Tested products for good health

Tested products for good health

Let’s get a new week started with a few tested products for good health.

These products will support your good health eating plan…they are supporting mine.

As far as I am concerned homemade soup is a secret weapon for good health, and finding these soup bowls at Demdaco was just what we needed.

We were looking for quality pottery bowls with handles where we could drink if we wanted or dip In with a spoon.   The right utensils really do help, and these would also be great gifts!

I would definitely call Demdaco, a cozy, hygge brand!

By the way, I like the new noodles by Barilla…gluten free, made with Chickpeas and they tasted just as good in the chicken soup as the old ones did. They also come made with a Red Lentils variety.

Tested Products for good health

I love Avocado Toast for Breakfast.  I just mash 1/2 of an avocado with garlic salt and cayenne, and spread on an Ezekiel Muffin out of the toaster.  But, that leaves half an avocado to protect.

We go through a lot in Texas, so this next product was amazing to me….and my oldest son wants one right away!

Tested products for good health

Meet Food Huggers!  This little cover is specially made for avocados with an indention for the seed.  I was it off, lay out to dry on a paper towel, and use it again.  They are awesome.

Tested Products for good health

With the food lasting longer, it is easy to stay on some of these eating plans…I am looking forward to testing the citrus and tomato hugger as well.  Food Huggers!

Tested Products for good health

I love good seasonings void of sugar and too much salt.  Though not on the Paleo Diet, these seasonings are excellent for any good health plan. 

I haven’t tried the FIsh Blend yet, but I know we will sometime soon.  These give us more options for eating good tasting, healthy foods…that taste good!  Paleo Seasonings Here!

Hope this helps give you some ideas of products that support our healthier way of eating…I promised to put recommended products into one post…so hope to have more for you soon.  Thanks for joining in and make sure you…



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product to review for this post, and receive a small commission on sales from these links.




  1. Everything Bagel Seasoning is great on a lot of things … toast, eggs, tomatoes, salads, beans, tuna salad. In trying to eat better, I miss a bagel and cream cheese. A toasted muffin half with fat free cream cheese and the seasoning gets me 90 percent there. We got ours at Costco but a lot of places sell it.

  2. Those food huggers look perfect to replace yards of cling wrap and I think I would prefer them to the beeswax wrappers. Yes to soup!

  3. Is there a link to the Food Huggers? I’m really interested in them and want you to get credit if I buy.

  4. Nice to know about the avocado and other “huggers”. Will definitely be investigating since we eat so many avocados, even if they have turned dark with oxidation. Will be on the lookout for these seasonings. We often find food products at Costco which are not found in our local grocery store. Thanks for sharing .

  5. Pam, drizzle a little good olive oil and a squirt of lime or lemon on that toast. 👌🏻 I just discovered putting a fried egg on top of the avocado toast is nirvana. 😋 oh my.

  6. Those food huggers are interesting! I’ve never seen them before and shall definitely look for them . Thanks for the suggestion, Pam. As to avocados as hard as I have tried, just don’t care for their taste but will continue working on it as there are few foods that I dislike …. ☺. -Brenda-

  7. Those are such cute soup bowls! I could eat soup everyday. Also love avocado toast…avocado anything, and will have to look into the food huggers. Do you brush the avocado with lemon or lime before storing? I’ll check out these products!! (Though I confess, I often eat the entire avocado…….)

  8. I did not brush them…we seem to use 1/2 of the avocado quite often…so I was thrilled to find the huggers!

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