Christmas Home Decor – If Only Just for Me!


Christmas Home Decor on Over 50 Feeling 40

Even if 2020 resulted in a Christmas celebration just for me and Mr. B, I would still go all out with Christmas decor in my home!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I take this quite seriously and gain much joy from it.

I take a lot of care with setting up little vignettes and there are so many details that I could not begin to show it all here…and may put some in another post. 

But for those who may be new to the blog, here is a little background on my Christmas home decor story.

The snowman collection on over 50 feeling 40

Since our wedding was in December, 34 years ago, there were several Christmas wedding gifts that began my decorations and are still featured today.

But, the little snowman at the top of this post, started a snowman collection that is vast and still grows.  However, most of them are what I call vintage snowmen and not modern.

About 32 years ago, we visited my favorite place to go in Texas, Fredericksburg.  It is a quaint Texas Hill Country town that looks like it was plucked from a Hallmark movie set.

That snowman captured my attention on the shelf of a little gift shop.  When I saw him, I felt like he had always belonged to me,  and at that moment, the collection began.

So many have added to it over the years…the one hanging on the wall in the second picture was made by an elderly neighbor in our first neighborhood.

Though she is gone, we think fondly of Mrs. Brayman every year when we hang this picture.

Christmas Breakfast Table on Over 50 Feeling 40

You cannot go anywhere in the house this time of year without finding snowmen.  I told Mr. B that I might not put them all out this year, and her protested passionately…so they deck the halls throughout!

Vintage Santa on the mantel on over 50 feeling 40

The vintage Santa collection came from both of our mothers.  This guy is the centerpiece on one fireplace mantel and originated with Mr. B’s mom.

The Santas around the world below were started by my mother.

Heritage is a big story with my Christmas decorations and I love to share it with my adult children (so they will remember) and with my grandchildren.

Handmade ornaments on Over 50 Feeling 40

My husband’s grandmother made many of the tree ornaments, and also the stockings below which include dates.

Vintage stockings on Over 50 Feeling 40

Every single piece of this decorating puzzle throughout my home has a story.  

There are two full Christmas trees.  One real, and one Balsam Hill, which was gifted a few years ago complete with gorgeous ornaments for blogging.

This past summer I took advantage of Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July sale and purchased two gorgeous mantle garlands with lights at 60% off.  Love them!!

Real Christmas tree on over 50 feeling 40

Cozy…warm…peaceful has always been the decorating goal.

The Christmas reading area on over 50 feeling 40

This is an area in the front room where the Balsam Hill tree is, that is a reading corner just for the grandchildren.  I have also collected children’s Christmas books over the years.

It is a bit depleted, because Gigi cannot say “NO” when they ask to take a book home.   Do you see the Gigi snow-woman in the picture?? Quite fashionable!

I was thrilled to come upon some Shatter- Proof ornaments this year…so I decorated the little tree here instead of removing it like I have done before.

All six grandchildren are under age seven so if an ornament in the reading corner falls it will not be a big deal and it looks nice.

Snowman Stockings on over 50 Feeling 40

Now you have a little taste of Christmas at my house…even if just for me.  Because I love it and think the time for it is too short and goes too quickly!

I will share more about the new kitchen decorations this weekend!

If I did not do this, I would be down and out.  These decorations keep the joy and hope alive for me, and I know always will.

Little snow angel on over 50 feeling 40

Thank you for stopping by…I hope these images help you to……………………………..


Friday’s post is packed with fun…what Leigh Ann and I wore this week; Hot Cocoa Recipe #2 from a reader; and unique gift ideas you do not want to miss! 

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Pam,

    I know how the decorating “bug” can be. I love it, but the time has come to give away many of my decorations and ornaments.
    At one time, I had over a thousand ornaments and three Christmas trees. I decided that I would let my daughter and granddaughters have most of my collection. I don’t regret my decision at all.

