New Styles at Lane Bryant and Feeding my New Pasttime

Pamela Lutrell in Plaid at Lane Bryant

It’s Monday, everyone…and two weeks and counting.  Today, I would like to speak again about Lane Bryant for our plus size ladies…and mention my latest update on a new past time.

I received another email from a plus size reader who is quite frustrated with offerings for plus size.  So, once again, I wanted to call your attention to Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant offers trendy, fun, youthful styles and confident dressing will help your “joy-factor” immensely.

Pamela Lutrell in Lane Bryant jacket

You should never really care what a label says…brand name or size.  What you should care about is the fit!  If a garment fits well and speaks what you want to speak about you…it is a keeper.  No matter what is in the label.

Once I learned that, it was so freeing to shop. I stopped allowing numbers to depress me…it is about the clothes, not me.

Stylish details at Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has mostly trendy, detailed looks that I always find to be youthful and stylish.  Such as:

These Plaid Tops

The Bryant Blazer Faux Double Breasted Ponte Jacket (second picture)

The Pointelle-Sleeve Sweater (third Picture)

Lane Bryant Bracelet on Pamela Lutrell

Also, don’t forget that they have fun jewelry….this is the Faceted Stone Stretch Bracelet. 

You will feel better about yourself when you shop at a stylish place like Lane Bryant…a place designed just for you… to help you feel good about you.

I want to thank the fun group at Lane Bryant in the Northwoods Center…we had a great time shopping with you.  And of course, Lane Bryant also sells and wears...fashionable, functional masks.

Masks at Lane Bryant



Gift Boxes at Wild Birds Unlimited

Mr. B and I have joined the ranks and we are major into feeding our birds since we came to spend more time at home last March.

Recently, Leigh Ann took me to one of her favorite local shops, Wild Birds Unlimited…and I loved it!

Wild Birds Unlimited Gift Boxes

The owner, Kyle Odom, taught me a lot about the right mix of bird seed for our particular birds and the “hot pepper” mix that keeps the squirrels away.

Pamela Lutrell's bird seed wreath

So, I brought home a “hot pepper” bird seed wreath and, sure enough, the birds love it, and the squirrels don’t.  

Mr. B had become quite critical of the seed at the big box stores, so he was excited that I found Kyle’s shop and that I joined the frequent buyer club.

Anyone can contact Kyle at  You can purchase a fun gift box to send to bird lover’s in your family or among friends.

He says he will send the boxes anywhere.I bought one for Mr. B, so shhhhhhh, don’t tell.   The website is Wild Birds San Antonio.

Please tell Kyle that I sent you by!

Cardinal Christmas Tree at WBU

He also carries beautiful decorations…I am going to think about some of these for next year…it is time to add a few birds. As of last Friday, Leigh Ann wins all bird watching competition.  Look below in the shopping links to see what was in her yard!

Wild Birds Unlimited Ornaments

Thank you for starting your week with me…does anyone else love the birds as much as we do now?  If you have an Instagram page, please go to my page @pamover50feeling40 and enter to win the $100 gift card from James Avery!! 

Easy to enter and easy to win!  So just, Enter, comment below, shop with my links, and always


Santa with Cardinal ornaments on over 50 feeling 40

Teleflora To Say You Care






Ann Taylor



Lane Bryant Plus Size

LuLuLemon (Perfect gifts for young adults)

World Market




Home Depot



Best Buy


Rack Room Shoes


Nordstrom Rack

Peacock in Leigh Ann’s backyard on Friday, December 11!

Ross Simons Jewelry

Lands End


J Crew Factory

NEST Fragrances

Art of Tea




Peacock in the Suburbs

He first flew down from the roof to their bird bath. 

Anthropologie Home

Crabtree & Evelyn

Artfully Walls


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pottery Barn

West Elm

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

For everyone who agrees with me that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for the metabolism and other health benefits, then order your GOLI today.  Just go to my page at GOLI HERE.  







By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Thank you for featuring styles for plus sizes. I always thought Lane Bryant was geared more to younger women so I don’t usually shop there. Your styles are just the type tops that I like to wear. I just haven’t been out much shopping lately. These have me wanting to visit a store again for a shopping spree. My Mother was a birdwatcher so I need to check out the store you mentioned. She passed away in November but I want to continue her tradition of feeding birds, watching them and learning more about the different types.

