Would You Wear It for Winter Clothing

Elizabeth and James Fashions at KOHLS on over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Wednesday, ladies…and welcome to Would You Wear It for Winter Clothing Pop Up!

I have so enjoyed reading your comments lately, so here is another opportunity to chime right in!

Most of you know the drill…look the fashion display over, and tell us if you would or would not wear the style.  Then explain why in a constructive, helpful manner.

The comments are read and we do learn from one another.

For those who want links, look under the next picture for the words Women’s Sweater/Women’s Pants…and I have other styles on sale from this retailer below.

Kohl's sweater on Over 50 Feeling 40

Women’s Sweater/Women’s Sweater Pants


So give this display your best “fashion stylist” eye and tell us…………………………………………


I hope most of you are getting in some rest and relaxation during this downtime between Christmas and New Year’s.  I am going to respond to your comments tomorrow…so join me then and always….


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By Pamela Lutrell




  1. This doesn’t work for me. The top looks oversized and I think they got the proportions wrong. The long top seems to cut the body in half and, to me, is not visually appealing. The oversized top would look better with slim bottoms, I think. The overall look is overwhelming. I don’t care for the top in general. Too much going on for my taste. It’s just overwhelming to me.

    1. It should work as it is classic – black and white and stripes. However, it looks cheap and of poor quality. I would not wear it.

  2. Looks too much like”made by grandma!’I would prefer something a little more sophisicated in the stripe. Might look better with a white shirt collar peeking out. But again always on the right person, it might be smashing!

  3. I agree with Karen,the whole look looks oversized and busy. Even the shoes look wrong to me. The lines of the whole look don’t flow, it looks bitty. Its not for me.

  4. Yes, would wear this, both the pants and the sweater. Black and white is a great combo, and the sweater is a basic style. I would add some sort of long necklace or a scarf to the sweater, to break up the crewneck . I would size down in the sweater -normally wear a size 8, so would need to go to the Small 4-6, to get a more fitted look. I have already spent my Kohl’s cash, but this would be great to add to the wardrobe.

  5. The sweater is cute! I would wear it with dark navy straight leg jeans instead of the black pants. Too much black doesn’t work for me. Thanks for doing this Pam.

  6. No,no,no – not for me! The top rakes me think of jailhouse stripes – although I don’t really know if that’s even a thing. Plus I feel the top makes even the mannequin look large on her top portion. The pants are nothing special but I’m sure they are very versatile. The shoes are too pointy for me. I love the look on others but always feel I’m going to trip over my own toes. Plus I feel they are too lightweight for the sweater.

  7. I have to agree with Karen, the sweater is just not visually appealing. Even on this slim mannequin, I think it makes her look large on top, disproportionate to the bottom.

  8. with the following criteria….if it were on final sale, and i were still working, and if i could buy a whistle, go down to the turnover meetings, and call plays…i would be amused, but probably the crew chiefs would not.

  9. The sweater looks too casual to wear with what appears as dressy pants and pointy shoes. As much as I like stripes this top doesn’t appeal to me. It’s oversized which just makes me look like I’ve picked the wrong size. Since all these fashionable sneakers have come out I haven’t worn any of my heeled shoes or leather flats.

  10. While I am looking for more loungewear, inherently I’m not a loungewear girl, so I look for more refined styles in thinner, softer knits. This is too bulky for me overall. Also oversized sweater -and- oversized pants would make me look large (need no help there) and shapeless. It does look like it might be mostly natural fibers, which would be a plus.

  11. I took a look at the site, and there are some great deals, however I would pass on the black and whit stripe and go for the light blue, and style with straight leg or boot cut jeans over ankle boots. The V neck sweaters in the slide show would be something to try. Funny how I go for the V neck, then fill it in with a scarf or necklace. I like the new look of the blog.

  12. The sweater is cute, but as some of the others have mentioned, it looks too large for the mannequin. I think if it were in a smaller size and paired with leggings, it would be a stylish and comfortable outfit.

    I like the pants, too, but I’d pair them with a different top … something cropped shorter and less bulky. The shoes are fun but also give the pants a dressier look.

    1. This is not for me. The top seems oversized and a bit long to be paired with these wider pants. Somehow I just can’t see me in this. I like a defined waist, shorter tops that hit high enough to not make me look shorter. For me balance is everything.
      It’s a bit dull too. I don’t think it’s for me.

  13. It’s a cute outfit, but my eyes can’t take the optics of it. It would need a big time necklace to offset the dazzling print.

  14. I agree that this is not visually appealing. I don’t wear wide legged pants as they are not particularly flattering on me. While black & white is a favorite combination for me, this one just doesn’t spark any interest for me. Just looks very blah.

    1. Doesn’t look that well made but love that someone finally figured out that vertical stripes are much more flattering than horizontal!

  15. I like the look of the sweater and how the sweater was paired with jeans/hoodie when I checked it out with the retailer. It does appear to be too large for the mannequin. I would wear it with jeans or other pants with either a regular, slim, or slightly flared look. In in the winter I live in booties or tennis shoes. I wouldn’t wear sweater pants. I prefer pants that have more versatility so I can get the most wear possible.

    1. You are welcome Joanne…I will continue to feature them off and on going forward. They are one of the retailers who have closed their dressing rooms, but whenever they open again, I will go try on looks and take pictures! Until then, I will stop by occasionally for mannequins!

  16. Not quite ready to wear bell/flared bottoms again as have ‘been there and done that twice already’ when they were on-trend … ☺. As for the shoes; pointed toe footwear has never really appealed to me (as have slim legs ‘n ankles thus look all feet) so it is a no to them as well. As to the sweater; though I do like black ‘n white together would much prefer this top in the white/light blue version and would most likely pair it with my (casual) ankle length, blue washed skinny jeans during the season of early spring and/or with my white skinny ones on a cool summer evening.

  17. I agree with previous comments about proportion. The striped sweater doesn’t appeal to me. I would have walked by this display without giving it a second thought.

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