Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50

Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

I have not created one of these posts in awhile, but during my recent reader survey, I was asked to occasionally bring them back.

On these days, I curate news headlines I have found that may be of interest to you in the areas of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle.

Feel free to comment on any or all, and remember that if you read an article here that prompts you to make a change in your good health practices to consider discussing it with your personal physician.

So, get your warm beverage, snuggle down and let’s get started…..


Today's Fashion News for Women Over 50

I thought you might like this article from Who What Wear Where a 55-Year Old Former Nordstrom Buyer shares what trends she is excited about.


Todays News for Women

When this popped up, I knew there were a few of you who would enjoy the read from Smithsonian Magazine.  How Handbags became the Ultimate Fashion Accessory.


Today's News for Women over 50

It is always interesting to me to see what people will spend on items at an auction…even if it is Chanel.  Read about the family jewels here…some never seen before: Rare Chanel Jewelry may gain $163,000 at auction.


Today's News for Women over 50

Many of us have suffered the consequences of too much dormancy during COVID.  This article is convicting, but may help:  From Real Simple Magazine: 8 Signs You Are Not Moving Enough.


Today's News for Women over 50

And, portion size on our meals is also important.  I hope these reminders will have all of us working on good health in 2021!  From Cooking Light magazine read: A handy way to understand healthy serving sizes.


Today's News for Women Over 50

I don’t want to take away all of your fun! So, if you are craving baking a sweet treat, try this:  Vegan Carrot Cake Banana Bread With Cream Cheese Frosting.


Today's News for Women Over 50

If you grew up as I did, you will remember how neighbors sat out on their front porches in the evenings and stopped at each other’s homes and visited.  The front porch had everything to do with neighbors’ communications! 

So, this article from Treehugger appealing to the return of THE FRONT PORCH! caught my attention. See what you think!

We communicate on this blog…it is our front porch some days.  So, please let us know any thoughts you have on these articles.  I hope you found them interesting….


By Pamela Lutrell








  1. Oh my gosh! I hated those front porch people when I was a teen — you couldn’t get away with anything! If I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be or with someone I wasn’t supposed to be with, my mother heard about it before I even got home! I’d walk 2 blocks over pretending to go to my girl friend’s house to do homework when in reality I was meeting some boy &, sure enough, mom & dad would hear all about it. It didn’t stop me, of course. I’ve always had a weakness for bad boys & fast cars (& faster motorcycles) & married one eventually — but I’m still not a fan of front porches except as a place to put plants 🙂

    Not too keen on most of the upcoming “trends”, but a couple of those polo-inspired sweaters are cool. And as for the “shackets”: I’ve been wearing them for years. Didn’t know they were a “thing”. Great articles!

  2. I was interested in reading the article on front porches. I grew up in the front porch culture having grandparents who lived in Detroit and had a front porch where we always sat in the evenings in nice weather. Neighbors next door talked to us from their porch and other neighbors stopped by to chat. My grandmother had cookies and lemonade ready on many occasions. Fast forward to my two houses, both with big front porches. At the first house neighbors came by, even in the 1970’s and 1980’s. My current home has an enclosed front porch, but the windows can be opened and I’ve talked to my neighbors out there often through the years. I’m selling the house now and wonder if potential buyers are going to see the benefit of that beautiful feature. I don’t know where I’ll eventually move, but I’m hoping for outdoor space where connecting with neighbors is possible.

  3. One of my silver linings in 2020 was reconnecting with neighbors. I also hope to continue with it going forward. I hope your new home will hold many blessings, Karen!

  4. Our house is on the corner of a cul-de-sac so instead of porches we had driveways! When the kids were little, neighbors would bring their lawn chairs to our driveway and we’d sit out there ’til dusk just laughing and talking and watching the kids—and laughing some more. Those are some of the fondest memories…….. .

  5. Wow, such a lot to get through today, The fashion trends are interesting, some I like and others like skin tight tops I will pass on. I would certainly wear the sweater dresses, however not with the thigh high slits. I am looking forward to when I can wear that look without a coat, just a scarf and boots. That jewellery auction has no appeal for me as there is not one item that I would wear even if it was free. Elizabeth Taylor’s collection was more to my liking. The porch, now there is something I really like, and would be sad to not have one. We lived in the country but still the porch was a well used area I still love to decorate and enjoy mine. My problem, not really a problem, is when I go to the sites I can get side tracked with interesting side articles and spend waaay to much time exploring, but I did read a fascinating article on Noah’s Ark. I will also go back and spend more time in the purses and the VA exibit. Great diversions today Pam.

  6. L💖VE today’s articles!!! I will go back and really explore the Smithsonian story and links on handbags. It was funny learning my pasta portion should be no larger than a small frog! Who knew?!!! 🐸
    As for the front porch, I am a huge fan. My current home is a Cape Cod style cottage, so only has a generous stoop rather than a full covered porch – but we manage very nicely as our entire neighborhood is made up of lovely old homes and equally lovely people. It’s really the attitude you bring to those relationships, and as another lady pointed out she managed quite nicely in the driveway.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great articles! My grandfather built apartment buildings post WW II. Most had porches. We spent many hours sitting on ours talking with neighbors,. All the adults watched us kid play in the courtyard.

  8. Great to see this feature back on an occasional basis – I always enjoy the articles and information you share.

  9. Great choice of articles today, Pam! I skimmed and then bookmarked several of them for a closer read later. We just added a front porch/deck to the front of our house. It was completed just before winter and I can hardly wait for spring to arrive so we can start using it!

  10. Loved our front porch as a little child, and we had a lovely old back porch too….looked over the gardens.
    So many memories! Such a special old house….

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