Silver Linings 2020: My beautiful kitchen remodel… on budget

Kitchen Remodel by Legacy Kitchen and Bath on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yes, my beautiful kitchen remodel is a huge silver lining for me during 2020 and I stayed on budget!

Because I was at home much of this past year, I had the time to be focused on the project and financing was finally attractive.

We still did not have the budget to knock down walls and completely change the look, but I love what we were able to do.

Pamela Lutrell's Before and After Kitchen


My desire was to create a French country chic farmhouse style, with the challenge of keeping the satillo tile floors and the red brick on the bar and family room fireplace wall.

It was my choice to not paint the brick and I am really glad I kept it.  One of the reasons I loved the house years ago was that red brick inside.

If you were close up, you could see the countertop selection has a hint of the floor and brick colors in it…it all goes!

In San Antonio, we worked with Legacy Bath and Kitchen in San Antonio, and I highly recommend them for anyone in the area.  Their employees are incredible and they oversee…EVERYTHING and everybody!

Legacy Kitchen and Bath Remodel on Over 50 Feeling 40

You might also observe that  I have dedicated my new life to a simpler, more organized style….and I am determined to stay that way. (This is my new elegance!)

I did not realize what a disorganized mess I had become while working two jobs for years….but coming home last March made that abundantly clear.

Several trips were made to Goodwill to donate items, and I took great time and care in how the kitchen was organized…it makes sense now!!

Coffee cups above the coffee maker…who knew!

Breakfast Room Refresh on Over 50 Feeling 40

Everyone who says going brighter with color makes the place seem larger is completely correct…it does!  Also taking away and re-shuffling stuff has that affect as well. 

Home Depot Lighting on over 50 Feeling 40


The new Weathered Wood Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Light, bronze Liberty Madara cabinet pulls, and new LED lights under the cabinets were from Home Depot.   Highly recommend each one!

Kitchen Sink from Triton in San Antonio on Over 50 Feeling 40

The new sink, bronze fixtures and backsplash were found at Triton Stone Group. 

Trinity recommended we go there for the quality selections…You can use my Home Depot Link to find similar products.

For locals in San Antonio, Triton has a beautiful selection and they were great to work with.

The sink is Kohler Neorac 1-3/4 granite double bowl, matte taupe with a sink rack.

The Faucet is Delta Addison, one handle pull down Kitchen faucet.

The backsplash (I think number one on my favorite changes) is Amalfi handcrafted satin ceramic cream. 

New Appliances on Over 50 Feeling 40

We were also motivated to make changes now because the original ovens from the house were unusable and the cooktop close behind.

I knew I wanted more stainless in the kitchen, so we purchased new ovens, cooktop, refrigerator and microwave.

Everything, but the cooktop was purchased at Home Depot during July 4th sales.

The little decorative plaque above the ovens is something I bought 20 years ago, because I loved it and I have never used it until now…it was made for my new kitchen!!

We now have a larger refrigerator since we chopped off the cabinets above the old one…it was difficult to find those smaller units so (for future resale value) we said goodbye to those cabinets.

I love my new Kitchen Aid Double Oven LG Refrigerator, and Kitchen Aide Cooktop.   

I chose to be old school and not select appliances with Wi-Fi…I am good on my own!

Goodwill San Antonio treasures for my kitchen.

Four pieces of the new kitchen decorations were discovered on treasure hunts to Goodwill San Antonio over the past year.  The plates, bowl and candlesticks almost made me laugh out loud when I found them!

The painting above the refrigerator is my American artist, P. Buckley Moss, and was gifted to us from Mr. B’s mother…again, it looks like it was meant for this kitchen!

My white pumpkins have decorated another room in the past, but came to this kitchen for an autumn decor as soon as I could get them here.

Kitchen Decorations on Over 50 Feeling 40.

I saw the idea of using a cupcake plate for a soap holder on a Pinterest page.  I mentioned it to Leigh Ann…and because she is super special, she shows up with this one for the new kitchen!!

BTW…the bronze lamp in the background is also a Goodwill San Antonio Find!!

I also have six decorative kitchen items from my Grandmother’s East Texas Farm. 

Finally….paint colors are

Walls:  Behr Marquee Plateau

Cabinets:  Sherwin Williams Antique White

Pamela Lutrell's pumpkin bread

I started baking pumpkin bread this weekend and have been cooking every meal!  So great to be back in the kitchen in an environment I love!!!

