Would You Wear It for Leisure

Would You Wear It for Leisure

Happy Wednesday, ladies…time for Would You Wear It …a mid-week pop-up post…and today, we consider leisure.

I realize this is a big day in the states, but we are going to stay fashion-focused today and continue to stay away from political talk that might divide us.

Would You Wear It for Leisure

Today, we are looking over three mannequins dressed for comfy leisurewear in three distinct styles.

Please look them over, and then share if you would or would not wear the styles and explain with constructive, helpful answers exactly how you made your decision.

Remember, to answer with forethought and critical thinking…please do not use words that might offend someone who feels differently from you.  Labels and names don’t help.

Would You Wear It for Leisure

So, let’s get started…look this lovely group over and tell us………………………………………….


For those interested in some of these pieces, please allow me to direct you to Anthropologie Cozy-at-Home Collection, and Activewear Collection. 

I also composed an affordable-leisure slideshow:



Now, let us know what you think about the mannequins…and share your thoughts on your leisure clothing!  Make sure that you always……


TAKE NOTE, STYLISH LEISURE ON SALE:  This Shiny Plaid Ruana is drastically marked down at Chico’s.  I am trying on the S/M here…sizing down made it a very flattering piece!

Stylish Leisure on Sale at Chico's



By Pamela Lutrell




  1. i was looking at the floral pants, thinking, yes, i would wear those around the house…but then i saw the elastic bottoms…that would annoy me. we laugh when im laundering the around the house clothes, calling them our new uniforms…the tops pictured i could easily see if i were living up north, they are cute for just hanging out at home. my south florida at home mostly consist of Costco finds…yoga type pants, oversized shirts, however during Chicos recent 70 percent off sale, i did score some zenergy pants and tops that are perfect for at home, and the neighbors might see you checking the mail or taking the trash out, lol.

  2. I do not shop at Anthropologie but I am a fan of leisure wear. Leggings and a long tunic sweatshirt/sweater or joggers and a shorter top are styles I wear frequently. The scrunched turtleneck and hooded Sherpa top are ones I would definitely consider. I tend to wear solid colors because most patterns are just too busy for me (I am an introvert). I own the plaid ruana you are showing and love it. The pattern is subtle enough for me and the little bit of sparkly is such a fun touch.

  3. Hi Pam! Speaking for ME – and only me – I feel like these are too young for the sixty something year old that I am. I’m all about me some Leisure wear – but the style and colors – not to mention the graphics on the shirt – do not appeal to me personally. One hint that I was definitely in the wrong shop would be the butterflies scattered about – my 32 year old daughter used to LOVE to go to “Limited Too” when she was in grammar school – and something about the store and display reminds me of that! Of course, another lady my age could put this on and look great – but I would just walk on by. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. I would wear the coral and cream (top) around home…..as it matches my most comfy slippers. The shirred leg printed pant with charcoal hoodie will be cute around home too. I don’t see me wearing them outside the home however…..especially with the weather as it is this week, suddenly. Very cold! They’re outfits are very casual and I tend to wear more classic jeans, leggings with preppy tops, though I have been known to deviate a bit.
    I do shop at anthropologie but mainly classic shapes, pants and tops. Velvet or sweaters.

  5. The floral joggers are interesting. They would look cute with the cream top. I would wear that combo to walk around my neighborhood.
    The blue pants are ok. I don’t like the buttons on the gray top or the message shirt.
    What store?

  6. I would not wear any of the items. The floral pants because of the cuffs, the top because it is a muddy grey. The coral pants ate too baggy and I am not a fan of graphic tees. That leaves the white pullover which is okay and the basic jeans. Frankly I think these looks are better suited to someone younger that I.

  7. I too had the same feeling about the display as another commentator … that it was not designed to appeal to a grown up woman. I often like Anthro’s quirky displays and styling, but not this time. The floral pants are a hard pass for me, as I generally avoid printed pants, and just do not like this particular print or color combo. I would be more likely to wear the fuzzy tops, but they don’t feel distinct to me. I’m somewhat interested in graphic tees, but if I owned one (I don’t), I would wear it under a blazer or denim jacket for a current, but not sloppy look. Nothing today would get me to pause and look twice.

  8. A no to all tops as just not my preference in style (neckline/pullover) but would consider wearing the tapered leg bottoms as well as the floral ones which I think could be kind of sassy and fun due to their color and style. (Pair them with a colored pair of sneakers and a jersey knit top taking a cue from that in the fabric and add large hooped earrings.). -Brenda-

  9. Not a fan of these. Proportions look off to me. The plain tops which I might consider look short even for this shortwaisted body. I would want to check the fabric content and determine if shrinking might be an issue. The orange pants look too short for me to wear as full length and the other pants likely too long. Your outfit on the other hand looks perfect.

  10. Like some other readers, I think these clothes read too young for me. They look like something a teen would enjoy. Anthropologie stores are so pretty, and they do pull me in, but I’ve never found anything there that really feels like me.

  11. I really like the coral joggers. I like the looser fit and I don’t think they’d be too bulky.
    I like the cream top but would definitely have to try it on first.

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