Every Day Elegance in Black Jeans

Every Day Elegance in Black Jeans

I am still working on learning ways to be more elegant, so today we are considering every day elegance in black jeans.

Last week, we discussed wearing white jeans for elegance….and naturally, several readers were not prepared to wear white denim in the winter.

However, I have great news…black jeans are also considered a staple in the elegant woman’s wardrobe.


Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange on elegance in black jeans

Ines de la Fressange writes in Parisian Chic that “a black pair is compulsory!  Other experts confirm that jeans are a must in the elegant wardrobe.

They say that every woman needs a jean with a fabulous fit in all of the right places, and well kept so as to easily go from day to night.   You only may need to change up your top or accessories.

One author calls wearing black jeans with metallics or velvets a very dramatic look.  I believe too often I think of my jeans as totally casual and not dress-up casual.

I need to remember that now they are appropriate for many situations when styled just right.

Ines writes, ” One thing is certain: straight-leg jeans are without a doubt the most timeless cut of all. The Parisian’s favorite shape is easily worn with anything.”



Every day elegance in a Chicos reversible velvet jacket and black jeans

OK, I did not need the Chico’s Reversible Floral Velvet Jacket...but I felI In love with both sides of it, and have it ready for a special occasion when the time is once again right!

It was on sale when I bought it and still on sale…and in petites as well!  This is simple elegance…on a budget!!

It pairs great with the accessories I already own, and with my Foxcroft Downtown Straight Leg Stretch Jeans.  

I know there are several of you who like me do not wear dresses as often these days…just consider Black Jeans your answer to the Little Black Dress.  A must have…go to…in your closet…perfect for many situations.

Instead of the LBD….we now style our EBJ!  (elegant black jean)




Elegant jewelry at Sorrelli

During the holidays, I introduced you to a family favorite for elegant jewelry…Sorrelli!  These pieces are from the Urban Holiday line!

Sorrelli is loved by all the women in my family and was first introduced to me by my daughter.  Since we are talking elegance, I just wanted to remind you of this beautiful line!!

You will enjoy spending time on their website, and they also have accessories such as earring backs and necklace extenders. 

Now, ladies…what do you think about black jeans being in an elegant woman’s wardrobe?? Please share…and make sure you….




By Pamela Lutrell




  1. yes, indeed. i love a great pair of black jeans. for me, a slight flare is better. and if i have a pair of polished black boots also, i feel fierce as heck.

  2. I really like the looks you created with that gorgeous jacket! This perfectly illustrates how jeans can be part of an elegant look (though destressed jeans would not work in this case). The very dark wash seems to elevate the jeans as well. Faded black jeans have their place, but would not be as elegant. It seems that straight leg jeans are very big again, and seem to withstand all of the trends that cone and go. It’s such a flattering, slimming shape. I really your jacket!!

  3. I too have always thought of jeans as casual wear, but last week when I wore my straight leg, black jeans, I thought to myself that I should wear these in dressier occasions. They fit well, hold me in at the proper places, and with a more proper top than a tee shirt, should be fine when needed. I definitely agree with you that they can be more elegant, and for me, my black pants have taken the place of the little black dress.

  4. Beautiful! I need to replace my slim leg black jeans right away! With celiac now and weight loss they are way too large. Packing for donations once Covid is gone and our clothes are accepted.
    Thanks for sharing these styling tips for EBJ! Love this…..

  5. I love the look of black jeans. I feel they are very slimming and look more elegant than my dark blue jeans. My biggest problem is that no matter which brand or how I try, they tend to look faded or worn after a short time. I wash them in cold water and limit the dryer time but I still end up after a few washings with jeans that look like a need a new pair.
    Love that jacket! So glad it came home with you! And on sale was a bonus!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Love, love, love, velvet and denim together! I’m just not a jeans girl, however, and even tho’ I’ve purchased and given away more denim shirts than you can shake a stick at, I still don’t have one. I have some great velvet leggings that are screaming for a denim shirt to take them beyond the holidays, but………….
    The styling with the black side of the jacket visible is a very multi-functional use……..it could even be worn in a lot of work environments (like your old university office) as it’s a pulled together look. Looks good!

