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Would You Wear It Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy September Saturday, all!  I am still smiling from the touch of fall we received this week, all the way down to South Texas!  Hope you are smiling too.  It is Would You Wear It For Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer. 

We ask that you look over the fashion displays we have discovered while out and about.  Then tell us if you personally would or would not wear them and explain why.  Look at it with great care and consider fit, color, styles. 

Then tell the ladies who read each comment why it does or doesn’t work for you.  The comments are very popular.

Would You wear boho on over 50 feeling 40

So please look over my “sitting” display and tell us……………………………………………………….




We come here every Saturday to comment on if we would wear the outfits that Jennifer and I show you…and I hope you take what you learn to the dressing room when you go out.  I thought I would share with you three tops I recently rejected. 

I wrote in Wednesday’s Post that this top made me feel “older.”  Actually significantly older.  I believe it is the shape of the neckline, the boxy fit and the print.  But, there will be times when we look in the mirror and just say NO.

Would You Wear It helps us to think through exactly why.

This was a silky smooth material, but if you look at where the horizontal stripes hit…across my chest and hips…it is not a good look. Most often, I avoid horizontal stripes as a larger woman.

This top does not speak my five style adjectives, and though I am changing my style to be less professional, I do not like this look on me.  I think it is, once again, the neckline, the print, and the poofy sleeves. I don’t think “poofy” is a word but you know what I mean.

I hope it helps to demonstrate what doesn’t work for me, as well as, what does.  Remember to go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s mannequin.

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  1. I’d like the featured long tunic with some leggings rather than these cuffed chinos. I’m not usually a matchy- matchy type of person but these two colors (tunic and pants) just don’t seem in sync. I think if the mannequin were standing the proportions and colors would be off. Does anyone else think this??

  2. Of the tops ou show on yourself, it’s very helpful to read the reasons why they didn’t work for you. I actually liked the second one, but see what you mean about the stripes. I honestly do like it on you though, and my eye didn’t immediately go to the stripes, but rather the overall look. Shows I need to pay more attention when trying on! For today’s looks in the post, I do like the salmon colored jeans and the black leggings. Neither top works for me. The neckline on the beige top would not be flattering for me, and the length of the tunic would swallow me up. I can sometimes get by with petites in longer tops, but have to be careful. I like the color, but not especially the design on the chest. It’s fun to have the occasional boho piece, but I’m trying to pare down so this wouldn’t be something I’d choose.

  3. I do like the boho top but I’d have to see if it came in another color, as the green would not be especially flattering on me.
    I like the tan top & black leggings, I might give that a try.
    I really like the tie-dye top but I do see what you mean about where the stripes are positioned. If the stripes hit me in the same way they do on you, then I’d also have to pass on it. I don’t need more emphasis on my wide hips!

    1. Cindy, I could have written your post! All of your comments, even on the color, were exactly what I was thinking.

      Pam, I must comment again, how much I like the second top on you. I find it flattering on you, Pam.

      1. Very much agree about the second top looking good on you. I think the dark frame on the shoulders and arms and the lighter center is very slimming, and the horizontal pattern did not seem problematic in this blouse.

  4. I can see that outfit on a tall,leggy blonde,but not e. The color of the top would not work with my coloring. And its too boho for me. The colors of it and the pants are not really something I would like, Would feel uncomfortable. Now the jacket behind it, I would wear for a dressy evening out! But sadly that is not happening too often around here.

  5. Yes I would wear this outfit . I do like the top with jeans also . Looks like it would be a good transition from summer to fall!

  6. the color of the top, i like. also the print on top is cute. however i dont think that color pants works, like the first comment said, its too jarring..perhaps dark wash jeans would be nice. i probably would not try the top on though, that cut, im pretty sure wouldnt work for my shape. i would like it to be shaped like a henley shirt, that i think i would try on and probably buy.
    i really like the tie dye blouse, but like you, i avoid horizontal stripes mostly..however rarely they surprise me, i do have one very tiny stripe, side tie in my closet that doesnt for whatever reason, make me cringe. so i would try that one on.

  7. I agree with all your comments about these tops. I NEVER wear horizontal stripes! Never!!! And the pattern is too large on anyone that is above a size 0! I do have some puffy sleeve tops – sometimes the puffiness is caused by hanging on the hanger too long.

    1. I AM a size 0 (petite) and the print is way too big and would swallow me up.
      I don’t know anyone who’d look their best in that print.
      I would not wear the boho shirt, even thoughI like boho, because of the color which would turn my skin sallow but most of all, the gathering under the empire waist. Remember maternity clothes?! And the large embroidery on the chest is too large for my small frame.
      I also think the jeans color is off.
      The beige top is beige…a color i never wear near my face , and it’s too boxy and long. The black pants would be too narrow for me as i have narrow hips but thick muscular calves and cankles. I like long lean pants on other
      narrow hipped women. For my taste, a woman who’s generous in the hip/bottom area is not doing herself any favors looking like an ice cream cone.

