Emergency preparedness lessons from deep in the heart of Texas

From deep in the heart of Texas, I am here to discuss emergency preparedness lessons.

I have not blogged since Monday for so many reasons (mostly lack of power and WIFI) and I am still processing all we have been through this week.   I would not ever have seen me sitting in the dark in a house of forty degree cold for days, cooking in a fireplace, and now boiling water to use for drinking and cooking.   The phrase…this is crazy…has now become an understatement.

Emergency preparedness lessons in Texas

For those who think…”Texans are wimps with snow”…please know this is not about the snow…or the ice.  We have enjoyed and navigated those things before.  It is about not being properly prepared for all that can happen when the second largest state is completely shut down by severe cold and lack of power.

Wind turbines in Texas freeze

I think my greatest frustrations right now are with those in essential businesses who knew the same forecasts but did not warn us of the potential of losing power and water statewide.  We could’ve been better prepared.  It was too long before shelters were opened in the city.  There were too many people with life-saving medical devices at home that needed them powered and had no way to do it.   The wind turbines were not the saviors predicted to be.  Groceries are now out of food and may not re-stock until middle of next week.  I am not aware of anyone who knew to stock up before the storm or fill their cars with gas.

Emergency preparedness in Texas

But I am not going to turn this into a bashing session of others.  I want to discuss how Mr. B and I now realize…after a pandemic and after losing all power for days that we need to be better prepared for emergencies.  We have never really taken that seriously.

Emergencies in Texas winter

We are working on a Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan at this time. 

1. We will order solar devices to keep cell phones with power.  We were loaned this one and it worked great.

2. We will keep more water around. 

3. We will keep cars filled with gas. 

4. We will make sure we have good batteries and working flashlights when needed. 

5. We will keep some wood inside near the fireplace so that the wood is not all wet. 

6. I will make sure we have a non-electric can opener that works and keep a small supply of extra food in the pantry. 

7. We are looking into a generator…but it will be a long time before they are available. 

8.  Emergency radios or transistor radios or a necessity.

9. Camp cooking equipment for the fireplace.

These are what we have discussed so far…more will probably surface.  I think this summer a surprise heat event could do the same thing. 

Emergency preparedness deep in the heart of Texas

Hopefully, we will never need what we are discussing.  But this week has taught powerful lessons.  It has also taught us to be more involved in asking the right questions of leadership and we are going to do that.  Most of all, it has taught us to be ready for anything when possible.  Personal responsibility is key.

It just does not seem right at this moment to blog about clothing, beauty products, or recipes.  I will return to that…and hope I can join Jennifer on Saturday with Would You Wear It?  But I know many in Texas read this blog, and my heart and my prayers have been with you.

We are not wimps!  We are Texas strong!  Very few people would laugh in the midst of what we have been through.

But there is hope…always hope…of a better tomorrow.

Emergency preparedness deep in the heart of Texas

Do not assume this scenario could not happen to you.  Be prepared for anything!  Hopefully you will not need the preparations….but don’t be caught in the cold or dark.  My toes are still freezing!


Believe it or not…I plan to



By Pamela Lutrell

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