  2. It is so true that we should not be so hung up on labels and numbers. With vanity sizing so prevalent, it can be surprising to shop in a store that doesn’t size that way. You are so right, it’s about fit, not a label number. Another reason that I shop in store. My size varies even within a single store, so I take multiple sizes of the same item when I try on. Sometimes I need petites, so I might have four or more of one item, and that’s how I’ve learned to shop. All about the fit. I refuse to get depressed over a number. We have Wild Birds Unlimited here too, and I enjoy shopping there. They have beautiful as well as practical items, and it’s a relaxing place to shop with the beautiful music! I like the bird seed wreath you pictured. My mom got me one of those years ago, and one morning I looked out to where it was hanging and saw a deer walk off with it! So sweet!! She did leave the bow behind. The deer eat just about anything, so that was my last wreath. I’ve seen them empty a bird feeder in just seconds. They are very resourceful! How lovely that you have peacocks in Texas!

  3. Happy to introduce you to Lane Bryant. They are for all ages…and will help you feel good about you! Yes…keep that tradition going…it is fun to watch the birds. Thanks for commenting Charlene.

  4. We also have deer! They just can’t get to my backyard…but if the wreath were in the front, they would take it. I walked out the other day to face a huge buck in the yard and later he was sitting in a yard a few houses down as if he were a decoration…we have them all over where I live.

  5. im excited to pass on the info about the wild birds website and stores, my cousin loves her rural life and the birds she sees…also have a neighbor/aquaintance on FB whose back yard is an oasis for many beautiful birds here in Florida, hes also a gifted photographer, so we get treated to videos and pictures…i dont see many around my house, which is most likely due to putting out food for a feral who has adopted me and my covered patio.

  6. Thanks for introduction to Lane Bryant. How do their sizes compare to Chicos or other brands. I wear a 3 at Chicos and 1X elsewhere for tops. I have a body very similar to you. The plaid top your wearing is darling and I would love to order, but 14/16 or 18/20? For Macy’s I know I would go with the larger, but some plus size places are soooo oversized, that I would size down. Woman Within does that and I wear a medium.

  7. hi Janet…I actually liked the plaid top in the 18/20 because of the comfy room it gave. The Lane Bryant 14/16 is really a bit smaller than a traditional 16, but in some of their garments which are marked 16W, I wear that size. I am also a 3 at Chicos.

  8. I was so excited to discover this store and visit with Kyle who knows so much about feeding birds…I think your cousin would like the stores.

  9. Wow, that peacock is gorgeous, not something I would think of at a bird bath. I have 9 feeders and 2 suet baskets out here, and for the first time in my 65 years have seen a red bellied woodpecker. This is on the very north edge of the range for them and I do hope she stays. There are 3 type of woodpeckers now and such a mix of others that I can be entertained all day if I like. Of course that means there are huge bags of seed going out the door but after all I am saving on travel, right. We actually have a few good bird shops in the nearby city as well.

  10. Bird watching has been great entertainment since Covid began. Since coming to live on the west coast we’ve had fun identifying birds we never saw on the east coast. Hummingbirds of a few varieties fly between my 2 feeders while I’ve seen a very small woodpecker pick off the fake flowers on those feeders. Living on a golf course pond we’ve been watching a squadron of ten and more American white pelicans; it’s like watching a choreographed ballet as they dip their heads and move together. We are also entertained by a red tailed hawk who will swoop down trying to pick up a small duck.

  11. I’m excited that you found Wild birds Unlimited! I’ve been shopping there for years & I just love their products. They have so many cute seed-covered houses, characters, etc.
    Your feathered friends will certainly appreciate your purchases & you’ll have fun watching them devour it!

  12. I am so glad I found it too! Now, I huge fan. We have enjoyed watching them devour it…enjoy yours as well, Cindy!

  13. We have some hawks that come in from Mexico and they are a little bit of a problem because the small birds stay away when they are around. Fortunately, they are not around that often. I need to get a second hummingbird feeder in the spring! Thanks Linda.

  14. We have the yellow headed woodpeckers…I would love to see a red bellied one! Thanks Diane.

  15. Hi Pam! My friend used to be the President of Lane Bryant. They closed the stores in Indy. I didn’t k ow they were still around. Good to k ow.

  16. Wow, Denise. I hope the brand is doing well…I have been a fan for a long time. I would love to interview her sometime with her tips for plus size ladies in our age groups!

  17. Kerrville, Texas has a Wild Birds Unlimited store and I buy all of my bird seed and feeders there. The owners are very knowledgeable and know everything about birds.

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