Soft Surroundings “Go Lively” Collection: Easy Pieces for work or play

Hi everyone!  Last week, I introduced you to exciting new styles currently in Soft Surroundings boutiques and catalogs.  (You can find that post here).  I told you I would show you a little more later and that it what I am doing today.

Meet my team which helped me decorate the front porch for fall…they are a lively crew and dressing in the “Go Lively” Collection is perfect for grandson chasing!


This is a brand new collection for Soft Surroundings and you should look at the pieces in the slideshow below …there are several cool, edgy designs.  This collection is so comfortable and easy and looks great. I chose to go with a shorter jacket since that has been a goal of mine rather than the longer

ones, but each time I look at the longer ones, I wish I had one!! The jacket is a shade of blue, so I wore a navy knit top with the black jogger pant.

In the first picture, I am wearing the Crop Jogger Pant, the shorter length is cooler for now.  But, these Go Lively Flare Pants are on my wish list.  Very stylish and fun.  There is a longer jogger pant as well.


These shoes are incredible…I highly recommend the Chic Sneaker and would love to have them in more than one color.  Very comfy, youthful and stylish.  They are in the slideshow!


Pamela Lutrell in Kajal jacket from Soft Surroundings on over 50 feeling 40

Several of you encouraged me to buy the Kajal Jacket when I tried it on, so I was very pleased to receive it from Soft Surroundings for this post.  This is a go to look for a trendy, playful Gigi! I love the seaming in the back for a more flattering fit.  It is a great jacket unlike many athleisure boxy options.

I think the current collections in Soft Surroundings is some of their best and I am glad to see them add this “Go Lively” collection.  I believe it was needed and they are responding to our more comfortable time! Good way to stay in the game.  For me, I will wear these looks more for play than

for work…but it is really fun play!

Take some time to enjoy this slideshow for today…….


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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was given product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. That is such a flattering jacket! I’m sure it’s one you can wear all through the cooler months! I love seeing the pictures of your grandsons…you can really see different personalities in their faces! It’s wonderful that they live close enough that you can see them often, such a blessing! I like the new Soft Surroundings collection and especially the colors they feature for fall. I really should get some joggers….had some in the past and loved the fit. Even though you are in sweltering heat, it looks like fall at your house!

    1. We had fun decorating the porch together…though I am the only house on the street where fall has arrived early! You are right…they are three very different personalities…all precious to me. Happy Thursday, Karen!

  2. Such a sleek and polished look Pam I love it all! Must check out the shoes.
    And your gorgeous grandsons’ made my morning! Happy day:)

  3. You look great in that jacket! I take care of my 4 grandkids once a week and I actually have clothes specifically for that day since I never know what I’ll be doing! I love those shoes and have tried them on on numerous occasions. I seem to be between sizes and the salesgirl tells me they stretch; how was the fit for you?

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