What we wore for brunch…and I need your help again! Please participate!

Pamela Lutrell in Ming Wang Tweed cardigan

My friend, Iris, said last week…LET’S DO BRUNCH!  It was fun to eat outside and enjoy a beautiful day, so here is what we wore and I need your thoughts again!

Iris Brunch Style on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have told you before that Iris is creative and sassy with her style…I would also add a touch of elegance in all she does.

Her styles reflect that she is a strong, creative woman.  For example, look at these statement artisan accessories!

Artisan accessories on Over 50 Feeling 40

She is one who will support the local community …and San Antonio has many talented jewelry designers.

Chico's brunch style on over 50 feeling 40

On this day, Iris was wearing all Chico’s (this faux suede moto jacket)  and, as always, looked fabulous.  She owns a local online publication, Start Ups San Antonio, which covers the technology and science startup community in our city.

She is a gifted writer ….who loves style and fashion as much as I do!

Pamela Lutrell in Ming Wang Tweed

This Ming Wang tweed cardigan is one of my precious professional pieces that I have decided to keep.  

I am wearing it today with an Eileen Fisher mock turtleneck sweater; Soft Surroundings black denim;  Chico’s necklace, my Patricia Nash handbag, and my nicer Rockport booties.

I do want to say that I have owned these booties for a few years…they still look new and are so comfy…I can walk anywhere, any distance in them. 

Rockport Booties on Over 50 Feeling 40

On this day, they took me to a delicious brunch at Snooze AM Eatery in the Vineyard.  I love the Smashed Avocado Benedict Arnold…and you can buy 1/2 order if you wish.

Brunch at Snooze on Over 50 Feeling 40


A friend in fashion retailing has asked me to reach out to this audience and ask the following questions:

  1. Who are you shopping for this holiday season?
  2. Are you shopping more, less, or the same amount?
  3. What motivates you the most to buy?
  4. Are sales motivating you to shop for yourself?
  5. Are you going into stores at all, or just shopping online?
  6. If you are shopping for yourself, what type of clothing are you buying?

You do so well when asked your opinion…let’s give this retailer (identity protected) some great information…I know your thoughts will go to the right places!


Sorrelli Earrings on Over 50 Feeling 40

Yesterday, I shared with you a new artisan jewelry line, Sorrelli.  I am going to show you several pieces throughout the week.  These are from the HOLIDAY URBAN Collection.

They make stunning pieces which are loved by all ages.




Autumn in San Antonio 2020

Autumn comes late in San Antonio, but when it comes it is beautiful.

Teleflora To Say You Care






Ann Taylor



Lane Bryant Plus Size

Pamela Lutrell's Christmas Village for home decor

A section of my Christmas Village

LuLuLemon (Perfect gifts for young adults)

World Market




Home Depot



Best Buy


Rack Room Shoes


Nordstrom Rack

Pamela Lutrell's 2020 Balsam Hill Tree

My Balsam Hill Tree 

Ross Simons Jewelry

Lands End


J Crew Factory

NEST Fragrances

Art of Tea





Anthropologie Home

Crabtree & Evelyn

Artfully Walls


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pottery Barn

West Elm

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

For everyone who agrees with me that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for the metabolism and other health benefits, then order your GOLI today.  Just go to my page at GOLI HERE.  







By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There is product in this post I was gifted, but the words are my own.


  1. I’m shopping way less this season. No corporate parties means less: dress clothes, company gifts (both given and received), Unable to travel to see relatives and friends, and budget has been the main reasons for our limited gift buying.
    We have chosen to spend more volunteer time for charities instead.
    I’ve been doing exclusively online shopping, opting for direct shipping from the retailers.
    As far as clothing purchases, it’s mostly “wear at home” things. I’m late to the party on super soft comfy leggings and I wear them a lot lately. Anything soft and cozy.

