Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer! 

We bring to you fashion displays we have found while out and about, which make us wonder what you would think of the styles!

Would You Wear It For Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40


We ask that you look the displays over and tell us if you would or would not wear them…and if not, what would it take for you to wear them…your styling ideas are welcome here.

Please just keep your comments constructive and kind! 

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on over 50 Feeling 40

I have a display of fall clothing of two mannequins, and I took the last picture so you could see the different textiles in the pant outfit. You may comment on both or one.

So, look my display over and tell us………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



Pamela Lutrell for James Avery Craftsman on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am so glad that I decided to switch from my traditional charm bracelet to this Twisted Wire Hook-on Bracelet from James Avery Artisan Jewelry.  This month I have worn the Wild Sunflower Charm, and the Home Sweet Home charm in order to celebrate fall and being home more now.

I am looking forward to taking all of my charms and rotating them to wear In this way with my other James Avery Bracelets.  Love all my jewelry from James Avery!


Fall pumpkins on over 50 Feeling 40

Fall goes by so quickly, relish each moment now.  You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to make a pumpkin pie!  I have an amazing PUMPKIN PIE RECIPE here!

So, comment here…go to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s display…make a plan to enjoy fall…please shop using my links….and, always


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I would say no to the dress. For me it’s too long and I think could be cuter at a shorter length. I’d wear the outfit on the right. I like the texture in the pants.

  2. I actually like the silhouette of both outfits, however I would never wear that print in the dress or those colors in the top and sweater. The dress might not work as I have an inverted triangle figure (full bust, smaller hips). If the bodice were large enough, I wonder how it would look with a large belt?

  3. The prarie dress is not my style. I don’t like the raglan sleeves on the sweater or the color. I don’t wear animal prints so no on the blouse. The black pants are ok. I’ll take a piece of the pumkin pie. That is definitely my style! Happy Saturday!

  4. Right off I can say it’s a no to the midi print dress. The length, the print,and the cut are all wrong for me. I don’t like the look as I’m only 5 ft 4 and shrinking….
    I do like the statement sweater in that pretty spice color, and layered over a contrasting top like this….very nice, modern and flattering for my rather boring body shape. (Thin, straight up and down ). I really do see myself wearing the pant outfit!

  5. the dress is a no, but the print is pretty…so lets take the dress and either change it to a ruana style jacket….or turn it into a pair of palazzos….if we turn it into a jacket, then take a white tank and pair both with the black pants on the other side…
    if we turn it into palazzos, then white tank and the orange sweater on the other side. and if we did either of those things, black booties and minimal jewelry, black costume or gold. black hobo bag.
    i wouldnt wear the orange sweater with the right side pants and blouse, although i like the pants and blouse, i think one of those golden color dress up sweaters would like very nice with it. with some chandelier pretty earrings. black clutch.

  6. I would wear the cocoon type sweater and cami. The length of the sweater is perfect and I always love orange this time of year. The cami underneath makes a combination that works well in SoCal temperatures. I would pair it with either jeans or black slacks.. The dress is way too busy for my eye and doesn’t fit into my casual lifestyle.

  7. Love the dress style, but unfortunately the fall colours do not suit my colouring . In a blue/green mix, for sure! I am 5 ft tall (well, almost) and all the advice is that this length dress is a big no for those of us who are vertically challenged, but I spend much of the summer in flowy long skirts and dresses as I love them. My advice is to ignore “the rules” if it is something you love and makes you happy.

  8. I love the colors of both outfits but would have to try the dress on to see how it looks. The outfit on the right is beautiful.

  9. I like the silhouette of the dress but the colour is not at all flattering on me. I like the pants and top on the second mannequin but at first glance, I wasn’t sure about the pumpkin coloured sweater. However, I really like the shape and it would Be a versatile piece in my wardrobe.

  10. I like the cut and style of the dress, but it’s too long and the pattern would overwhelm me. I also like the colour of the cardigan/shrug, but I prefer something with a more defined shape and I don’t care for that style of sleeve.

  11. I do like the one on the right. Looks like fall, and after a hot summer here in the northeast I am ready for the colors, textures and styles of this season. That dress would not work for me, way too much pattern for my short stature. If I were shopping with one of my tall friends, I would be interested in seeing it on her, in person, though.

  12. I like everything about the pants outfit and while I love the colors in the dress, the pattern is a little bold for my taste. I do like the style however.

  13. The dress is not for me. I love the spice colored sweater over just about any pant/shirt combo, however do not care for this raglan sleeve/cocoon shaping. I would snap it up in a more tailored style, perhaps cashmere blend for a feeling of luxe. Wanted to mention that I noticed in perusing two e-mail titles that today is apparently both Mental Health Day, and National Handbag Day!! The first subtitle was urging we “Do something kind for ourselves today” while the second more overtly suggested “treat yourself to a new handbag!” ☺ Done in one!

