My Fave Fall Clothing Picks from the latest at Talbots

Pamela Lutrell for the Talbots Sale

On Monday, I shared with you my first round of fave fall clothing picks in the Talbots Friends & Family 40% off sale happening this week.

Today, I am showing you Round 2 of my favorites for fall clothing 2020!

Just a reminder, that I am wearing all of these with my Talbots Jeggings.

Pamela Lutrell for Talbots Friends and Family Sale

I am starting today off in the Milano Stitch Sweater Jacket (Toasted Coconut color) and I paired it with the soft Merino V Neck Leopard Sweater. 

I love the feel of this sweater…and it does come in solid colors. 

Pamela Lutrell with the Talbots Friends 7 Family Sale

Here is another way to do leopard!  This is the open front leopard print cardigan. 

I wanted to try this blouse…which is really nice (so soft)…so I put the Ruffle Trim Blouse in Polka Dots with the cardigan.  

Pamela Lutrell in Talbots plaid blazer and denim

Since I love jeans and blazers, I decided to also try a couple of the blazers in store.  This is the Double Breasted Bradwell Plaid Blazer.  A perfect look for fall and winter.

Pamela Lutrell for the Talbots Fall Sale

My final outfit is a blazer that the color just made me stop and grab…love this Breton Blue.  This is the Aberdeen Knit Blazer. 

The blouse is the Band Collar Popover Medallion Paisley Blouse, which I think I would like better with a navy blue on top.

This sale goes through Sunday of this week.  The first round of my fave picks was in THIS POST.  I was very pleased with the styles, selection, safe shopping…Talbots gets a high five from me.

I am still evaluating my new style for this new phase of my life…it is beginning to look more classic with just a touch of creative thrown in.  I loved this latest trip to Talbots.

Once again, I want to thank the Talbots staff at the Village of Stone Oak in San Antonio for such a safe shopping, enjoyable experience.


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  1. That sweater jacket really caught my eye too! It’s a beauty. I honestly don’t need another blazer or long jacket or I’d have grabbed that one. I like the color you tried on too. (Trying to incorporate more camel tones in my winter wardrobe.) Talbots is my go-to store since I love classic, modern styling. I did make purchases through your link during this sale. I like the style esthetic you are leaning toward, classic/creative. You are certainly finding things to try that fit this description. Style journeys as we move through different phases of life are fun. It’s been fun to see how you are finding what is going to work for this phase for you.

  2. I have been surprised that I am leaning more classic in this phase of my life, but I really am. Still like my touches of fun though. Thanks so much for shopping with the links, Karen. Happy Wednesday!

  3. i really like the plaid jacket. i believe its the structure that attracts me to it, im not usually a fan of plaid. it looks very nice on you!

  4. I’m set with Blazers for now but like another who posted I love the sweater jacket in camel! (Coconut shade). Pam, you look great in all clothes! Very pretty on you, and hopefully me! I’m heading there this week as they’ve got a 40% sale ongoing.

  5. Glad to see you featuring looks from Talbots! I’ve been a loyal Talbots customer since the 80s. They were my go to store for the suits I wore during my career in the technology business and are still my first choice for clothes now that I’ve retired. It has been easy to transition my preference for a more classic tailored style into retirement because of their wide range of offerings for a more casual lifestyle.
    I thought of all the looks you’ve shown today that the plaid jacket was the most flattering. I’m drawn to the cut, pattern and modern look of it. I also thought the vest was a great look for you and very slenderizing.

  6. Good Morning! 🌻 You look great, as always. That camel sweater looks a lot like a pale pink one I have of theirs from six or seven years ago. I like a more structured cardigan in place of a true blazer, for a soft suiting look with a skirt or about town with trousers. Wearing these looks with leggings as you have done gives a more casual and fun vibe! Have a terrific day!

  7. I enjoyed both posts of your shopping at Talbots. I do agree that the classic look is great on you.
    I am a Talbot shopper because they give us petite ladies a nice variety of choices.
    I have enjoyed reading the Jennifer Scott books with ideas from Madame Chic. Thanks for telling us about them. As always the best to you,

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