  8. The green top while very pretty has sleeves with the widest part hitting at my widest part which would not be flattering. I do, however like the color and the print at the top which draws the eye up. I would wear the jeans. The beige top would need to be longer, like a tunic for me to be able to wear it with those skinny pants.

  9. I love embroidered tops on other people. There is too much going on for me here – the sleeves, the hem band, the high waist, the fullness. Not for me. I do like the navy straight legs on the left.

  10. I like both of the comfortable pants options… dark denim skinny jeans and salmon ankle pants. The taupe top wouldn’t be a flattering color on me as I’m pretty pale, but the square neckline is a bit different and attractive. The maternity style, boho top… no desire to relive the 70s. Its pleated hem is a nice feature, but I generally don’t go for wearing a heart motif, especially a floral one, as it seems more suited to little girls… the embroidered design has that effect.

  11. Though impressed with the details on the Bo-Ho top (embroidery/horizontal pin-tucks/scallop (sleeve) hem/ ladder (faggot) trim) I’m afraid with the exception of the leggings would not purchase any of the pieces for myself. Reason; just not my style as prefer classic plus in the climate I live in, I feel the colors lean more towards Spring than Fall/Winter. Re the tops you tried on; do like the tie-dye pattern however agree with you about its horizontal stripe (though matched well) being not suitable for your body type.

  12. I like the colour of the top, as well as the length and the scallop edging on the sleeves. The embroidered pattern on the bodice and sleeves is pretty and I’m sure the top would look great on one of my 20 something nieces. However, I think it’s a shade twee for my 60+ self.

  13. I don’t care for this collection for me. The salmon pants do not work with the top because there is not enough contrast … while the color is different, the hue and intensity is not. I like the embroidery on this shirt; it seems to be of decent quality and is not overwhelming as an all over print would be. That said, boho does not fit my style adjectives and I wouldn’t give this a second look.

  14. I like all of these tops. I have never shopped at Soft Surroundings so I need to visit their store to see what size I wear. My ‘go to’ plus size store just closed down all of their physical locations so I have to branch out now. I actually like the top you are modeling that has the horizontal stripes. It is really cute and I prefer 3/4 sleeves for everyday wear no matter the season. I am retiring at the end of this year so I need to pare down my wardrobe to focus more on being at home and not in an office setting. I look forward to your posts every day.

  15. The color, embroidery and shape of the garment doesn’t appeal to me. I stay away from boho looks because I’m trying to project a more classic, elegant country club casual image. I like that batik, stripe garment; small chested ladies like myself can wear horizontal stripes and I do all the time!

    1. I don’t care for any of the 3 tops you tried on. 😔 The boat or round neck doesn’t do anything to define your curves -they just add to the number of them. I know from experience that I need vertical lines to draw attention away from the horizontal lines (of which I have plenty!). The other big problem is lack of a waistline. Just not attractive.
      The top on the model has the problem of the empire waist. While the top may fit through the shoulders, that seam will cut right across the bust line, not where it is intended to be. It will ruin the line of the garment and you won’t be able to appreciate the lovely embroidery. I have tried on too many of this style top, brought them home and regretted it. I like the style, but on someone younger and differently proportioned than I am.

  16. The featured top is cute but not my style….I think it has a bohemian look that I never wear. I agree with your opinion of both tops that you tried on….and it was interesting because as a plus size women, I usually choose those styles out of habit. I need to pay more attention in the future…thanks for the observations

  17. I am new to your blog, and I really enjoy this feature! In general, I like this outfit. I gravitate towards the boho look, and these colors all look good on me. I have a short torso, though, so I would want to be sure the empire waist fell in the right place and not too low—gathers at the waist are not a good look for me. Also, since the top has a lot of volume, I would want leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom. If the pants fit like the ones featured in your slide show, then I’m in! If they are a relaxed fit, then I think it would make me look larger than I am. Finally, while I like the look of the bell sleeves, they are not very practical in day to day use.

  18. I love reading everyone’s opinions in these Saturday fashions. For me, I love the outfit today and would be drawn to it for many reasons: it is a lot like clothing I wore for years as a Spanish teacher so I feel like myself in Boho or ethnic styles, that green is definitely one of my good colors, the salmon jeans are cute and also very much my casual go to. The only issue I have is the exaggerated lower sleeve. I am not a fan of bell sleeves or anything I have to fuss with in order to cook or not make a mess. Finally, I have been weeding out my older collection of boho tops since retiring and cultivating more classic choices, so although I love it I would take a pass.

  19. I do like the color of the pants, and think they would transition well from summer to fall and, later, from spring to summer. The boho top is not for me. I agree with the writer who said it would look better on her nieces who are in their 20’s.