  2. Great brunch outfits. So nice to see people spiff up a bit.

    Doing little shopping for anyone else. My family is small and spouse and I have decide to skip gifts this year

    I am doing my usual shopping for myself. Maybe a bit more because there are such great deals

    I’m motivated by unique, quality versatile pieces that improve what I already have

    Great values are encouraging more shopping. I don’t really “need” anything

    I do go to stores, but lack of inventory means that much spending has moved online

    I’m buying beautiful, interesting pieces to elevate what I already have

  3. Who are you shopping for this holiday season? Grandkids and some clothing for myself
    Are you shopping more, less, or the same amount? More clothing for myself as i’ve lost a lot of weight, and the same for the grandkids
    What motivates you the most to buy? Quality, the materials and where it is sourced and created
    Are sales motivating you to shop for yourself? Yes, if it is what I am looking for initially
    Are you going into stores at all, or just shopping online? Online predominately but going to two stores that I can make appts, Talbots and Chico’s
    If you are shopping for yourself, what type of clothing are you buying? Pendleton wool sweaters, basics, Wool& dress, winter coats, jeans, statement pieces, some jewelry

  4. 1. just for hubby and me, for everyone else, just my christmas cookies for local friends, and gift cards for husbands grandchildren.
    2. way less…just retired this April, so trying to think purchases through a bit more, plus staying in, just to try and ward off Covid.
    3. sales do motivate me, less than 50 percent i dont usually glance at, but show me 50 or 60 percent off and i will look anything.
    4. yes, the only thing that motivates me.
    5. mostly online…for my clothes, chicos is my go to, and i know my sizes from wearing the line for years and years…i do stop in my local store sometimes for probably only twice since march…use to be at least once a month.
    6. definitely casual, again just retired, so the office wear i have steered away from.

  5. My shopping has been about the same with close family and friends. Most of my shopping was done locally in person or with speciality stores such as Christopher Elbow Chocolates. One local store had a shopping event to purchase a ticket for $10. You received a coupon for $10 when you arrived. This supported local shopping and social distancing. My own clothing purchases have been more comfort/stretch but professional. I’m a college professor so working virtual now and back in the classroom masked in January. I’ll do my last giving supporting a local non-profit.

  6. You look just right fir a special brunch with another elegant woman. Beautiful you!
    On shopping I seem to be spending more! The twins (Bay and Ben) are now 2 years old and there are more possible gifting ideas as they grow a tad older. They are more like little adults at two than at a year old. Don’t laugh. It’s how I see them! Grans have opinions! For everyone else, less, including me.
    Staying in most of the time and yet there are such great sales is tormenting. I feel a splurge coming thus week! Haha.

  7. 1. Only shopping for the grandkids this year. The rest of us are taking our holiday budget and donating it to SAFood Bank.
    2. Shopping less.
    3. Great bargains and great customer service. Unfortunately, service, has not been the case in all stores 😕.
    4. Yes.
    5. Both actually.
    6. My husband and I have bought a few great sale items. Mostly cold weather boots, jackets, and sweaters. Looking forward to a vacay to a cold weather location when the world opens up again.

  8. Beautiful you! You look just right joining another elegant woman for a special brunch meet-up. Enjoy !
    On shopping my littlest grandchildren twins Bay and Ben are the big winners! They are 2 years old now and such happy kids. It’s easy to indulge them!
    Fir everyone else a bit less. I don’t care for online shopping. So much ends up wrong and it’s difficult to deal with online Customer Service or even phone customer service that uf I don’t get it at a real store it’s not purchased. I like paying and carrying it home! I’m a dinosaur!

  9. I am shopping only a little less–two gifts each for family members. I shop online, not in stores, but I do like picking up my items in stores as deliveries have been delayed most times for at least a week. I am moved to buy if it is good quality and a great price. I have been doing way too much shopping for myself as the deals have been incredible especially at Macy’s, Chicos, Talbots and Christopher and Banks (which I have just discovered) I still dress up everyday without going anywhere as it makes me feel better and just plain more normal. I am in N. California and we cannot eat out these days and I dislike takeout meals. Wait till they see the glam outfit I’m going to wear when I get that vaccine! I think we should all dress up to celebrate the achievement. I will feel so much better now it is coming as my daughter is a nurse and my son-in-law a paramedic…

  10. I am shopping much less, each child, spouse one together gift. The same goes to my two aunts and uncle. We are code purple here so my shopping is online, I only go to grocery store for us and my parents. The sales are very hard to resist right now. My plan, I delete them, and only look once a week.

  11. I’m shopping about the same amount, almost entirely for our immediate family as usual. I’ve also bought just a couple of things for myself. I’ve been looking for a good quality, flattering sweater in petite sizing, which is apparently a unicorn! I shop only online and haven’t been in a retail clothing store in months. I live in a rural area without many options.

