My number one wardrobe need

Pamela Lutrell's number one wardrobe need

As I wrote in last Thursday’s post, I have been re-assessing my wardrobe and now have established my Number One wardrobe need. 

One of the reasons, I did not purchase that awesome JJill Hoodie had everything to do with the climate where I live in South Texas.  I would not get much wear out of it.

When I was working in an office, I did wear heavier tops underneath jackets, because the air conditioning was always on full force.

Pamela Lutrell's number one wardrobe need

So, in looking through the closet, I have determined my number one wardrobe need to be blouses which can be worn year round…like this Chico’s Animal Print V-Neck Blouse.  I can wear it under a jacket or alone, as I have done below.

Pamela Lutrell's number one wardrobe need is all year blouses

I love this top. The colors will work anytime; it is lightweight; and floats away from problem areas.  It looks great alone or with a topper.  

I am now searching for more blouses like this and have identified this need as the number one shopping focus.

Most of my tops are what I would call “professional-wear” and I need more which say creative, approachable and current.  You will hear more about this as I search!

By the way…I did buy the hat I am wearing in the first photo…I really liked it and it was definitely a wardrobe need!  I am able to shop right now from selling most of my professional clothes on ebay!

It is the Lisa Textured Rancher at Anthropologie!

I have selected some examples in today’s slideshow…..




Sydney Savion earns Chief Learning Officer of 2020


Meet my friend, author and woman extraordinaire, Sydney Savion!  She has just been honored with the top award from Chief Learning Officer Magazine as Chief Learning Officer of 2020.



Pamela Lutrell with Dr. Sydney Savion in 2012

I first met Sydney in 2012 after the release of her book, Camouflage to Pinstripes.  A book to inspire and guide military women retiring from service and headed to the professional life.

We worked a seminar together that year speaking with the military audience and inspiring them to go out with confidence.  It was one of the most rewarding events I have ever done. 

Sydney is elegant and classic with her style.  She always looks impeccable. 





Congratulations to Sydney for this latest honor.  She is amazing and does so much to help our military!











Kindess on Over 50 Feeling 40

In America, the start of 2021 has been rough.  I still am going to keep this blog as a “no politics” zone.  However, I would like to offer up a thought for the week with one of my favorite Bible verses:

1 Peter 3:9  “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with a blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.”

No matter what is said to you or done to you by anyone you know, repay it with a blessing and you will be blessed in return.  I have seen the fruits of practicing this over and over again.  It works and you will experience joy.  

I know it is really hard to do in some situations and it is not usually our nature to do this.  But, I submit to you that this response is the elegant response. 

If only those who disagree, would practice this blessing for an insult promise…what a different world we would live in!

Now, back to clothes…Has anyone else assessed their top wardrobe need for the year?  Please share…what does it look like for you? 

I appreciate every one of you and thank you for being here and for participating!! Have a lovely day…and make sure you..


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. My wardrobe needs are great! I need to clean it out tossing things that I love but which are now too large for me. I hang onto them because I really like these items but. They are no longer flattering.
    I also need color! I need blues and pinks and more than beige and navy blue and black! I’m stuck.

  2. I can relate to more tops/blouses being top of your list. I have lovely jackets, but layering is a problem and sleeveless tops are not my best look if I take off my jacket. I hope to buy or make light weight tops with sleeves and necklines that work with my jackets. Also tops with some ease thru the midriff.

  3. I long for the day, Paulette that I am tossing because items are too big. Hopefully in the next year. There are some beautiful colors I have see in spring lines, so get ready for some great choices. Hopefully you will not be stuck long!! Happy Sunday!

  4. I agree with your choices – living in the south, I try to have my “dress up” wardrobe seasonless as well as timeless. I have a couple of wool pieces that don’t get worn very often (oh, but I have a hard time letting go 🤦‍♀️). It’s easy to throw a jacket or sweater over short sleeves or sleeveless. (And, yes, I wear ankle pants year round here in NC). Keep up your good work!

  5. Good Morning, and thanks for the words of Peter. As to a clothing gap, it has to be pants. I have plenty of tops, and of the variety you are seeking. My favorites are simple polyester or cotton blouses that never cling. For pants I want to add more happy colors this spring and summer, in ankle and capri lengths.

  6. Thanks Deborah…I have the same problem and holding on too long…but it is getting better as I progress into my new lifestyle. I also wear ankle pants all year long!

  7. Hi Connie, good morning! The cling problem is one I am constantly paying attention to. I love the idea of ankle and capri pants in fun colors and I believe we are going to see many options there soon! Enjoy your day!

  8. I have two needs. One is for more tunic length tops to wear with leggings, especially those that can double for walking in the park, which is a daily habit I’ve started since retiring. Since I’m on the short side at 5’4”, most of my clothes (my entire wardrobe was workwear) ended at the hip area. These shorter clothes do not cover enough tummy or rear end for me to feel comfortable in leggings. The second need is for new shoes. Though I have dozens, they are all backless due to a foot that has a ring of bone protruding from the ankle. That is being fixed surgically tomorrow. I can’t wait to wear cute sneakers and boots. I told my husband that a part of my deductible is a few pairs of new shoes :). After six years of dealing with this, I feel it’s a gift to my aging to do this. A shoe with a back is a safer shoe … sometimes in the winter with dry air, the mules just fly off my feet!