  7. Like Sheryl, I prefer a bootcut or slight flare at the bottom. That provides better balance for my upper half.
    One issue I have is that so many retailers label a pant or jean as straight legged, when they actually taper in at the bottom. You need to be able to fold the bottom up to the knee and see that the knee and leg opening are the same width.

  8. Pam, this is truly an elegant look for you! I tried black jeans for the first time this last fall and love them. Just bought my second pair from Talbots. I also very rarely wear dresses. Love your blog and read it every day.

  9. Hi Linda. I wash mine in Woolite for dark colors and hang dry them. Then right before I wear them, I toss in the dryer with a dryer sheet and refresh! I have not had a fading issue!

  10. Carol, just my two cents, but I am another who cannot wear denim shirts. A great idea for your velvet leggings might be an oversize white,(or other) button up shirt with top buttons undone, sleeves rolled, collar up and neckline filled with a scarf or lots of jewels. Attitude helps. Can go anywhere.

  11. That jacket is gorgeous and you look great in it. I also prefer straight leg or bootcut, even a very slight flare in my jeans. I agree that black can go anywhere and almost any occasion, however I will never give up my skirts and dresses, and will be so happy when we have some place to wear them. Back in emergency lockdown for another month, so lots of time to plan what to wear in the spring.

  12. I like black jeans and the extra work to keep them looking fresh and “black” is worth it. However, wearing a black sweater with black jeans is a problem I face, because of dye lots. So then I head to my “blue” jeans.
    Thanks for your suggestion about the jewelry, will look into it.

  13. Can’t go wrong with black jeans, year round. Your looks are very polished. I prefer mine slim cut, no flare. I usually wear with a bootie or ballerina flat. I like the look of a simple cashmere pullover sweater.

  14. Diane—Actually I’ve done the white shirt/velvet leggings and I do love it! I always feel put together wearing the two together! Thanks for reminding me………

  15. You look terrific in that outfit. I have the same jacket and would love to know where you found that coordinating tank and the color name. I didn’t see it at Chicos.

  16. Your jacket was definitely worth purchasing, even if it wasn’t needed. It is beautiful. I am another person who always thought of black jeans as casual, but if they fit well & the top is dressy, I can see them going out to a special occasion. Thanks for opening our eyes.

  17. Do love your jacket, Pamela. Only own one pair of black jeans which are a slightly slimmer cut than what you are wearing but still are denim, have 4 pockets including coin with rivets and front zippered fly. Also they are constructed with a patch of pin tuck/ribbing on the forefront side of each leg that gives them their own personality depending on how they are styled/accessorized yet easily go from casual to dress up. (They are not a high-end brand but I have got a lot of compliments on them which I think is because of their uniqueness.) -Brenda-

    Crash course re the etymology origin of denim jeans —
    Denim = a twill textile first made in the french city of Nîmes and was called ‘serge de Nîmes’ translating as sturdy fabric.
    Jean = T.J.W. Davis an American tailor used the textile to make a pair of pants however the fabric was imported from Genoa (Italy) translating as Gênes in French.

  18. You look fabulous in the styling of your black jeans! Good tips on keeping them from fading.

  19. The proportions of that outfit are PERFECT for you, Pam! The cut of the jacket, where it hits you at the hip line, the sleeve length, the pant shape and length, the shape of the shoe, the length of your necklace–everything is right on the mark in your pursuit of elegance! Get those items in every color! I hope it is as comfortable as it looks. You look polished and poised…

  20. Wow! What a versatile jacket! I thought it was two completely different ones until you mentioned that it was reversible. I especially like the patterned side on you. It coordinates perfectly with the top and you just glow in that colour combination.

    I love the look of a truly black jean, but I find that they usually fade rather quickly and lose their elegant, dressy look.

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