  12. Lovely brunch outfit, I especially like the Ming Wang jacket! I am shopping way less for Christmas. Mainly buying on line for grandchildren because of selection. However, I did go to a local store for some gifts and was tempted to buy a necklace! It was such a great shopping experience being treated to good customer service and chatting with a real person. I also like Talbots for their quality and helpful sales people. I have felt safe shopping in their store wearing a mask of course. The sales have been very tempting but I am trying to shop my wardrobe and give more to our local food bank. I worry that some retail stores might not survive!

  13. As I am retired, my few purchases for myself and my Busby are casual to dressy casual. As the grandkids are getting older, there are fewer toys and more clothing and gift card requests. I have done some shopping in the stores, but have transitioned to more online…mainly because the items I want are not available in the stores. I hate how the dressing areas are closed, and some stores seem very crowded and less organized making the shopping experience frustrating. The sales are nice if it applies to items I intend to purchase.

  14. I’m not shopping much this year in the stores. I hate wearing the mask and I find my favorite stores are not stocking a lot of inventory. I shop a lot online! I live in a very warm climate so I am not shopping for cold weather clothing. I must have 10 pairs of slacks that I have not worn in years since I live in Florida! I did purchase a pair of Johnny Was embroidered leggings! I have been purchasing jewelry online. I especially like Julie Vos. I always buy during sales. I usually buy gifts for the next years Christmas right after the holiday!

  15. I’m shopping for grandchildren, son, SIL, daughter & husband. I believe I’ve shopped less because all the kiddies are getting a month of horseback riding less so I bought a small gift for them to open. As for the big kids they each are getting a theragun which fulfilled their allotment. The sales, especially at Talbots, have definitely motivated me to buy more for myself. I am going to the stores but when I do I go to exactly to the shop I intended to;; no browsing around. Because I retired two years ago I have been adding more casual clothes to my wardrobe. I’ve become a golfer and I think I own every one of the Talbots skorts. Also I am adding shoes to my wardrobe. I need flats and sneaker slip ons. A coupon lured me to Dicks to purchase a shirt for sil birthday and the poor customer service reminded me why I stay away from that retailer. Love your lunch outfit!

  16. 1. Who are you shopping for this holiday season? Family and friends.
    2. Are you shopping more, less, or the same amount? A little more, I think.
    3. What motivates you the most to buy? That the gift “fits” the person’s style, want/need.
    3. Are sales motivating you to shop for yourself? Nope – if I like it, I buy it.
    4. Are you going into stores at all, or just shopping online? Almost everything online.
    5. If you are shopping for yourself, what type of clothing are you buying? Comfortable & cute.

  17. Love today’s look. It really complements your body.

    1). Shopping only for the 4 grandkids (my mum gets $$)
    2). Shopping less
    3). Normally, I’d buy for ourselves, in addition to the grandkids and the cash for my mum, who lives in BC
    4). Normally, the sales would motivate me, especially some of the clothes I’ve seen you and Jennifer Connolly highlight this year.
    5). We went into Target to buy some stocking stuffers for the grandkids. I also ordered online from them to pick up at the store customer service desk “forgotten” stuff, like gift bags and tissue paper. I ordered most of their stuff online, specifically to avoid going into stores.
    6). Hubby and I decided to trade in our old iPads Pro for new iPads Pro and also upgrade to noise-cancelling AirPods Pro. We scheduled an appointment to visit the local Apple store. It was a weird experience, very socially distanced, very hygienic, sparkling clean in the Apple store. Neither of us liked walking through the mall to get to the Apple store. Too many other shoppers with masks below noses, hanging off chins, and no masks. We couldn’t wait to leave.

    I give you, Jennifer, and all the other blog ladies a lot of credit for routinely visiting stores and trying on clothes to show all of us.

    We’re spending the same amount of money for the grandkids and my mum. The Apple electronics upgrades for ourselves was a combo birthday and Christmas purchase for us, using funds we didn’t spend on a cancelled cruise. Overall, we’re spending less money for Christmas. No entertaining, no kids and grandkids visiting, no community get-togethers.

  18. Buying gifts online for family and a few close friends. Have gone in some small , local businesses when they open with few to no other people inside. I have bought online a few items of clothing for myself that there would be no doubt of fitting- like loose sweaters… I will not pay to return nor will I go to the post or UPS and wait in a line. I have supported local restaurants by picking up- only if THEY follow safe guidelines. No, I won’t eat out with friends, even outdoors you are not 6 feet apart with most tables, and chatting with someone outside your household isn’t safe.

