Seeking my new life-style with fall clothing at the Talbots’ Friends & Family Event!

Talbots Frineds & Family Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I am mixing things up a bit in order to share with you fun fall clothing in the Talbots’ Friends & Family Sale this week.

As I seek what my new life-style will be now, I am so pleased to find many options at Talbots ….and all are now on sale 40% off. 

I wore my Talbots Sculpt Pull-on Denim Jeggings to try on each of these looks.

Pamela Lutrell in Talbots Faux Fur Puffer Vest


Let me assure all of you who are Misses 16, 18, and plus size ladies that Talbots has plenty of cute styles just for us this year!!

I am beginning with my favorite look. The Faux Fur Collar Puffer Vests come in many different colors, and you can change the collar easily by taking off the faux fur piece.  It even comes in Metallic.

I really like this red one with the Authentic Talbots Tee in Slope Stripe. 

Gingam Check Puffer Vest at Talbots

I did not try this on…but I think it is super cute and fun. 

Buffalo Check Puffer Vest and Supersoft Penguin Crewneck Sweater. 

Talbots Friends & Family Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40

I also liked the black Faux Fur Puffer vest with the Winter Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  

Pamela Lutrell in Talbots Ponchos

You guys know I love a beautiful poncho and this Split Neck Cableneck Poncho has captured my attention…it is perfect for the milder winter climates.

Pamela Lutrell for the Talbots Friends & Family Sale

I tried on so many outfits that I am going to split this into two posts…the second one will be on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is a special commemoration day.

The sale begins today and goes through Sunday, October 25.  The 40% off will automatically appear in your shopping cart.  

Please use any of the links in the post for the Talbots Friends & Family Event.  I so appreciate your support.  They have so many great looks for my new life-style….I am encouraged!

I would like to thank the Talbots staff at the Village of Stone Oak in San Antonio for such a safe shopping experience...of course, I made sure to wear a mask if someone was near to me. 


Note: The regular feature…REALITY CHECK MONDAY with fashion ideas and a recipe will appear on Thursday!!

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

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  1. I have my items picked out and will shop through your link today. You picked a lot of cute things to try.

  2. Your jeggings look fab! I really like the poncho. I keep seeing cute ponchos, but I put on the brakes. I own 2 and that’s enough. Happy Monday.

  3. My favorite look on you is the black Fair Isle sweater with the faux fur vest. Now that looks elegant. It looks like it was made to go together. Of course the red one with the fur collar is good with your hair colour and would be fun to cheer up a dull day. I may be spending too much time following links today.

  4. Agree with others; looking very chic, Pamela! So glad to see Fair Isle sweaters are back on the fashion scene as do have a few that I just couldn’t bring myself to part with. (Norwegian/Icelandic/Irish wovens that I love.) Also encouraging to see the faux trim collar on the puffer vest as last year to dress up my Winter Down Puffer Coat (that has a removable hood) added similar to it, as well as set of ‘removable’ fur cuffs. (Purchased two identical infinity scarves to create them.)
    To conclude, wish we had a Talbot’s in our city to get a better idea of their sizing as returning (any) items are currently a bit of hassle. (Sigh!) -Brenda-

  5. I love the poncho, especially on you. It adds a little drama while being just perfect for fall weather. The color is you ..

  6. I really like the poncho alot, Marilyn…I have quite a Talbots wish list going right now.

  7. I love that poncho and is very flattering on you! I love the look of a poncho, but I feel like I can’t really use my arms or carry my purse when I am wearing one. Maybe I just need practice!

  8. I have owned ponchos where that was a problem, Kami…but I actually walked around the shop in this one yesterday and it has a lot of mobility with it. It is a very good poncho!

  9. How fun – I love Talbots! Their quality is so nice and at 40% off it’s affordable. Those leggings look great on you, and I really like the puffer vests too. The removable faux fur collar is a nice touch. I’m anxiously awaiting the second half of the fashion show on Wednesday! Thanks!

  10. Pam, you look TERRIFIC!! I am in love with the three vests shown and will shop through your links later tonight. That penguin sweater would have been so cute if I were still teaching! As you are perusing the various shops and catalogues, please show us if you find any nice corduroy pants. I’ve been thinking I would like to add a pair or two to my fall and winter wardrobe, hopefully the smaller wale. Thanks!

  11. I love Talbots and buy way too much there. Their sizing and quality are consistent, and I appreciate that nearly everything comes in petites!

    I also appreciate that you addressed the comments functionality issue so quickly. I can read them all again! Thanks, Pam, for all you do!

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