Fall Footwear Trends: Would You Wear It and How Would You Wear It?

Rack Room Shoes on Over 50 Feeling 40

Let’s do something different today for a Would You Wear It Pop Up!

I am going to show you fall footwear trends…tell us if you would wear the footwear styles and how would you wear them…just to give each other ideas of how to style some new looks!

Again, please explain your answers personally and with more than a yes or a no. 


DSW Snake Print Booties on Over 50 Feeling 40

Look over the first picture and this one and tell us what you think of the animal print booties….Would You Wear Them?

My styles today will be in a slideshow below…the images are mostly from Rack Room Shoes and DSW.


Leopard Print Booties from DSW on Over 50 Feeling 40

Look over the above two styles and again if you like them…how would you style them?


Eileen Fisher week at Dillards for Fall 2020

I introduced these Eileen Fisher flats to you on Sunday, but I wanted to ask what you thought of this non-traditional ballet flat.  Would You Wear These?


DSW Over the Knee Boot on Over 50 Feeling 40

Leigh Anne is rocking these over the knee boots at DSW…I will not tell you her answer to the question of she would wear them…outside of the store…because I do not want to influence your answer.

But, ladies…WOULD YOU WEAR THEM and if so, with what type of outfit???

I cannot wait to read your answers and ideas.  I hope you like this type of Would You Wear It for something different.  Please answer…enjoy the slideshow and always….



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  1. Hmmmm…these aren’t for me, but I do appreciate that they are a very big trend. I don’t wear animal prints personally, but just because I’m very tired of seeing them everywhere. The style of the booties in the first picture is nice, and I like the solid colors and would wear those. The other footwear shown here doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t like the really high over-the-knee boots, preferring classic riding boots, again personally. The chunky tennis shoes don’t appeal to me at all because of their shape, and the slip-on shoes are a maybe, but probably not. Makes me feel pretty negative here, which I’m not meaning to be, it’s just that except for the solid booties, these aren’t something I’d wear.

  2. Well, I would not wear any of these because: I live in Florida and I don’t need boots, also, I have very narrow feet and heels so most boots flop on me. I do have a pair of ECCO boots which I wear once in awhile in the winter here. I found ECCO shoes and boots run narrow and they work for me.

  3. I have similar animal print bootie, and will be wearing it this Fall and Winter. The snake skin- just bought a pair at 80% discount, so will wear them with cropped wide leg jeans, and a boot cut jean. The platform sneaker with wedge heel, would not be practical for me, I am 5’3″ and they would look too clunky on me. Over the knee boots, at age 63, nope, in my younger decades, I would have worn them in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing these current trends, it was interesting.

  4. I think the snakeskin ones are the classiest and cutest ones. I would wear those as a statement piece with solids everywhere else. They would be cute with jeans and a neutral shirt. I enjoy your “would you wear it?’ segments!!!

  5. For me, only the Eileen Fisher shoe would work. I like shoes to take me places, not shout out on their own. Even in younger years when I could own lots of shoes they were all simple and dark. The animal print tennis shoe w/thick sole looks more like a rain boot and sequined camo just seems so teeny bopper.

    If I had to style them for someone else, I would go with dark pants or leggings or jeans. The top would be turtleneck (black or matching dark pants) with a solid poncho or dark boyfriend jacket.

  6. Due to various foot,ankle,knee problems I cannot wear any of them.But if I could,i like the snakeskin bootie the best.I would love a lower heel as I have neuropathy and heels tend to make me wobble. But other than those considerations,the boots look great. But they are writing “boot songs but not for me”

  7. I wear a size 9, plus I am no petite flower, that being said, my footwear choices are all about trying to look smaller and a bit feminine.
    shoe boots with heels, i love…but not animal prints, i know the world loves them, but for me, im just not a fan. black or cognac with an accent, either a strap or buckle i am drawn to.
    the elevated sneakers, no…too clunky for me, and seems like that big attention grabbing white part at the bottom is going to get dirty quick.
    the boots, no…im another one from south florida, when i see these come out when its 65 degrees out, i just smile, thats someone who just loves them and wants to let them see outside.
    the flats, are just a little plain, and too high up on the foot for me…i like flats with a pointed or narrow toe. those do look comfortable, which is a challenge with flats.

  8. Because of a bone protrusion that will eventually require surgery, I have to wear a mule or something with a really soft back. The EF might fit the bill, and I like them. I do love trendy footwear, and if these were mules or had a soft heel, I would definitely wear the leopard, sneakers, and possibly some version of the elevated sneaker, but would nix the sequins and choose a muted metallic in the panels framed by olive and black. Snakeskin is really hot on the runways and you likely see a lot of it in Texas; however, this has not caught on in Ohio yet. I like some of the warmer tones in snakeskin, but maybe not enough to buy any. I’m not really a fan of the look of over the knee boots, and don’t see may around here, but if it stopped at the knee, it’s a cute, classic style.

  9. Nothing here for me. I love booties and own several pair — black leather, black suede and a pair of mushroom color leather. I am not a fan of animal print in clothing so I definitely would pass on animal print footwear. I would also pass on the platform sneakers — so heavy, clunky and too youthful. I also send a hard NO on the over the knee boots. They do not appeal to me at all.

  10. Great idea. These all look like fun, but unfortunately due to knee issues I have had to get rid of most of my boots with heels. I had a couple animal print and loved them and would wear with skinny jeans most of the time. I do still have a number of flat ones and will continue to wear them with jeans and pants. I am not a person to wear short boots with skirts yet. The runner type shoes are interesting, however I do not like a glaring white sole on any of my coloured shoes. If the soles were black they might be fun to try with bootcut jeans. As for the over the knee boots, those I would wear with a longer skirt just for the warmth in our cold winter. In my younger days I did wear with skinny jeans. And lastly in my long tirade, the ballet flats would only work for me in a blush tone to blend with the skin. I would really like that look. I personally don’t usually wear black footwear unless my jeans/trousers are black. This was fun Pam as I love shoes.