  19. Fashion wise am:
    1. Shopping for immediate family members and close friends only. (We are not exchanging gifts otherwise. i.e.: Outside said family circle as we have done in other years.)
    2. Shopping less, due to the above.
    3. Quality, pricing, accessibility plus customer service motivates me to buy. (Also as I live in Canada and if an online transaction; I must take into account the cost of shipping/processing items, not to mention the exchange rate.)
    4. Sales are encouraging however items must still meet my criteria as mentioned in #3.
    5. Due to the pandemic and restrictions where I live; much of my shopping for gifting was made online this year and shall add, reviews were therefore instrumental re the purchase of a product.
    6. Re clothing for myself; as choose classic styles I do re-fresh a few items seasonally and then build on my current wardrobe. In other words, trends are kept to a minimum whether it be house/street/special occasion wear (whereas Sports wear is a category within itself). -Brenda-

    P.S.: Love Iris’s choice in artisan jewelry which (besides vintage) is also a favourite of mine as well, since admire its creative and uniqueness.

  20. I have that jacket Iris is wearing and it is absolutely gorgeous and a staple; in fact, I am pretty much her style, right down to the statement jewelry. I do wear it open. Pam, the black and brown combo is great for you, and I can certainly see why you kept such a flattering, classic jacket.
    I’m shopping for the family as usual … we buy multiple gifts for immediate family (husband, adult son and d-I-l), and one gift for everyone else (siblings, nephew).
    Spending is about the same, slightly less overall, because if I splurge on someone one year, I cut back a little the next.
    Motivations are free shipping and free, no hassle returns (esp if I can return to a store), finding good quality at a good value with a true plus size fit, and some neutrals other than black
    Sales motivate me too much! I’m doing better this year in evaluating whether I need it
    I’m not going into stores much at all. All online, and gift cards if I’m insure. That has changed a little during the pandemic, but I’m primarily an online shopper anyway.
    I’m recently retired with a full closet. However, I discovered I had almost no truly casual wear or dedicated walking gear, so buying that. Leggings, cute tunics, vests, and a puffer coat. A polished casual is my goal. Nice fabrics in a casual fit and silhouette. Casual clothes of the quality I was used to in a more professional setting.

  21. For me, I give gifts to my family. With friends, it might be coffee or lunch where we “go dutch” to celebrate the season. I am an in-store shopper because I can’t stand doing returns and need to try on for a perfect fit. The sales are what motivate me to purchase, and I shop for wardrobe gaps or to replace things that are looking tired. My wardrobe needs are not as many since retiring.

    Your jacket is beautiful and something well worth keeping. That’s a great look for going out, and the egg dish looks delicious! I think I’d have to opt for the full order! Brunch is such a fun dining option, and how wonderful that you ladies could enjoy the beautiful weather and eat outside!

  22. 1. As always: family, a few friends and kids from the angel tree
    2. Shopping the same.
    3. I am motivated by anticipating people will enjoy what we give to them.
    4. Sales do motivate me to shop for myself; I have have always loved sales.
    5. I shop online. I have never been one to enjoy shopping. I love clothes and accessories but I have done most shopping online since it became possible to do so. I will go into a local store now and then but covid has not changed my shopping habits much. I am a master at shopping online and getting great deals.
    6. There is no particular thing i am ISO. Since I spend a lot of time working out, hiking etc, I watch for deals on appropriate items. I am always ISO deals on UGGs for me (tho I don’t need any more) and the granddaughters. I am always ISO deals on Brooks athletic shoes because I always keep one pair ahead.

  23. 1. I shop for my two adult sons, my future daughter-in-law, my husband and his shut-in parents. We just had our Christmas with the kids this weekend. So other than some small things to open on Christmas for my son who is at home and my husband, we are done. My kids told me this weekend that they really don’t care about the gifts. And most things they already have or can get for themselves.
    2. I am shopping less in some respects and more in others. I had a job change in the last month and now my business casual is more on the casual end. Work has been super busy because of the impact of COVID, so I didn’t have much time or energy to spend on Christmas. I have to admit that another area of impact for me is minimalism. I am trying to practice more minimalism/simple living in my life which means I don’t buy people things they don’t need or want. I only got each person one gift. A goal I had for years, but never was able to stick to.
    3. Good sales motivate me to buy things I need or what others need. Also, attractive displays of the clothing and outfit ideas.
    4. The sales have been great. I have bought more for myself this year to fill out parts of my wardrobe, especially being in a more casual work environment.
    5. I confess, I have been doing more on-line shopping. I can’t get to stores. I live an hour away from the stores, so on weekends that isn’t what I want to always be doing. That said, I would rather shop in stores. I like to see and touch the items and try them on.
    6. I have been shopping more for myself this year. I am buying casual tops and items to layer. I am a believer of the the third piece to finish up even my casual style. Vests have been wonderful!