  2. I am so glad you can delight in sharing it now, Sharon. I believe one day my family will enjoy mine as their own. We all will know when it is the right time to pass it on. Thanks for being here.

  3. Just beautiful Pam! Thank you for sharing your decorations. Many of my things are family heirlooms and pass-me-downs, and they have so much meaning and spark memories. Your snowmen are so cheerful! They always have happy faces. I collect Santa’s and look for antiques at this point, but often the new ones that are unique, like your first snowman picture, catch my eye and find a new home with me. Drawing inspiration from your post the other day, my sister and I are having a Zoom party with three sisters that we met when we were early teens. We’re in Ohio and they are in Indiana. It’s all set for Saturday afternoon and I’m going to suggest a “silver lining” theme, along with just catching up!

  4. How exciting to hear about your Zoom party, Karen! I hope it brings smiles to all who attend!!

  5. My obsession with Christmas decorations is the Santa Claus. We have Possible Dreams figurines everywhere! I rotate them during December so that I can stare at a different one on my coffee table! I also have quite a number of Santa Clauses on my trees. I also use the red cardinal design and I have a lot of snow globes with cardinals. I love birds!

  6. Love today’s post. How marvelous that you collect Santa memories and are still going all-out this year. Your home and decorations are lovely.

    This post made my decision to fully decorate, even though we sadly decided it was necessary to not have the kids and grandkids over during the holidays. They’re within a reasonable driving distance, so we will drop off their gifts at their doors and chat outside.

    Thanks for the uplifting, fun post.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful decorations. Because of Covid #s increasing we have decided not to travel from our AZ home back to our ND home so not only will I not see my children and grandchildren but I have no decorations here. We have purchased a few things and hung outdoor lights but it’s not the same of course. Your decorations reminded me of home and brought some early morning joy. Just lovely! We did find some large stuffed snowmen and put them in the back of our golf cart. They’re even wearing masks.

  8. It is good that you have done something to bring a smile, Karin. I hope you can celebrate on Zoom with your family!

  9. I was not gong to reply today until I saw your Santas. I have some of them,not sure where they came from. When my husband and I were first married we lived in Germany with the Air Force. All our first ornaments came from markets in the area. Most are still with us, but we have lost some over the years. what is left is very precious because they bring back so many wonderful memories of heavy snows,cozy fires,etc. (Unusual things for Floridians)We are so happy to see them again each year,never fail to bring them out along with the ones made by the children in past years,some from friends gifting us,some we have made as craft projects. doesn’t matter how long it takes to reassemble,the spirit is always there. Best Xmas wishes to you and yours!

  10. So glad you did reply, Susan. I have friends who were stationed in Germany and loved it. My memories of Christmas past are a reason why I love the decorations so much!

  11. Pamela, I too have been collecting snowmen for a long time. They are my favorite Christmas decorations. Despite my best intentions, I found myself adding to the collection every winter!

  12. Since keeping my Xmas decorating to a minimum this year; certainly enjoyed yours! Love the snow people as always so whimsical and your vintage Santa’s are definitely keepers. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Due to pandemic restrictions; I’ve been more focused on shopping for gifting but hopefully next year will be more into decorating as currently only have one free-standing tree up located in the family room and its mantel simply dressed as well with (b-o) pillar candles among evergreen garland.

  13. Two and a half years ago we moved cross country and the Christmas boxes had to be weeded through due to a smaller living/storage space. My nutcracker collection made the cut as well as a nativity and crèche made by my in-laws back in the 1980’s. It wouldn’t be Christmas if the boys (my nutcrackers!) didn’t show up. My mom gave me my first one around 1980 because I was the bossy sister and had a reputation of being a ball buster. It was her way to remind me to stop taking things so seriously. Those nutcrackers have created lots of laughs over the years. Now my grandchildren look forward to seeing my display every year. My daughter started the tradition of taking me and my granddaughters to a local Nutcracker performance a few years back. We’ll miss it this year but I’m certain we’ll be attending one next year! Love your snowmen!