  11. To begin; basically a ‘no’ to all these (exception your EF flats) though do find some of the styles in your slide show appealing. i.e.: Sketcher’s lace up boot having similar unlined, all leather ones. With that said; as a classic dresser and since I am up in age, I find the pattern boots too trendy though I do have such in a ballerina flat, a loafer and an oxford for casual wear whereas I only own one pair of plain Chelsea low cut boots plus one pair of knee high ones but seldom even wear those during our Fall Season. Also there is the psychological factor because where I live, one often has to own a wardrobe of Winter Footwear as needless to say we get our fill of boots having to wear them for four to five months as it is …. ☺. On that note, the same rules apply re styling them as IMHO can look great with leggings, skinny leg or boot cut pants, heavy socks rolled ‘n cuffed or leotards/tights so do feel they do have a place in one’s wardrobe but just not in mine. Last but not least, the platform boot sneakers/runners are just not my ‘cup of tea’ as for starters I want to whip out the paint and darken up their stark white soles …. lol! -Brenda-

    1. Oops, that should have read …. ‘feel they do have a place in one’s FALL wardrobe but just not in mine’. -Brenda-

  12. The snakeskin booties are sharp and I’d definitely wear them. The other booties/shoes/boots are a bit too trendy for my taste. I have very wide feet and I try to find shoes that make my feet look narrower, so the chunky shoes are out!

    I do like some of the items in the slideshow.

    Fun post today, Pam!

  13. These are great boots! The past four years or so I have been relegated to shoes of the comfy and wide variety to accomodate a couple of foot issues, but boots are still a category I can have some fun with depending on the cut, etc. I would love the animal print boots if they sported all zebra. I do not care for snake skin anything since it is just too close to real and I have a terrible fear of snakes. Your flats are charming. The over the knee boots remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and while she looked amazing, there’s a reason she had a style transformation. If your friend gets them I would be very curious to see how she styles them.

  14. I would wear the flat ones, can no longer tolerate heals. I have a high instep as well so most shoes do not fit me well. I have found that Sketchers makes many shoes besides tennis shoes now that work well for me with the low profile and generous padding, not come up too high on my foot. Sometimes boots work but just depends. Thanks for branching out into the shoe pop-up! Very nicely done.

  15. I like the Eileen Fisher shoe best too! I’d wear it exactly as you have-nude foot. The boots are pretty cool but I’m not very cool I guess. I prefer solid shies and boots tho I do have a pair of black shoes with a bit of animal print -just a touch along the top. Very cute!

  16. I have a pair of the wedge sneakers from Dr Scholls that aren’t clunky at all. I pair them with skinny ankle jeans and bootcut/flare jeans. I love animal print footwear, but don’t have the pattern in any booties, only sneakers. My boots have to be very low heel and no pointy toes (personal preference) and again I pair them with the jeans listed above. I love wearing a knee high riding boot with leggings or skinny jeans…but no to over the knee. I think they would be so uncomfortable. By the way, I am 62 years young.

  17. Love ’em! Not only would I wear them, I DO wear them! I can’t tell you how many pairs of boots & booties I have because I’m afraid to count them all, but they’re one of my main style statements so I have them in every shaft & heel height, style & colour 🙂 I do like that wicked animal print in the first photo & would absolutely wear them — probably with all black so they’re the focus. I just bought a pair of snakeskin booties I haven’t even received yet to jazz up some of my black & white outfits. The only thing I’m not keen on is a pointed toe or western cut: I prefer an almond toe both for how they look & feel on.

    The black over-the-knee boot Leigh-Anne has on would look fabulous with skinny light-wash blue jeans, a white turtle-neck sweater under a short, fitted black leather motorcycle jacket & silver hoop earrings (& maybe a silver tassel necklace but I’d want the boots to make the statement so would keep my jewelry simple & to a minimum). Depending on how comfortable they are to wear while sitting (some boots that high pinch if you’re seated for long) I might wear them when we’re out on the bike.

    I’d personally avoid all the sneakers as I find them too clunky, but I like the EF flats you’re wearing — even though they’re flatter than what I usually wear (except for loafers), there’s just enough of a slight heel to flatter the leg & the sole isn’t too thick. Great post! I can look at boots all day long 🙂

  18. Speaking of great boots — check out the ones Eugenia of “Age of Grace” is rocking in her latest post! Pam, ever since you introduced us to Eugenia, I’ve been following her blog & she is a styling queen! Even though our styles (& lives) are very different, I thoroughly enjoy reading her insights & thoughts. And I love those boots . . . !

  19. I would definitely be tempted by the first pair of booties. I love the colour and the mix of prints and anything with zebra print catches my eye because the zebra is the symbol of my neuroendocrine cancer. I have an aversion to snakeskin though, so I wouldn’t wear the second pair. I love fashion sneakers, but I’m not a fan of either of the platform pairs that you’ve shown. They’re too big and clunky for my taste. I have fairly big feet and I suspect that those shoes would emphasize that. I’m also not fond of the Eileen Fisher ballet flats. They look too much like slippers. I’ve always liked the concept of over the knee boots, but never been bold enough to wear them. Although I think they’d look good with a sweater dress, I wouldn’t buy them because I suspect that they’re a trend that won’t last long. When I invest in a pair of boots, I want to be able to wear them for several winters.

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