  24. Your jacket is definitely worth keeping & deserves closet space. It is lovely & so versatile.
    1. I am shopping for immediate family.
    2. I am shopping the same amount
    3. The wants & needs of my recipients determine my shopping.
    4. Yes, I am shopping for myself. 50% off on quality items is hard to resist.
    5. I am shopping at selected stores & online.
    6. I am shopping to replace items that were purged from my wardrobe because they were faded, stained or no longer fit.

  25. Your outfit today is fabulous, Pam!

    I love brunch, but we are not venturing out as everything is indoor only (we live in northern Ohio). I sure do miss that, though!!

    Shopping is down quite a bit this year. Both my workplace and my husband’s are undergoing changes … not sure what that means yet, so we are spending as little as possible. We are both at the age where we are too young to retire but too old to start over. Ugh!

    Also, because of the pandemic, we are not gathering with loved ones as we usually would. It’s all so very different this year.

    But, we are making the most of it. Enjoying good movies and trying new recipes!

  26. I’m glad you kept the Ming Wang jacket. It fits you well and gives you such good proportions.
    1) I’m shopping for my grands, but even that is limited. They will each get a book. The remainder of what I usually spend will be in, so they can purchase something they want. None of them need more toys—they could open toy stores with what they already have. I always give my mom a gift certificate for the salon at her senior housing facility. She loves to get her hair done weekly as her RA has deformed her hands and she can no longer hold a curling iron.

    2) I am spending about the same.

    3) I am motivated to buy only if it fills a hole in my wardrobe, is the right style (classic, not trendy), look great on my pear shaped body,, has bootcut pants in a 34” inseam, and come in a pure, winter color (tops, jackets).

    4) Very few sales are motivating me to buy for myself. It is hard to find stores that fit my criteria in #4.

    5) I am doing more shopping online. Tall sizes in pants are rarely available in store and bootcut pants and jeans also unicorns. I won’t wear leggings or skinny pants. There are few pretty winter colors available this year, and I only buy something if I know it is one of my best colors.

    6) I am doing more shopping online. I found BetaBrand dress yoga pants and denim and they fit beautifully. They also come in a variety of leg styles. Boden carries clothes in seasonal color palettes year round. I tend to buy from stores that have free shipping & returns or a local brick and mortar store where I can return online purchases.

    6) See #3 for my personal preferences. I also like clothing that skims the body and gives me a shape rather than boxy, oversized, shapeless styles that make me look bigger than I am.

    I would be more tempted to shop for myself if sizes were consistent within and between stores. That can also vary even between the same piece. Two identical medium tops can fit differently.

    I would also like to see clothing grouped by size. Sales racks and discount stores like TJ Maxx seem to do that, but new styles are grouped by item in other stores. Online I can filter for the size I need and I don’t need to look through a rack of navy stripped shirts only to find they don’t have my size to try.

  27. Pam, that has to be one of the most flattering pictures you have ever posted here! Winning outfit, stylish and chic!!!
    To answer the questions:
    1. I have shopped for family, friends and myself.
    2. I am shopping quite a bit more this year because my folks are no longer able to get out to do so. It’s like being a personal shopper, or at least that’s what I tell myself. 😉
    3. I am mostly motivated by items being a good match to what was on the list, or if it just FITS the intended recipient to a T.
    4. Yes, sales are a big motivating factor for my own purchases. I go into the season knowing this, prepared to give myself a little joy and practicality.
    5. No, I am not going into many stores. This is due in part to the closure of many over these past several years (Macy’s, Penny’s, Pier 1, Hallmark). I support the few local shops in town (our city population is just 23,000) but purchase most everything online. When I get up to Eugene or Portland, I still LOVE real shopping and will resume that as soon as we get the “ALL CLEAR” again!
    6. For myself I have recently purchased several scarves, a couple of inexpensive pieces of jewelry, a pair of navy corduroy pants I had been wanting, and a couple of basic long sleeve tees as underpinnings. I also splurged on a beautiful pair of pearl and chalcedony earrings, oh, and some cashmere lined Italian leather gloves. I guess Santa need not stop for me. 🤷‍♀️