  14. i feel the gives me some kind of joy i cant put a name to, so every year i drag it all out and find a place for every piece.
    i think it began in ’82. i was divorced that year and still pretty depressed about it, i wasnt going to get a tree or do anything to the house because i was by myself and didnt feel there was any point…well, at some point in December that year, something just clicked, snapped or something because i made up my mind i was going to do Christmas and i was going to enjoy it….i went and got my own tree, hauled it home, and put it up all by myself. decorated the house and tree with what i had, and bought some new things. and every since i do it up….

  15. I love your Christmas decorations and I love that so many of them have a story. I too have a large basket of children’s Christmas books that come out every year. Our two daughters are married and our only grandchild lives in Switzerland, but I look forward to the day when those books will be enjoyed again by precious little ones.

  16. Thanks for sharing your story, Sheryl..I agree that it is a joy for me as well that is difficult to describe.

  17. When our first child was born we took a Christmas photo put it in cards and enlarged and framed it. It’s a big collection that I put out every December. This year I started reenacting the photos. Same locals, just bigger kids!

  18. Every time we travel, we bring home an ornament as our souvenir. After 42 years together, even with only moderate traveling, we can almost decorate a tree. We try to find something representational of the area, and label them all with place and date with a sharpie on the bottom. Our son started his own collection in adolescence while vacationing with us, and has carried it on with his wife in their new home together. It’s a great tradition that allows you to commemorate wonderful times in life. We have bought newlyweds Christmas ornaments as part of their wedding gift, with a suggestion to start a tradition of some sort that they can add to in their married life. Old World Christmas has a whole set that is just for weddings that we bought our son and his wife.

  19. Pamela,
    How beautiful, bright, and inviting. Thank you for sharing. Your Christmas joy is an exquisite reminder of how fast this month goes.

  20. What a lovely post, Pam! Your joy is a delight (I originally wrote ‘your joy is infectious’, but decided I’ve had enough of that word!) & I am so glad you’re not letting these difficult times dim your enthusiasm. I’ve always loved Christmas & enjoy the heck out of it & used to do a lot more decorating but have eased way off over the years & can’t say I miss it. Except for lights! I am crazy for Christmas lights & put them up all over the place (I keep 2 strings on the top of one of our bookcases year round). My province is still in an official state of emergency because of spiking Covid rates & gatherings of more than 6 people are “highly discouraged”, which suits my husband & me just fine. We’re looking forward to a quiet, lazy Christmas with just the two of us, a small turkey, a few rummy mince tarts, some shortbread & the cat 🙂

    I love how people are adapting to these odd times by finding a Christmas that works for them without worrying about whether or not it fits the old traditional model of what Christmas is “supposed” to be.

  21. Thanks for sharing your decorations. We too at our home love Christmas decorations and even this year we decided it was for us to enjoy. Loved the snow people. Blessings

  22. Your decorations telling a story make each scene unique.
    Your lovely grandkids corner and what followed made me laugh..
    I was thrilled to find shatterproof ornaments.
    As a mom of three boys and former first and second grade teacher ; I can totally understand the thrill🎄

  23. What lovely collections. All those snowmen smiles brightened my day. It certainly looks like a joyful house. I’ll look forward to seeing your Christmas choices for that new kitchen.

  24. Catching up on reading. Loved this post – I also married in December, 34 years ago & received a number of Christmas themed wedding gifts! It’s always fun to bring them out each year. And, I have the identical set of Santas around the world that you show, gifted from my mother. Mom passed away this year so it was especially poignant to see them.

    Like other commenters, having just retired and moved to a smaller home, I’ve downsized the holiday decor. I still love it, but it gets overwhelming to deal with. It got to the point where after looking at it for 4 to 6 weeks I was ready to donate it all. A surgical downsizing was just the ticket.

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