  14. The colors are not flattering on me so I would pass this display. I also have very broad shoulders so I can’t wear bat-wing type sweaters.

  15. The pants outfit is a strong “yes”, although I would probably choose longer pants (ankle length at least). I love the colour and I love also the subtle details of the ruana-sweater-whatever (the variation in the textures in particular). The dress is a no, because the print does not appeal to me.

  16. I like the outfit on the right, however orange is not my friend. The dress would be a no for me also.

  17. The dress fabric is too bold for me. The blouse might work but would like a sweater that is a little more fitted. Just sat yes to the pie!

  18. A ‘yes’ to the right display however would prefer a longer length in the pants and the cocoon sleeved sweater I would purchase with intent to wear in early Spring as this type of style does not work work well when pairing with outer garments. (Our Fall weather is cool so would be more apt to wear one of my cashmere blend blazers in its place.) Also LOVE the texture/pattern of the pants! As to the dress, a definite ‘no’ even though I am one often attracted to patterns however feel this particular patch-work print would overwhelm me even though I have the height to carry it. Also not fond of its sleeves or fullness of its skirt. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Here in Canada this weekend, we are celebrating our Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie will be on the menu and as always will be served with a good dollop of whipped cream …. ☺.

  19. I don’t wear dresses, and as a shorter, filler figured woman, I do not like fuller skirts or the midi length. I like the outfit in the right and would try it in. The warmth in the sweater flatters my slight, fading summer tan, and I like these relaxed sweaters for wearing at home or for errands. Sometimes they can look sloppy … I would have to see. I like the combo of textures, which elevates the outfit.

  20. The colours would not suit me at all. My basic colours are black and grey. Because my hair is silver grey, I tend to wear accent colours in pink, purple, turquoise. Lately, I’ve incorporated some red items into my wardrobe and quite like it. I’m tiny at 5’1” and 95 lbs. so even if that dress was in my colours, it would overpower me.

  21. No to the dress…length is too matronly,colour & design is not my favourite.love the little sweater is very sweet & would b3 nice to wear this time of year.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada 🇨🇦

  22. Love, love, love that sweater, top & pants — the colour, the style, the fit, all of it, is “me” to a T, with one exception: I am very much over high-water pants so would substitute black slim full-length pants. Our winters here are much too wet & cold for bare ankles. I have a swirly black gored midi skirt that’s slightly fitted through the hips then flares slightly that I wear with high boots that I think would look spectacular with this sweater & top. The patchwork dress is a definite no as I dislike the busy “country” pattern & style. I only wear dresses now for the exceedingly rare evening event we attend (back in the Before Times when there were such things!), & this one does not fit my “posh frock” criteria at all.

    And happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! We’re spending ours safely tucked up at home with a turkey & apple pie (neither of us likes pumpkin) & lots of movies & nothing at all planned but long walks & a new 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle that should get us through to Christmas if the cat doesn’t hide too many of the pieces.

  23. The dress is a definite no. The length, style & color would not be flattering to me. It also harkens back to the “granny” dresses (no disrespect meant to any grannies, but that is what the dresses were called) of the 70’s, & that is not a period I wish to revisit at this point in my life. I like the concept of outfit on the right, but the color of the sweater is not flattering to my coloring. I like the texture of the pants & the sweater. The top is ok, but not something I would likely purchase.

  24. It’s a ‘not for me’ for both outfits. Autumn colours don’t suit me and I’m short waisted. I would have to blouse out the dress to get it closed at the waist and the dolman sleeve would also come down to my waist and I’d be afraid of looking like a bat.

  25. I dislike any print that looks like patchwork. I also prefer a more traditional style, and wouldn’t chose a prairie style dress. The sweater is a lovely color, but I feel the cocoon sleeves make my but look larger. The blouse wouldn’t pull me in, so I’d pass on it all, as I have enough black pants as well. The pie is a winner! I’d buy that!

  26. Hi Pamela,
    I love the idea of the dress, but I think it would look better shorter. I love the paints outfit. The print of the blouse and the texture of the pants look amazing and I love the color of the sweater. Which store had the mannequins, I’d love to check out the outfits in person. Have a wonderful day. BTW ~ Would You Wear It is one of my favorite posts.

  27. I’m late in commenting this weekend. I love fall colors but wouldn’t wear the ‘patchwork’ dress, the length and the fabric pattern aren’t my style. While I like the outfit on the right, I would substitute a less textured pant. I have a pyramid shape body and those pants would add visual weight to an area of my body where I don’t need/want it. Thanks for the pumpkin pie recipe!

  28. I love the colours in these 2 outfits and would wear a shorter version of the dress. I’m only 5’1” so I feel that I could not carry a long length well. The 2nd outfit looks perfect, in fact I think I have a similar pair of slacks

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