Need your help: Which one should I buy at Chico’s?

Animal Print Chico's cardigan on over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Wednesday, ladies…I need your help today to make a decision on which of these toppers to purchase from Chico’s.

You may remember these two looks from my recent visit there, Chico’s Visit Post.

Pamela Lutrell in Fall Clothing at Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40

I liked both of these toppers equally, but only feel right about purchasing one.

I asked a Facebook group I participate in this question, and received right at 500 responses! But, they were almost equally in favor of each topper.

So, I would like for you…my trusted blog audience to tell me what you think.

If you could only buy one…which one would it be?… and please tell me why you made that choice.

The Lace Printed Quilted Jacket. 

Animal Print Hooded Cardigan Sweater.

I think I know how this will go…but let’s see if I am right!

Holiday Gift Ideas at Chico's

Chico’s does have some lovely holiday gift ideas…and I know for sure that many women over 50 are fans!

I purchased the pajamas when they went down to $29 a set and I did not want to take them off over the weekend.  I think I am going for another pair in a different design. Very soft and comfy.

Can’t wait to hear your responses…thank you for the help….and always


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the animal printed hoodie on you more.I think the colours are more “you” and I also think that you will get more wear out of it. The colour of the hoodie appears to bring out the highlights in your hair too.

    1. Hello, this is the first time I have put anything on your blog so here goes. I like the hhoded cardigan best on you so I would go with that item. I think they have different purposes, so if you wanted a coat type jacket the other one would be more useful. But on appearance only go for the hooded cardigan, younger looking and the colour suits you better.

  2. If this jacket were for ME, I’d get the quilted one. I usually love leopard print but am not keen on this one because it strikes me as very casual & quite limited in its styling options, not something I’d get a lot of wear out of. The quilted jacket looks like one I could really do something with, styling it up (with creams & golds for a hint of glam) or down (think après-ski with winter-white jeans or slim pants & a cream sweater, necklaces for me, a chiffon leopard print scarf for you lucky women who can wear them). I absolutely adore it in red, too, but then most of my wardrobe is white, black or red so I’d have plenty of things to pair it with. Please let us know which one you decide on, Pam, and then I hope you’ll do a “fashion shoot” with you styling your pick with items from your own closet. Can’t you sweet-talk Santa into both?? 🙂

  3. I prefer the quilted jacket. I think it would be more versatile and would become a classic you could wear for years to come.

  4. i vote for the cream quilted one….its going to get more use, because your color of top will be limited with the animal print.

  5. I have a white jacket like that and I wear it all the time. It’s good for Spring, Fall, Winter.
    I wear it when I go for my walk at dawn or dusk b/c the color helps me be seen.
    You’ve got lots of cat prints already!

  6. If it were up to me I would buy the quilted jacket. I think that it would be able to be used year round with any outfit, dressed up or down. The animal print would have limited options.

  7. I like the cream colored quilted jacket, but probably because I’m seeing it through “my” eyes! The animal print looks like a style I’d see you in and would think it looked wonderful. I think the animal print is you, but here’s a thought. If you have a lot of animal print and not a lot of the cream quilted style, why not go for that to have something really different? I think I’d look at what I already had, and choose the one that I didn’t have so much or any of. But maybe I’m too practical. I’m just drawn to cream colors and don’t wear animal prints, so this is a tough one to answer. The earrings are gorgeous!

  8. I love the lace printed quilted jacket and currently have my eye on it. I’ve put it in, and then taken it out, of my cart several times. So, despite the fact I love it, you have to love it. Good luck choosing.

  9. The cream quilted jacket. It’s more tailored, more up-scale. It will go with more outfits, therefore, more use and less cost per use. The animal topper is so “in your face” it will be easily remembered and noticed in repeated use.

  10. My vote is for the quilted jacket as well namely due, that I like its shorter length on you plus feel you will get more wear out of it. (i.e.: Not to offend, IMHO it visually makes you look taller/leaner and the color is neutral.) -Brenda-

  11. I like both of these but I would definitely purchase the quilted jacket. The animal print is really cute & fun but also memorable.
    I think the quilted jacket is much more versatile. You could wear it with various scarves or brooches/pins & it would look new & different each time.
    I think you’d get much more use from the quilted jacket. Whatever you choose, you’ll look great!

  12. I am in favor of the quilted jacket. It is much more neutral, thus much more versatile. It can be put under a lot of coats or other things if needed, as the length is less intrusive, or left alone (in your south, happy you). I find it also more … elegant :). But you should ask yourself which one will bring you more joy, now and later, and we will joyfully adapt!

