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Happy New Year’s Eve, ladies, and thank you for joining me today…grab a hot beverage and let’s sit down and talk!

Earlier this week, I asked you to answer questions in a Reader Survey, and the response on the blog and in my email were so helpful.

I heard what you were saying and immediately got to work!   I am here to provide an encouraging, educational, and inspiring experience for you every day. 


There have been days I hold my head like this woman and wonder how to proceed in certain situations.  When I was blogging and working full-time during the day, I made quick decisions, without considerable forethought, due to lack of time.

That changed in July with my COVID layoff!

You are the major reason I am here and you always have been from Day One.  So, you should be a part of the process, and definitely got me thinking with your responses….

As far as content goes, here is what I will be doing as we enter into 2021:

  1. Fashion will continue to be the focus.  I love it (and have experienced) for it’s “transformative power.”  I have always loved what Stacy London writes in the Truth about Style, ” It’s not an overstatement to say that style teaches me over and over how to live in my skin. It helps me find courage and confidence and control when I have none.  While I was drawn to the world of fashion as a little girl because of its sparkle, I love the world of style now because I understand its transformative power.  Style isn’t something stagnant.  Like us, it is always in flux.”
  2. Other topics will be covered.  The majority like the “lifestyle magazine idea” of covering other topics…home, health, recipes, and inspiration.  I will continue to do this.  Someone remarked that by doing more than fashion, that I seemed unfocused.  I would have to disagree, because I actually feel more focused than ever before.  We are not one dimensional women…our lives include so much more than what we wear…and I want to continue to tell those stories and posts.  I am glad the majority like it. 
  3. Special Features will continue with limitations.  Several ladies like the Cultivating Elegance series, and the news roundups called News for Women of a Certain Age.  However, on those days the numbers of readers are lower than the other days.  Numbers are the way I see what you prefer.  Because these features do have a smaller following, I will do them occasionally but not every week.  
  4. Visiting stores will continue.  With my mask on and my hand sanitizer and using wisdom,  I will continue to go to our favorite retailers and show you what is on the racks.  You asked for it and I am happy to comply!
  5. Would You Wear It will go on!  This is the most popular feature by far and it will continue.  



I have really appreciated. your support and understanding as I work hard to turn this into a livelihood for me and Mr. B.  It is a fine line juggling act.

Please allow me to remind you that there is only one form of communication where NO ads exist…and that is sitting down and reading a good book…which I highly recommend.

All other forms of media are supported by advertising and are working daily to find that sweet spot between monetization and content. 

Many of you told me that it has been TOO MUCH! and I am so glad you brought up the elephant in the room.

We were all inundated with a highly contentious political advertising season that backed up to holiday advertising…that alone would make anyone weary!

In my exuberance to bring you some great options for sales and holiday gifts…I packed the blog too much.  I understand and you have been heard.

I believe packaging some ad content in a better way should help.

So, here is what I have done, and will do, as a result of listening to YOU:

  1. New Location for general shopping links.  Because so many of you wanted to have easy access to shopping links, I had been running those at the end of each post.  Now, I have worked with my web designer to create a separate page at the top of the blog.  If you are looking to support me through an online shopping trip, you can click at the top of the page on SHOPPING LINKS and find the retailer list.  I also have the link to GOLI and CHAMONIX skincare located there, which were also at the bottom of each post.  This takes away that cluttered look of all the links, but still makes them available. 
  2. Product Recommendations done differently. Instead of introducing new products I recommend within each post, I am going to have a blog post once or twice a month called RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR WOMEN OVER 50.  There I will feature new products I am impressed with and believe you should know. I only become an affiliate advertiser for the products I believe are quality and of true service to the readers. 
  3. Sponsored Posts will continue.  I will continue to work with top brands to bring you important information and products when they desire to pay for the space.  Many of these sponsored posts are health related or from your favorite fashion brands…instead of being “put off” by the words sponsored posts, look at them as a way to learn about new methods, products and brands on the market.  They pay for that space as a company might pay for a full page advertisement in a magazine.  Of course you can turn that page or, even better, learn from it. 
  4. Ad Service will continue with modifications.  The ad service which monitors the ads that appear on the site is my primary form of income and will continue.  I am testing some modifications to reduce the amount and see how it affects my revenue. 
  5. I have joined the Shopstyle affiliate program.  Shopstyle offers you a very clean, functional way to shop on my blog with the slideshows and product links within the post.  I believe you will like the look and service better.  Most bloggers utilize this program.  Several remarked you like it when I curate slideshows, so I will bring those back on a regular basis.

So, you can see how Shopstyle works for you…I have put together this slideshow of new offerings at Talbots and Chico’s. You will see some of those new trends we discussed on Tuesday reflected in these looks…nautical, lighter colors!



Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey…I really appreciate your encouragement and support.  So many of you said that you would not change a thing, but I think these improvements will make this daily experience for you a better one.  You guys are simply the best!

Have a joyous New Year’s Eve…and join me tomorrow for my take on 2021!!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  Yes, there are affiliate links in this post, but the words are my own!




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