  20. I like the style of the tan top to the left but that’s not a flattering color for me. While I would admire the boho top on someone else, I wouldn’t wear it. The horizontal seam across the top and sleeves adds visual width and there looks like a lot of volume in the area below that seam. Those sleeves wouldn’t fit my lifestyle. Thanks for explaining why those weren’t flattering tops for you. My eyes told me they weren’t but I appreciate the time you spent explaining the ‘why’

  21. I love everything about that Boho top. Lots of detail. I’d wear it on a day when I was “on top of the world” and feeling dramatic. The color however is definitely not me. Too muted as with lots of fall coloring. In another color I would most likely wear it with black leggings. Also it would be to the grocery store or to a casual church lunch as that is the extent of being social these days. Cute at home too as it looks so comfortable. Mostly I like things that are classic, but once in awhile we need to jazz things up a bit.

  22. Love the color combo, the top is least to be desired, to boho for me, I did notice a reddish rust shirt in the back ground that looks like it would work for me. Love the jeans, so glad they come in a variety of colors.

  23. I totally agree with your assessment of the group of tops you tried on. Besides the reasons you listed, I would feel very old in then because they are the comfy tops my mother and grandmother wore decades ago and I didn’t find them stylish then, either. I see nothing fresh or modern about them. If comfort is the goal, there are so many other stylish choices in tees and knits. But then, I’m not a fan of boho for me.
    I don’t care for the look on the mannequin, either. I’m just not a boho person. I usually think of someone I think would look nice in an outfit I don’t care for and I can only think of one person. However, she would go for this look in brighter colors. I think of boho as bright, cheerful and unafraid of the world. These colors look somber and subdued and for someone who doesn’t like to stand out.

  24. I thought you looked wonderful and thin in the second top! I didn’t feel the stripes emphasized your bust or hips at all I guess that’s why they make so many styles. I love Bo Ho and loved the color of the green top. I did not like the overly full sleeves, they’d be in my way all day! I would wear a top like that with another color of leggings or skinny jeans and slimmer sleeves. The beige top would fade with my coloring, so I wouldn’t even try it in that color. Thank you for these posts, they really open my eyes to new and fun casual clothing!

  25. I like the boho top on the model in the slide show much better than on the mannequin, but I would not wear it. It is one of those items that I can admire on someone else but feels more like a costume on me. I just don’t care for the color of the jeans.

  26. The green boho top is quite appealing to me, however I don’t care for the color of pants it is paired with. I’d wear this top with light denim skinny jeans and booties for a fun look.

    I have worn an outfit similar to the one on the left — love the neutral top with dark pants. I get a lot of wear out of that top and have paired it with jeans and a long boho skirt.

    I agree with you, Pam, about the tops you tried on except the last one. I find that top very flattering on you!!

  27. Thanks for explaining why those tops don’t work for you. It helps me when I try to objectively evaluate my wardrobe. I would not wear today’s look because they are not my colors or style. I learn from all of the other comments. I enjoy your blog- thank you!

  28. I found many years ago that as I got older my neck and shoulders did not look good in the boat neck, bateau or rounded collar. I look so much better in a v-neck or collared top. I do wear many printed tops as I think some prints make me look less fluffy than a solid color. The print can help break up the large Wall of solid color. Long necklaces help also. Shirts with a curved hem look slimmer than a straight across hem And even though I love the different types of sleeves the wide poofy type makes the body look wider.

  29. I like the colour combination. I have a pair of skinny jeans in that colour that I sometimes wear with olive green, but the top that’s shown probably wouldn’t work for me. I love the colours and the boho look, but I’m long in the body and the horizontal seam most likely wouldn’t hit me in the right spot. I’m also not a fan of bell sleeves. They look great, but they’re such a nuisance!

  30. That boho top was me once but not now, although I do like how the model in the slide show wears it, open at the neck to make it a V rather than round, & with blue jeans to coordinate with the blue in the design rather than that salmony pink, which is NOT a colour I care for. The green wouldn’t do anything for me, either. I do like the black top to the right, though — I’d wear it with black leggings or slim-fitting pants.

    I see what you mean about that b&w tie-dye top you’re modeling, Pam, although it looks really nice on you in the photo (& the V neckline is flattering). The other two, not so much; the first one is an old-lady top & the second is . . . I’m not sure what it is, but it is NOT “elegant”. It’s fussy & the fabric & design are cheap-looking somehow, although I couldn’t exactly tell you why. It’s not a blouse that an elegant woman would wear, let’s just say that (my eyes seem to know what my brain can’t describe 🙂 )

  31. The green embroidered top would probably come home with me if I found it at Goodwill. I love it! It would, however, just hang in my closet because 1. it’s too over-sized and 2. it’s a print.

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