How to wear a flattering cargo pant

Pamela Lutrell wearing a flattering cargo pant style on over 50 feeling 40

Today, I would like to show you how to wear a flattering cargo pant. 

Happy Tuesday, all.  These are cargo pants from JJill about two years ago.

JJill is one brand, I believe offers a cargo pant with great fit and flare…and they are reintroducing their cargo pant in a new design.

The new pant is called the High-Rise Cargo Pant…and it comes in three colors.

And, Talbots has a new Twill Slim Leg Cargo Pant.

JJill flattering cargo pants on Pamela Lutrell

I am sure some of you agree with me that previously we would never have considered a cargo pant…unless going camping.

It was a knowledgeable sales associate who convinced me to try these on and I was sold!  The fit is amazing and I believe they have all the comfort of the old cargo pant with a boatload more style.

Pamela Lutrell in clothing from Niche in San Antonio

The top and scarf I am wearing today are a Christmas gift purchased at a local San Antonio designer’s shop, called Niche and located in our trendy Historic Pearl District

With a larger tunic like this, I do need a well fitting pant and this one fits that bill. 

This tunic will be a great addition to my wardrobe for warmer weather and I love the Bird Garden Scarf...fits in with my life at this moment!!  Feed those birdies!!

If you are looking for a flattering casual pant that isn’t a jean, you might check out the new JJill pant.  They do cargo well!  


Pamela Lutrell for Teakruthi

Mr. B and I have been working on building immunity and good health, so we have added more tea to our day…which is a big step for him.  We have really enjoyed drinking the various teas from Teakruthi.

I am thrilled to see Mr. B enjoying green tea so much and now he fixes it for himself…that is big, ladies…trust me!  

Teakruthi is 100% natural tea with no chemicals.  So far, we like the green teas and peppermint.  If you like natural tea, give them a visit!. 

To get 40% off the first three months, use the code NY2021.

Now, get a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy the reads and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I first noticed the slim cargo pants when Chico’s came out with theirs. I have never considered them due to all the bulk added by pockets in previous generations of cargo pants. I like the Sim ones and will try them on at both J Jill and Talbots to see which work best. I do like the idea of a higher rise. Your top and scarf are so nice, looks like an invitation to spring!!

  2. I really like the fit of these and the pockets don’t bother me…more decorative than anything! Have a great day Karen!!

  3. I bought my first ever lightweight Cargo pant last summer from Talbots- in camel or caramel shade. They do fit well! I’ll have to check out Jill version! Thank you for sharing!

  4. While these cargo pants are flattering on you , we don’t see enough to make a clear judgement. I do not now, and never will wear huge tunic tops. Or even slim tunic tops. I am 4’11” with shorter legs. The tops make me look even shorter and so dowdy. The pants are high rise… that’s really good for short-legged women… but an extra pocket on the thigh? That will draw the eye? Not for me. I want attention to move up to my face! And narrow legs already emphasize the thighs, so a double no.

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