If you have questions, please ask…I tried to answer everything here.   Please shop for the holidays with my links…and join me as we stay hopeful and….. 


Thank you all for being here!


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. That looks beautiful Pam! I love the lighter color scheme, and especially love those windows above the cabinets! That must let so much natural light into your kitchen! I’m sure you will be finding reasons to spend more time in there….just taking it all in! It is just beautiful! And before Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

  2. Your new kitchen is just gorgeous. So much light and joy with the change of colours and your decorating is lovely. I gave up the wall ovens when we did a small redo to make more storage and to tell you the truth, I miss them. That under counter lighting is such a good idea. Have fun making magic in your new space.

  3. I am so pleased with the under counter lighting and it was not in my original plan. So glad we did it!

  4. Congratulations on creating your lovely French Country Kitchen. Having also done a kitchen redo this summer I appreciate all the decisions you have made to make it happen. Your Goodwill finds and personal pieces are the icing on the cake.
    PS. Isn’t it wonderful to have an oven that heats up and cooks at a consistent temperature?

  5. YES!!! With an oven light that works .. now I don’t have to open the door to check on things!!

  6. Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS! We are on our third white kitchen…I think they always look so clean and classic. Wishing you lots of fun times using your new space!

  7. Beautiful and so much brighter! I love the backsplash you chose. I can feel the excitement and joy in your post as I read it. You deserve all the happiness that this new environment will bring.

  8. We did a similar refresh on our kitchen, saved thousands by not replacing cabinets, and have been delighted with the results. You did a great job coordinating everything, and not making it look like trendy updates were slapped over an older kitchen. Instead, it is creamy, fresh, elegant, traditional, and timeless. You will love that granite sink … it’s one of my favorite things about my kitchen. I hear you too on the disorganization and clutter buildup. Since I’ve been retired, I realize how much I settled for this kind of thing because I was insanely busy and very tired. There was just no choice. I haven’t tackled too much yet because I’ve been enjoying our weather … decluttering is a winter project in northern Ohio.

  9. All of your adjectives just made me smile larger, Linda…thank you for knowing what I was going for. Now that the kitchen is done with a good cleaning, I need to keep going! It is amazing what I closed my eyes too when I was so busy and out of my home.

  10. It’s beautiful—- I love the way the original features blend so well with the new kitchen—- I LOVE the backsplash! Enjoy your lovely new space, just in time for the holidays, so happy for you.

  11. Thanks, Deb! Everyone who wants in here comments on the backsplash…it is a favorite but I do love it all!

  12. Goodness, your renovation turned out sooo nice. You really put a lot of thought into every detail. The backsplash subway tiles are prefect – adds a lot of texture to the wall. New appliances are the best. What a relief for you to have everything finished now and in time for the holidays. Congratulations! Beautiful transformation!

  13. What a beautiful and still cozy transformation! I especially love that you preserved your saltillo tiles. Many Blessings, and Happy Cooking! 🥧💖

  14. Wow! What a beautiful change – so much brighter with the lighter pain, and more open without all the decorative pieces above the cabinets and hutch! Easier to clean too. I love the new cabinet hardware and backsplash! Great job, Pam! You deserve it!

  15. Your kitchen looks lovely! I know you will enjoy using it to the max during this upcoming holiday season & beyond. I love the lighter, brighter look. I am glad you gave us the name of the paint color on the cabinets because I am hoping to have mine painted & think bright white might be too harsh. The antique white might be perfect for me. Thanks for sharing with us!

  16. It’s gorgeous! *gasp*swoon* Congratulations on creating harmony between original & new. Cheers to many happy hours in your new kitchen!

  17. What a difference those lighter cabinets and all of your personal touches made! Your new kitchen looks so cozy and inviting and the perfect place to spend the upcoming holidays. Thanks for the shoutout to our team at Legacy Bath & Kitchen.

  18. That turned out really well! The impact of fresh color really goes a long way.
    I think going for the bigger refrigerator and removing the cupboards over top was a good decision. Well done.

  19. In re-reading your post I again noticed your tiles. SO glad you kept them, They remind me so much of Miami and homes there. A lot of them use that kind of tile. I have pretty well figured out what I want, but now will have to work out the budget. doesn’t it always some down to that? Cheers. Happy turkey day!

  20. Thanks, Susan… there were many things we wanted to do but budget prevented…but you know what? I love it so much that I don’t even think about what we didn’t do!! And I am also so glad we kept the floors!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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