Would You Wear It for Winter Clothing Pop Up


Would You Wear It at the Loft on Over 50 Feeling 40

Wow…it is already Wednesday! So, here we go for another Would You Wear it for Winter Clothing Pop Up??

I am so excited to see new readers joining in to let us know what they think of these displays.

Would You Wear This Sweater Dress On Over 50 Feeling 40

On this day, I give you a fashion display to look over and tell us if you would or would not wear they styles and explain your answers.

I ask that you keep your comments constructive and personal, so as not to offend another woman who might feel differently from you.  The comments are read and we learn from one another!

Just answer if you would wear these styles…pretend they were given to you…and why or why not would they work.

Would You Wear this at the Loft on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, look my family of three over, everyone, and tell us………………………………………………………


For those who want more information, here is a slideshow of the garments!



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So, now tell us what you think and of course……………………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I would wear the pants and sweater shown, and also the rust colored sweater dress with different accessories, probably a scarf. While I love a softer fair isle style, the black dress is more geometric in style and does not appeal to me. I like the colors featured here for winter.

  2. I would check out the two dresses to see the length on, but after looking at the website for other colours, I discovered that even the tall selection is only 36 inches and that is not long enough to cover my knees, so a no for that. If I could change the length and the warm tone red to a raspberry, I would be all over that dress. All it needs then would be a chunky neclace and a stack of bracelets.

  3. I love sweater dresses! I like the style and colors of both. I would wear them with black tights and booties. Super cute!

  4. Yes I would wear all three looks . The knit dresses I would wear with leggings or thick tights. The look on the left I would wear in spring as the trousers are too short and accessorise with a scarf or a heavy necklace.

  5. A pass on the Fair Isle and Cable Knit dresses as have similar designs in just sweaters (considered as cold-weather casual wear) plus do question their lengths as suspect I would prefer both a tad longer due to my age regardless that I most likely would pair both with leotards/tights, a bootie or long shafted boots. As to the other outfit; a possible yes to the pants depending upon their fit (drape and length) but a no to the sweater as for our winter climate prefer a turtle or high mock neck and/or a v-neck which I prefer over a crew neck style. -Brenda-
    P.S.: So glad to hear that you got your vehicle back and again have some wheels … ☺.

  6. I gave away my sweater dresses when I retired and moved to SoCal but I did love them especially in the cold winter months. I owned a similar fair isle dress that I would layer with a lightweight denim shirt, purple tights that picked up a color in the dress and my Frye boots. I would treat this sweater dress with a tailored shirt as well. A belt would add a bit of interest as well. I treated my sweater dresses like I would a regular sweater but just longer.

  7. I like the outfit on the left, though it desperately needs accessorizing (leopard loafers or booties would help a lot). It’s similar to what I wore to work, and so, yes, I would wear it. The sweater dresses are too short. I have tried on dresses like that and they are an awkward length on me. I have a Fair Isle sweater in black very similar to the dress, and have a soft spot for all patterned yokes. It’s the 70s girl in me!

  8. No to the pants- too narrow- I think very narrow pants or leggings emphasizes upper thighs and hips. The sweater is just ok… I’d prefer a v- neck or a turtleneck. The dress would be too short even on me and I’m m 4’11”. I never care for heavy winter dresses that weren’t well below my knees, so no peg shows when worn with tall boots. I get a more streamlined silhouette. And the red is too warm for my coloring. The black and white reads like horizontal stripes- I’d lose the lower pattern for a longer line.

  9. I like the dresses, they look toasty, but I wouldn’t wear them. Can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. I am most definitely not a prude, but those pants are called skinny leggings. They appear way too tight to wear with a short sweater and I have thin/average legs.

  10. These are cute looks and make me recall teo sweater dresses I had and loved back in the mid-eighties. One was red and an investment for me at the time, but the quality was so good I wore it for years to come. The other was baby blue and white, in a kind of Nordic pattern. So pretty! Alas, neither of today’s dresses are long enough for my current needs. Also, I tend not to wear black near my face in winter/when pale, so the sweater and black dress would be no’s for that reason. The colored pants are cute. I love a colored pant, with boots now, tennies and sandals later in the year.

  11. With a little undergarment help to tuck me in, I’d go with that great red sweater dress, yes oh yes! The black dress is a no. Too much like a sweater I have, and no longer wear. And I already own a similar outfit, black sweater……too many of them, and own the burgundy pant. So the red dress wins for me! I love the color, the Vee neck, so now just need to have somewhere to wear it.

  12. I would – and do – wear the pants and sweater combination, a lot. I like the classic look and it is comfortable and works for professional or casual situations.

    Sweater dresses work in theory, but many I have tried do not flatter. I found one that works – this is a “one and done” item in my wardrobe. I have a gray sweater dress that works – I generally wear it with tights and boots. I don’t feel that great in sweater dresses, and these two do not appeal. I think the red one would not flatter. The black one seems a bit busy. I I have a Fair Isle sweater in black, gray, and white that I wear a lot – usually with a light layering turtleneck underneath and with jeans or slacks.

  13. I think I can find the outfit on the left in my closet! Love the suggestion of leopard booties, thanks. I also don’t like my knees and need to check the length of all dresses. However, I would still go for the cable knit over the black. I feel I could do more looks with it.
    My two cents, albeit it late in the day.

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