  28. Next time we are in the San Antonio area, will have to check out your La Canterra shopping area…. its sounds great from all your posts! Heck, I am a bit envious of your lunch and ability to shop. Good for you. I am living vicariously through you. My home province of Alberta (Canada) has massively tightened up restrictions this week: shopping malls and stores at 15% max capacity, church services at max 15% capacity, no indoor or outdoor dining (take out or delivery only) and absolutely NO socializing indoors or outdoors with anyone outside of your household. That one is a bit much…. can’t even do social distancing walking in the park with good friends wearing masks. I know there is light at the ed of the tunnel with the vaccine however how long is the tunnel?
    To answer your questions:

    Who are you shopping for this holiday season? Not many, my hubby and I, a few close neighbors and best friends.
    Are you shopping more, less, or the same amount? Definitely less
    What motivates you the most to buy? good sales/ deals; whatever catches my eye at the mall.
    Are sales motivating you to shop for yourself? Yes; splurged on a BOGO Victoria Emerson bracelets deal
    Are you going into stores at all, or just shopping online? I do go into stores; that is part of my outing and need it for my sanity. I am not a big fan of shopping online: can never get the sizes right, what looks great online is often cheap looking in person. Plus, it is more expensive to shop on line due to the Canadian – American exchange rate being poor (we need to pay 30% more) and shipping to Canada with customs and duty is very expensive. Can cost you 2-3x more in shipping than the item you want so not worth it. Some retailers don’t ship to Canada either. So, enjoy shopping in stores as an outing and to see people outside of my household
    If you are shopping for yourself, what type of clothing are you buying? Athleisure, comfort clothes, PJs.

  29. You look wonderful in your brunch outfit! Glad you decided to hang on to that gorgeous jacket.
    As for shopping this season….it is about the same buying for immediate family and a few close friends.
    I usually buy from gift suggestions, or we’ll buy gift cards for teenagers.
    Sales are a motivating factor especially this year. I’ve rarely shopped in the stores this year. Almost everything has been purchased on line. Free shipping and returns are helpful.
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to resist sales for myself. I’m buying a lot of leggings, comfy knit pants and tunic tops from retailers like Talbots, Chico’s, J Jill, and J Crew. I’ve also purchased several pair of casual boots, and a couple sweaters. I know my sizes from most of these retailers, so exchanges haven’t been a problem. I love shopping in stores, but this year is different, and online shopping is so easy!

  30. 1. I have shopped for my mom, the kids ( spouses are my kids too ) and grandchildren. This year I am pretty much buying off lists provided by kids and grandchildren. I’m especially missing picking up the things that you come across during the year that remind you of someone or that you know they would really like even if they themselves wouldn’t think of it. DH and I buy theater tickets every year as our gifts but still have 5 shows from last year to still see. I’m not expecting the vacine to be widely available until summer so perhaps next fall we will be able to use them. We have made agreements with friends to skip this year.
    3. I usually shop after season sales so have things I bought last year I have yet to wear because we have had tighter guidelines here than you have had in the USA.
    4. I have bought almost everything online (including groceries) but try to buy directly from brick and morter stores that have delivery or curbside pick up. I will occasionally go into a store that has an outside entrance but check online for their least busy times, go first thing in the morning or during their senior shopping hour. Have not been in a mall since February.
    5. Have only bought two new pairs of pajamas since March. I knew I wouldn’t have to return them because of sizing.

  31. 1. Who are you shopping for this holiday season? My husband, son, daughter, son-in-law, 2 grandsons (3 &1,) teenage goddaughters, sister, niece, brother-in-law. The “usuals.”
    2. Are you shopping more, less, or the same amount? I would say shopping the same amount.
    3. What motivates you the most to buy? I shop for Christmas all year, and seeing something that “is just perfect” for that person, motivates me to buy.
    4. Are sales motivating you to shop for yourself? Not really, my focus is holiday shopping. I have lost some weight, and I’ve purchased a couple of pairs of jeans, but that was necessity.
    5. Are you going into stores at all, or just shopping online? Both
    6. If you are shopping for yourself, what type of clothing are you buying? Please see #4.

