Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing On Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy September Saturday, everyone…we have just a touch of fall in the air in South Texas and it is amazing.  So, let’s think fall clothing for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  

On this day, we ask that you look over our fashion displays and tell us if you personally would or would not wear them and explain why…the explanation really help other women to understand what works for them as well.

Would You Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40

Look over my mannequin above and tell us, ladies….


Mauve Trend for Fall on Over 50 Feeling 40

The makeup trend color for Fall is Mauve!  There are some beautiful versions of the lovely color on the market right now.  Enjoy my “All Things Mauve” slideshow!

Make sure you head over to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer has for you,  then have a fabulous Saturday and always…………………………………………….


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By Pamela Lutrell



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By Pamela Lutrel



  1. well, for once, i really like everything about it….im chuckling over the dark colors though, with 3 cats i would need to get dressed at the last minute, scurry out of the house and carry a lint roller with me, because id need to find a ladies room after i got to wherever i was going, and inspect myself.
    i like the long lines of the blouse and the longer pants. the cuffs on the blouse might make me pause and think though, they might aggravate as they look elastic.
    im happy about mauve being a make up trend…i cant use it on my eyes without looking like ive been in a bar fight, but its my favorite shade of lipstick and lip liner.

  2. Hi Pam! Happy weekend! I would wear these pieces, just not together! I do like black, and I do like columns of color, but this is just too much to my eye, and the necklace is jarring. Something else is needed here, like a third piece to break up the dark, dark line. Not sure what, because of the sleeve detail. Maybe a vest? Different jewelry certainly. But taken as individual pieces, I’d wear them with different things!

    1. I like the long dark line and the jewelry. I would wear just like that because it would be slimming and make me feel elegant. I would have to try on some mauve to see how it would look as I have stayed away from that color for years,

  3. Just wanted to add, I think this could look quite elegant if you just take away the white beads and keep the long, silver necklace. Those beads seem to spoil the look to me.

  4. I think this is a cute outfit. I like the soft flowing feeling of the top. The necklaces give it a nice bit of interest without being too much.
    I would wear this!

  5. I love this! It’s another “me” look. I love navy and it’s the one color I wear where people tell me I look nice. So I know that navy flatters me. (Don’t we all need that?)
    The necklace is perfect…..it’s interesting yet not gaudy or overpowering. A long silver necklace would also work!
    The pant chosen is fine! This entire look works for me!

  6. No, too much black!! I don’t like the elastic wrist or the hem on the top. I don’t wear leggings. I love pearls!! I would gladly wear the long lariat necklace.

  7. I would definitely wear this outfit. I’m spending most of my time sitting in front of my computer, listening to lectures on Zoom or doing homework and I need clothes that are comfortable. This outfit fits the bill perfectly. I would probably skip the necklaces in favour of a scarf – now that fall is here, I’m layering to keep warm.

    1. I think this is … fine. Simple and … ok. Nothing about it strikes me as wanting to put it together. I’m also trying to avoid so much black. For me, the best way to style this would be to do something organic in the jewelry, perhaps in brown or amber. Maybe some tortoise shell.

  8. I love this look! The sleeves add a little extra pizazz without being overwhelming. I like how the necklace stands out against the black. This would be flattering on me.

  9. Perfect outfit……….easy to accessorize if desired. Cuffs helpful in that the sleeves won’t “float” when using hands. 100% on this one!!

  10. I have to agree with Sheryl about the dark colours & cats! I have the same issues. I’m not liking the pearls on this outfit & would probably wear the top if it was a colour & not black. I would keep the longer silver necklace for sure. Happy to hear mauve is in for fall. Time to stock up although one small eye palette will do me for quite a while. And since we’re wearing masks everywhere I guess there’s no need for as many lipsticks either!.

  11. I also love this look! The top has nice feminine details and a nice drape and fit. It’s hard to tell what the color is. If it is pine or navy I would wear it. I really like the necklaces with this outfit!

  12. Love the column of one color, very classic and chic-looking. I’d have to wear a bright scarf, though. Black is too harsh on me.

  13. I like the look of this outfit, all one colour and the elongating necklaces. For myself however, it would have to be a bit brighter, perhaps in a mid blue or even a heathered plum. I would add suede ankle boots and a multi coloured scarf for this time of year and have on hand a long duster style sweater. This would work for most of my needs this fall. Oh, and a tonal face mask. No one really remembers what you wore at the grocery store anyway so I keep repeating a good look.

  14. I love this outfit! I see navy and would love to drape it with one of those gorgeous scarves. However, I love it with the necklaces and find it to be elegant, yet comfortable. Just what I want during the fall with these at home months!

  15. I like the top with the v neck and smocking. It’s just the kind of weight that works in SoCal most of the year. I’m trying to stay away from black on black like this; it’s a safe going to dinner look but I would prefer it in a color.

  16. I can’t tell for sure if the top is navy or black. If it’s navy, I would definitely wear it. It’s feminine without being too girly and its body skimming shape would be flattering. I would wear it over skinny jeans or pants, but not leggings as it doesn’t look long enough to cover what ought to be covered. I’d wear the long lariat necklace with it, but not the white beads.