  13. The quilted jacket! You can always wear an animal print too or scarf . The color of the the quilted one lights up your face better and the length i s very good on you.

  14. This was a tough call. I really liked the length of the animal print on you but I wish the spots were muted somewhat. However, my vote goes to the cream quilted, an animal scarf would make it classy, not to mention a brooch. Go with the cream…you can’t go wrong.

  15. Well I guess I am with what seems to be the majority. The cream colored jacket is much more versatile. I have a similar one from JJill that is great – warm, for SC and washable, so I wear it to do errands, take the dog out, etc. The animal print will only work for a limited amount of colors, textures, so will require more planning for your base layer. Buy the cream one, then keep an eye out for a flash sale on the animal print. Chico’s often has special sales on Sundays. I have noticed lately that their prices go up and down, also depending on the amount of the discount.

  16. I think the cream colored quilted jacket looks great on you. The color brightens your face. The neutral color could be combined with almost any color to make a pretty outfit.

  17. I like the quilted jacket on you. I think the animal print is more limiting in what you can wear with it. When I look at you wearing the animal print all I see is the spots! I don’t notice anything you are wearing. With the quilted jacket, you could wear almost any color and it will blend well. Also, I hate wearing a long sweater jacket in the car while driving! I always find it too confining – it always gets twisted!!!

  18. I would go for the cream as I really like the look on you, I like the leopard also, but don’t like that the inside doesn’t seem finished when it shows, I would prefer it look more finished, that doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  19. The quilted one for sure! I think most of us have plenty of printed jackets and sweaters, but this ivory quilted one looks so fresh and modern….and more fashionable I think.

  20. I will g with the majority,the cream quilted offers more options to mix with it. The animal print is beginning to be over done, especially at Chicos.I feel I can say that as I have lots of their animals print items.But a little goes along way.The spots are somewhat stylized for my taste and not subtle for my taste. Good luck. Decisions,decisions!

  21. The quilted jacket for sure! It will definitely get more wear and it’s going to be very versatile. The leopard hoodie looks good on you but I’m really liking the shorter length on you. It gives you a slimmer look.

  22. I think it depends on your purpose for buying it. The quilted jacket is a great basic, but don’t you have a lot of those for wearing about already? Brooch and scarf? Love both, but these days I’m seldom that dressed up, and I have a closet full of things to wear a scarf and a brooch with, leftover from my work wardrobe. I’m drawn to things to “wear to work,” but I’m not going to a classroom anymore, so I’m not buying those things right now in favor of shopping my closet. While the meow jacket … so comfy, so stinking cute, so your colors and favored pattern, so what you said you were looking for (more casual toppers). It can be versatile … black leggings and sneakers, or cream colored jeans with cognac boots, or base layer a column of warm brown. I vote for the kitty because it serves your new lifestyle better.

  23. Definitely the quilted jacket! It is very classy and elegant, and it looks fabulous with your coloring. You can accessorize with leopard if you are in the mood.

  24. This is a tough decision since they both look fantastic on you. I would depend on what purpose you need it for, the sweater type would be cosy for a errands and a cosy stroll, where as the quilted one looks to be a bit thinner. I first thought, how great would the sweater look with a dark purple scarf and jeans to compliment the background of the sweater. I know the print would be memorable, but I have found people easily forget what you wore last week. It has been mentioned that you have a lot of animal print, but if that is something you are known for, it is not bad for a signature look. Guess I am in the minority here, but ultimately it is your level of comfort and style. Also, it really does make the highlights in your hair glow.

  25. The cream quilted jacket. It looks warm yet light and is very flattering. The animal print looks heavy and is not as flattering, IMHO.

  26. I like the quilted jacket for its versatility and fit on you. I like seeing you in shorter jackets, less of a covered up look.

  27. The cream jacket is very flattering, looks stylish, and has an easy elegance to it. I believe you would get more wear out of it, and agree with another reader that I’d love to see you model it with a few different outfits underneath. I also liked another reader’s suggestion to watch for the flash sales and be ready to pounce on the animal print topper since it really does look like you. Happy Wednesday!

  28. I like the animal print sweater on you. Although it may not be as versatile as the quilted jacket it’s a fun print and youthful. You can purchase the quilted jacket at the end of the season when it’s on sale.