  32. I purchased Christmas gifts for my husband and our grandchildren this year, but the other adults on our list are getting money. I had planned on doing more Christmas shopping, but when the second Covid wave hit our province hard, I reverted to shopping for essentials only. Overall, I have shopped much less than usual since March. Because I’m staying out of the stores and I do very little online shopping, I’m not motivated by sales this year. I’ve done very little shopping for myself. I did buy a sweater dress when I was out Christmas shopping, but other than that, most of my clothing purchases this year have been from our local thrift store. Mostly I’ve been enjoying shopping my own closet and creating new outfits using old, familiar pieces.

  33. That Ming Wang jacket is gorgeous, Pamela. And I love Iris’ jacket & her rings — and her shoes. Man, if she went to lunch with me, she’d go home barefoot 🙂

    1. The only person I’m actually shopping for this Christmas is my husband & I’ve even cut that back. We’re “gifting” each other mutually with a week in the new year at a seaside resort just up the coast. His family & mine all agreed years ago to limit gifts to small consumables or charitable donations & this year I’m giving everyone donations made in their names to a local wildlife rehab, a no-kill animal shelter & the Vancouver Zoo. No “stuff”.
    2. I’m shopping less overall these days, but I’m not a shopper to begin with: if I need or want something, I buy it, but I don’t wander around looking at & buying stuff I don’t need. My husband’s the shopper, but he’s cut back since we’ve retired & have been making a real effort to unclutter our home & lives.
    3. Motivation? Necessity or love 🙂
    4. No. If it isn’t swoon-worthy (or something I actually do need), I won’t buy it regardless of how “good” the price is. I’ve never understood sales’ fever.
    5. Both, but limited. We live in a small resort town with boutique type stores, no chains or malls, & we’re not going to the city much these days. I find online shopping frustrating so am not doing much. My husband has better luck online than I do, but he’s usually buying motorcycle parts & tools 🙂
    6. Clothing? None. I have closets full I don’t wear now. Exceptions: shoes, boots (altho I’m trying VERY hard to restrain myself there too!).

    Spending so much time at home this year underscored to both of us how much STUFF we had & how little we need. We’ve been getting rid of it by the box full & have no desire to replace any of it. I’m even getting rid of 90% of our Christmas decor because I can’t stand having what feels like clutter around me. I feel the same way about clothes. I literally cannot clean out my closets fast enough. I can’t believe how freeing it feels! And my apologies to your friend: I don’t think this is what she wanted to hear, but I guess it’s good to get the bad news with the good.

  34. You look fabulous in your brunch outfit! You look chic and comfortable.
    1. I’m shopping for my children and their families, my MIL and a few close friends.
    2. I’m shopping about the same or maybe a little less as we don’t feel safe going to the big city 2 hours away, so doing less impulse buying.
    3. I’m motivated by sales and need. I almost never buy anything not on sale. I’ll watch for things I’m interested in and buy when they are on a good sale.
    4. Yes, Sales motivate me to shop for myself.
    5. I’m mostly shopping on line, but also shopping if I can with local stores. I buy most of my shoes at our locally owned shoe store, which has been a family owned business for over 120 years. I’ll pay full price there if there’s something I really need . Their brands are all great and last a long time, so feel I get my money’s worth.
    6. I’m gotten myself a few new sweaters, boots and a few layering tees and a few pieces of jewelry. I have a good friend in the clothing business and I’m trying to buy things to support her business. Other than the boots, I didn’t need anything. Just needed to boost my spirits and have something new for zoom meetings! I also had a ring designed by a local jeweler using some stones and jewelry I inherited. That was my Christmas present to myself.

  35. Hello, not really shopping much in stores, but using only online, but for shoes or boots! Of the times I went to stores, getting practical with long sweaters, my many “blackpants” — maybe another pair, and lingerie.
    Because my daughter does have to work outside the home, doing more shopping online for her — knowing she can return, do a combo of department stores, or some small business support in her city.
    I do look at sales, and because I’m not out in stores, sticking more to brands I know my size in — or flexible garments (and comfortable). So since I have worn EileenFisher, know my size there. Yes, to be honest, spent more on home improvement and needed repairs since we are home a lot and less on clothes this year.

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