  9. Being a very cold-natured person, I tend to wear long sleeves in winter and summer , and I rarely wear any pants that are not long, covering my ankles. However, I realize that most of my tops fit close to my body which is good for warmth, but bad for covering bulges and weight gains around my middle and hip area. Being short (5’ 2” ), and thin- boned, long tunics swallow me. Thankfully, I am retired, and during this pandemic, seeing few people, and going no where.

  10. Linda, I hope all goes well tomorrow! I am excited for you to get those cute sneakers!! Enjoy that recovery time too … good time to be cozy and off your feet! Let us know how you are doing!!

  11. Wonderful topic! I am 62, 5’2″, curvy 135lbs, and look best in simple clothing cut close to the body. I need TOPPERS!!! That finishing third piece! Everything I see is either classic blazer, which is too masculine, or flow-y languid tops which are too long and hide my shape. I’ve been looking for YEARS and have only found one… browsing Kohls online! It is a Vera Wang unlined jacket with a defined waist that is just right!

  12. Thanks for sharing, Celia! I am listening to a cold rain falling hard and thinking it is a good time to be inside and at home!

  13. From a Canadian friend may the blessing of peace and reconciliation be bestowed on your country and southe your souls.

  14. I rectified one of my needs yesterday by ordering two more pair of Talbot’s jeggings. I am wearing a pair of pants today for which I settled because I was in desperate need. They have never fit properly, & the color is not really what I wanted, but they were “good enough” for at home. I’m done with “good enough”.

  15. I love the Talbot’s jeggings…they are on my list for black and white. Thanks Becky…my Talbot’s links are on the Shopping Link page at the top of the blog!

  16. Great post, Pam!

    I find that I am looking for tops that aren’t too clingy (as I have gained weight in my middle).

    I don’t want them to look like maternity tops, which happens if they are too big or flowy … I am only 5’4″!!! I prefer short jackets over my longer tops as I have a long torso and short legs. That is a look that works for me. I think it is all in the proportion.

  17. I am brand new to your blog and already enjoying your topics and thoughts. Like you, I am converting my business wardrobe to casual. Approx 95% of my clothes are Chico’s. And I have way too much!! Complete wardrobe in their size 2 that I can’t wear unless/until I lose enough weight plus complete wardrobe in their size 3. Three bulging closets full. Crazy but hard to part with most of it. Most of my clothes do transition to retirement but include toppers as part of the finished look. Living in So FL I don’t really want to wear a topper at home. But I do want tops that are long enough to cover/camouflage my hips. Your top today doesn’t seem long enough to do that. What are your thoughts about mid-hip vs below hip tops?

  18. Think a lot of us are in transition from previous work wardrobe even if still working. Suggestions for purging closet of my expensive business suits and dresses? Most came from Worth Collection which closed in spring 2020. I won’t wear them again to work and don’t need in private life. Are other people wearing these, or should I put in attic with mothballs to be tossed in 20 years? Would love to wear to work again but doesn’t look like a possibility. I might need 2 to wear to very infrequent zoom meeting,s, but casual is acceptable now and I work for a brokerage firm. These items were beautifully made and the price reflected that. Looking in my closet is like viewing wedding pictures. So pretty, so expensive, such useless stuff!

  19. Hi Joan, welcome! So glad to have you here. I carry my weight smack dab in the middle, but I have discovered that my most flattering looks are the tips that float over that middle and show more of my leg length. I still own and wear longer tunic tops but they work better for me if I size down and limit the volume. I have purged all of the trendy high/low lengths…this length is not my friend and widens me significantly in my rear. I hope that helps. I know it will be time consuming…but try on every one of those blouses and decide to keep the ones that flatter your figure and speak the messages you want to say about you. Look in the mirror and ask What Does This Say About Me? That will help you have clothing you feel confident wearing.

  20. This is why I am selling so many things on eBay. I kept a few because quality pieces go great with jeans, but many are up for sale. You should consider selling rather than boxing away.

  21. I did use you Talbot’s link for my shopping. I’m happy to help you because I truly appreciate you blog.

  22. Thank you, Becky! I so appreciate the support. I have had a couple of readers who keep telling me to keep reminding…so I do. I appreciate the patience and of course you reading!!

  23. Thank you for the words from 1Peter.

    My wardrobe needs one or 2 skirts. I really don’t wear skirts or dresses anymore, even for church, but I’m getting tired of pants every day.
    Another need is color. I’ve been wearing lots of navy and black based outfits, and really want more brightness and variety.

  24. Thanks Bee! I hope to add casual dresses for summer and YES to color! Will be watching for it!

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