Would You Wear It for Winter

Would You Wear for winter

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today we are looking at Would You Wear It for Winter.

I call Wednesdays a pop up Would You Wear It to give you a chance to look over more fashion displays recently or currently in stores. 

Remember, to tell us if you personally would or would not wear the outfits in the display and explain constructively why or why not.

This helps other women with their own style and wardrobes.

Also, feel free to comment on the displays and let the stores know what they need to do to make you want to try on or buy the outfits.

Please tell us more than Yes or No!

Would You Wear for Winter

So, look my two headless ladies over and then explain……………………………………………………………………………………..


These are from the Chaps collection at Kohl’s. and I think I have all of the pieces in this slideshow:



So…..let us know what you think…remember that shopping links for sales are at the top of the page…and if you would like to donate to the blog please click the coffee icon!  You guys are the best….now,



  1. I would not be tempted to try these on or buy. The display looks like it was tossed together in haste. Beyond that, these are pieces that I have in some form in my closet and have no need of. The red and black jacket and black pants looks warm and cozy, but also uninspiring. The plaid shirt with the vest tossed over is fine, kind of messy, but also uninspiring to me. I’m just not feeling it with this display!

  2. This is my everyday around the house outfit. Comfortable, cozy and warm so, yes, I am drawn to this display. However, I am trying to expand beyond this look so I would not buy these pieces.

  3. I would wear a version of both. I am not a fan of sherpa, as it adds too much bulk to my already bulky frame. But both are warm cozy looks, I have a version of the plaid shirt and fleece vest that I wear and get compliments on. The plaid pullover, l love red and black plaid, and would totally wear it if it was not sherpa. Both outfits are casual, but with enough color to brighten up grey winter days.

  4. i like the shirt under the vest, the style of it, not so much the print, those colors just kind of clash for me…i dont care for vests, but the way a heavy jacket seems to restrict my arms when im driving, i might try one sometime. i do like the red and black jacket, but it sorta reminds me of taking a walk in the woods during hunting season.

  5. I like the short red and black jacket for life here in the northeast This is IF I’m not going to be outside too long. The pants shown with it are fine and can be worn with my everyday tall black boots. If I’m going walking I’ll need a much longer jacket/coat!
    The vest and shirt just don’t speak to my style.

  6. As a Pacific Northwesterner and having recently moved back to town from life on a mountaintop ranch, these looks are very familiar to me in one form or another. I would not take a closer look though because I have plenty of options if I feel the urge to dress “mountain casual” . . . I do like all the pants presented both in the display and today’s fashion carousel so will give those another glance (the burgundy option is pretty). Happy Wednesday! 🙋‍♀️

  7. In all honesty, I like this look and am really drawn to its coziness.
    But, I find that it almost appears masculine on me. I am a larger woman with short hair. I like to appear more feminine

  8. The pants on the left a ‘no’ due reason the fabric appears chintzy to my eye, whereas the cords a possible as do have similar in my wardrobe but as of late am living mostly in leggings since housebound because of the rigid lock downs in my area. (Curfews have now even been implemented.) As to the two tops on the left a no as not my preference in taste/style whereas the one on the right (the plaid and red check) I might consider as a cozy topper but would prefer it more if its closure were a button front as then could also be worn as a lightweight jacket. -Brenda-

  9. I would not be drawn to this display for a few reasons. First I have eliminated almost all of the black from my wardrobe as it totally washes me out. Secondly, I do not wear plaid and never have felt comfortable in it. I prefer a more feminine look and find it is too masculine on me. This is why I don’t wear moto jackets as well. Lastly, if I needed the warmth of the down vest, I would be too cold without sleeves. Kind of a no all around today for me. The funny thing is that I often really like a plaid in pink or light blue on others.

    1. I personally am not a fan of flannel or fleece plaid. So would walk right by this display. I do have a couple of Foxcroft cotton plaid shirts that I like, however.

  10. These are both perfect outfits for after a morning of curling or hiking with groups in a normal year. Both activities have been curtailed since last March in Southern Ontario. I’m a fan of plaids and being a ‘winter’ the colours are favourites. I like the idea of a zipper down the front of the white plaid as it would lay flat under the vest when closed and eliminates the gaping that happens with some button shirts if the buttons happen to be in the wrong spots. Although I do still walk and hike with DH, he doesn’t see me change from my outdoor wear as there is no eating out or socializing with friends after our outings. Thus I’m not in need of anything new at this time.

  11. I do like the pants on the right — they look like velvet or brushed cotton from here & I think they’d look smart with a nice sweater. The lumberjack plaid does nothing for me. I spent too many years working outside wearing flannel shirts & jackets (which are too often plaid) & fleece or down vests just to stay warm in inclement weather on various job sites or hauling bales of hay for the horses when we had a farm to find them interesting from a fashion angle. I unloaded a box of garments that looked just like this when I retired & am not anxious to go back 🙂 But for anyone who likes it, I think the red jacket could look cute over a black turtleneck & paired with smart boots. The outfit on the left would benefit from taking the sloppy vest off (or at least straightening it) & I’m sure someone more clever than I am could do something with it.

  12. Love the short black and red jacket and the accompanying black pants. Thanks for the post. If the pants don’t really look good on me, I would still wear the jacket with black jeans.

  13. I would definitely wear these outfits.. I have very similar shirts in these plaids, black vests and black jeans. Two of my favorite winter outfits, cozy and comfortable!!!

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