  17. Love everything about this look and would definitely wear it. Love the column of color and the detail at the wrists on the top would eliminate the need for a bracelet. I would probably only wear one of the necklaces at a time.

  18. Oh I do like this top with its rushed elastic cuffs and v-neck styling. Also as it appears lightweight would definitely consider it and perhaps even wear it tucked in with a pair of slim cut (dark) denim jeans or one of the many styles of dress pant rather than the ‘black’ bottoms it is currently shown with. I also feel since it reads a shade of navy on my screen; I can also see something in the khaki family working with its color or perhaps even one of the new shades of olive. As for the necklaces; in this case to me the two elements compete (sometimes less is more) so would opt for one or the other depending upon the look I was going for and apply a similar rule for the type of footwear/handbag I’d choose. Wishing you and your readers a beautiful weekend!

  19. Love the outfit, great for going out to dinner, to the theater (if we will ever to do that again). This is a great look for me, it is very slimming and the jewels set it off perfectly.

  20. I would definitely wear this outfit. Great to dress up or down and so many places I would wear it. I’m short, so the column of one color helps (a little) in making me look taller. I wouldn’t have to purchase it, though. I have similar pieces in my closet!

  21. I like the look. I would wear the long necklaces but I wouldn’t wear the shorter pearls with it. I like the elastic at the wrists. I like to push my sleeves up and the elastic would help keep them in place plus I have short arms and the sleeves on regular size tops are always too long on me.

  22. I’d take a second look at the top because I’m curious about the sleeves. The wrist bands look interesting. I’m a big fan of the v neckline so I would certainly try it on!

  23. Definitely would wear, and am actually wearing a very similar look right now. No jewelry though. If I were going out I’d wear either the lariat or the pearls but not both. I wear this year round.. I wear a top that is a bit longer. Wendy and Sheryl with the cat hair have my empathetic smile. I have a dog that always manages to brush against me before I leave the house. I have only been able to wear black since my coloring has changed with age.

  24. I like the lines shape, silhouette of this outfit but would need to try it on to see how the wider V neckline falls on my narrow shoulders. Looks like a navy top with black pants? I would like it better if they were the same (a true column) or more of a contrast in color. The long silver necklace is beautiful but the faux pearls seem like too much contrast to my eye – or maybe it’s the rounded lines contrasting with the other lines – the vertical of the silver, the V of the neckline)?

  25. I really love this look! I like column dressing, and the layered necklaces will brighten the face with that pop of white, and add visual interest. I am not so sure about the sleeves on the top. That may hit me wrong, as I am a petite. This outfit is comfortable and also looks elegant and stylish! Ticks my boxes! I do love mauve on cheeks and eyes, It looks good with my coloring. I would pick the darkest mauve or fuchsia for lipstick.

  26. Yes! This is a definite yes for me.

    I love the style of the top — the layers are so stylish and work so well with this fabric! I am a fan of black and navy so this really appeals to me.

    The necklaces are so interesting — I would never have thought to pair the long necklace with the shorter ones — but it works. I think it works because the background is plain and allows for a diverse pairing!!

    Wonderful outfit today!

  27. I love it. Navy is my favorite color and comes off as less formal than black especially for daytime wear. I like the V neck and the fuller sleeves for cool comfort. I have an assortment of pearls and I have worn them this way and love the look. Combining necklaces like this only works with a solid color top.

  28. Super attractive outfit today. I see navy on my screen, so would wear it for sure. I agree with many here that I would probably remove at least one of the necklaces. I bought a beautiful navy and floral scarf this week that would also look nice with this. As to the mauve shades in makeup, I tend towards the berry shades in fall and winter for lips so some of the mauve offerings might work for me. I prefer a very muted eye shadow, nude or barely grey. The older I get, the more I appreciate a flawlessly finished face with just a hint of color.

  29. This is an outfit I ought to love — black (on my monitor), V-neck, slim pants — but it doesn’t do that much for me as it’s styled. I’d have to play with it: shove the sleeves up, replace the pearls with long silver chains with black & crystal beads. Black & silver earrings. Smart black shoes with a good heel. Or pair the top with those tan pants hanging in the background & go with big leopard acrylic earrings & a matching pendant on a black cord & leopard boots (I know a lot of people don’t like leopard but I think it’s the perfect fun accessory — I love fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously).

    But it’s the shoes behind the mannequin that caught my eye, both the black backless ones & the tan ones with the cut-out toes & sides. Love ‘am! Not sure about the make-up palette: mauve is not a colour I wear (certainly not as eye shadow as I look like I’ve got pink-eye), I’ve stopped wearing lipstick for the most part & in fact except for shadow & mascara have gone pretty much make-up free. I do like the moss green shadow as it looks great with my hazel eyes. GREAT slide show today, btw!

  30. I like this! One exception, however: the band around the bottom of the top would have to go; it gives a sweatshirt-y appearance to this otherwise potentially dressy look. I’d want to add some color with a fabulous scarf, maybe a huge one to toss over like a wrap. Mauve makeup has always been my color, haha glad to hear it’s “back”!

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