” 

7.  What advice do you have for older women who desire to be more elegant later in life?
“My advice to women is always to be your best self by knowing what’s important to you.  You can have style and standards. And, it’s essential to find some form of exercise for the mind and body, self-care is the ultimate elegance.”

8.   What is your biggest dream right now?
“A loving kinder world.”

Amen to the last answer!  And, I love that her mother sent her to charm school at Gimbels! 


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  1. Wow, what a wonderful lady. That top picture screams elegance, and with a jean jacket. It is the way you walk and hold yourself for the first impression, then what come out of your mouth has to match. I love that she had such a fantastic role model to follow, and also that her mom sent her to charm school. I must remember that wearing a skirt is my choice and not to let the opinions of others influence that… “what are you all dressed up for?”. For me! Thanks for another great woman of elegance.

  2. This is so inspiring! Eugenia is definitely elegant, and I can truly relate to answer #4! All of them, but that stands out. Those movies inspire me too, and I love watching them not only for the stories but also to see what the women are wearing! I’m definitely going to check out Eugenia’s blog! I love her style and her story! Thank you for introducing us to these inspiring women.

    1. You are welcome, Karen. I have so many movies which have influenced my style…I love it when we discuss movies.

  3. Miss Eugenia is a lovely, gracious and most definitely elegant woman. She had a fabulous role model who encouraged her daughter to learn the finer points by sending her to charm school. I skipped over to her blog and subscribed. Thank you for finding such elegant ladies! I remember in high school admiring some of the cool girls and emulating their style and manner, all positive influences.

    1. I know all of us have women who inspire us and who we want to emulate. I happen to think we are all cool girls!

  4. What an elegant lady indeed. I looked at her blog and it is wonderful. I like her style and I’m also an east coast gal who remembers Gimbels, though I had to learn charm on my own LOL.

    Pam thank you for featuring all these lovely and inspiring women. I’ve been enjoying them immensely.

  5. Oh my gosh Pam, Eugenia is lovely. I would wear 2 of the outfits in a heartbeat and try to wear the dresses! Fun and unexpected. Yes her answers do communicate a balance I strive for. THANK YOU. I love that you and Jennifer share the stage with others.

  6. Thank you for introducing us to Eugenia. I love her definition of elegance & wholeheartedly agree that clothing manufacturers tend to forget us short curvy ladies. While Eugenia’s style is not the same as mine, it totally works for her. There is room at the elegance table for all.

  7. I loved her style and outlook! I also see that she is matching colors without matching colors, and that makes her look current and aware. And clearly I want her brand of self care, because she looks healthy and vibrant.

  8. Eugenia & I could not be more different & yet we are so on the same wave-length in the ways that count. What a beautiful woman, & I’m not just speaking of her outer beauty. Thanks for the introduction, Pam. Even though I’ve always been a jeans & tee kind of girl, one of my besties rarely wears anything but dresses or skirts. She seriously does not even OWN a pair of blue jeans & when she does go “casual”, it’s in a pair of tailored slacks, a silk blouse & her ever-present pearls. Over the years I’ve seen her razzed endless times for being “dressed up” — she’s not, that’s just who she is — & I’ve never been able to figure out why people feel the need to comment on it. Mind you, I’ve had people tell me I’m “too old” to wear distressed jeans or high heels or big earrings & that my husband & I — both 61 — should give up the Harley & “act our age”, so I guess there’s no shortage of folk with opinions they feel it necessary to share 🙂 It’s sad but interesting how some people look at age as a limitation instead of freedom.

  9. Oh I really enjoyed reading about Eugenia! She is so classy and elegant.
    I’m going to her blog now.

    I love that she went to charm school — I sure wish they’d bring it back!

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