  29. The lace quilted jacket is my easy choice . The leopard is Too slouchy, too long, and the Spots are too big and too far apart. Which makes YOU look bigger! The quilted jacket will get more use, and won’t be out of style as quickly. And look at your shoulders in each picture. The structure of the quilted jacket is so much more flattering on you as it gives balance to your lower half without making you look like a linebacker.

  30. In my opinion, the ivory lace quilted jacket is the better option for multiple reasons. It seems more versatile and would be a great long-term investment piece that is timeless. It is more flattering and makes you look youthful and chic and confident. I also think that ivory is a great color that compliments other colors well. You glow in the photo. I love animal print, but this one does not make the cut for me.

  31. The quilted jacket would be adorable with a scarf, turtleneck or blouse. You can wear it with any color of pants and any print. I have a sweater jacket from Chicos a few years ago, and find it to heavy to wear very often, although I love it, I would choose the cream jacket as it could be worn as a third piece as well as outer wear.

  32. Boy, what a decision. They both look nice on you and I can easily see you wearing either. I looked them both up on Chico’s site where I could see more detail. The lacy pattern on the quilted jacket is unique and unexpected. It’s also on sale and the animal print isn’t. Based on this, I vote for the quilted jacket. But if it were me, I’d watch for the other at a good sale price.

  33. The cream quilted jacket looks really nice on you. Also, I think it provides more options for mixing and matching, and overall, it is quite elegant,

  34. I really like the cut of the quilted jacket on you. You can dress the jacket up or down and it would go with many colors. I think the color brightens up your face. I think you would use the jacket more often then the sweater and meets the cost per wear.

  35. I vote for the cream quilted one even though I love leopard. I think the cream brightens your complexion and also feel it would be much more versatile.

  36. Quilted jacket. Much more elegant and versatile. I do like animal prints but something about this particular one just seems off to me.

  37. I prefer the quilted jacket because it is a solid color, and could be worn with any other color, or print. I know you are like me in often wearing your colorful scarves so your scarves and/or blouse or sweater worn underneath would make it more versatile. I have numerous long sweaters like the animal print one which I often wear, but they are solid colors. I don’t want to limit myself with a print in my outerwear.

  38. You look elegant in the cream quilted jacked, maybe not so much in the other one, which I think you could tire of. Go for cream!

  39. I vote for the quilted jacket, but as Karen noted, I am looking at it through my eyes. I am not a fan of hooded sweaters. The jacket could be worn with any colors or accessories.

  40. You can’t go wrong, they both look great on you. The light colored on probably goes with more things but the animal print one makes more of a statement. You wear a lot of neutral colors and black so the animal print will look great!

  41. Definitely the quilted jacket……so many have already mentioned the versatility and longevity of it that I won’t. It’s washable and more season-spanning than the sweater and as one reader mentioned above, it lessens the “bulk” of the shoulders/chest area and makes you look more slender.

    I don’t know SA weather, but the jacket could easily be left on the back seat of the car (when you’re done being ‘fashionable’) to grab when you need just a layer to run to the store or other errands. It would also be good to have to take those grandkids outside to play!!

  42. Wow! Very difficult choice. If I was buying for myself, I’d choose the animal print hoodie but only because I already have a quilted jacket very similar to the Chico’s one. You look great in the hoodie and it’s very slimming over the column of black, but the jacket would probably be more versatile. Oh dear! I’m no help at all… I’m wavering between the two!

  43. The animal print cardigan is more youthful abd slimming . The lace print jacket is practical and more basic . It depends on which you need most to spice up your wardrobe l I’m a retired teacher too and I think we usually go for practical when at this stage in life we need some fun things on our wardrobe , ..tha t said , sometimes the fun things go on sale later at chicos so you could get both . I think chicos prices are outrageous unless on sale but I love their stuff abd thankful they have sakes as I won’t pay 149 for a jacket unless it was for a very special occasion.

  44. I would agree with the quilted jacket. Lots of opportunities to add accessories. I hope I won’t offend people but I do not like the print. It is too large for an animal print. As an animal print I see holstein cow, perhaps it’s because my uncle on the farm had hosteins. Who knows but I can’t get past it.

  45. You only go around once in life, so go for the animal print and make a statement. As another comment said, if you watch Chico’s for a week or so, the will put everything 50 or 60% off. I would say wait and get both on sale. I am a sale shopper for sure. I have a couple of quilted jackets from Landsend and love that I can wear casual, dressy with a scarf or just when I am cold.

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