Recommended products for women

It’s time for a list of recommended products for women!

These are all tested by me and I only recommend the products I truly believe in and enjoy.

Since, I have discussed adding more warmth to my home, I wanted to show you this one little solar powered mason jar.

A sweet neighbor gave it to me over the holidays and I cannot tell you the enjoyment it gives me…and I am considering ordering more.

I set it outside every morning, and bring it in at dusk at it shines all night long.  Such an easy way to add a touch of light to your life.

I believe they are most often used for backyard or party decor…but why not in the house.  I found them at a couple of locations….


Recommended Products for women

I have mentioned teakruthi before and said we loved their green tea blends…but I had to mention the Organic Orange, black tea blend…it is a new favorite for me! Cold or hot…I drink it without any sweetener.

Recommended Products for Women

Recommended Espresso for Women

If you are like Mr. B and love espresso and cappuccinos,  I believe you will love this Italian espresso machine by illy.

I do not drink this every day like Mr. B, but I have had an occasional espresso and it is so smooth and delicious.  This is a coffee lovers dream.

Yes!  We even have the little espresso cups and the milk frothing pitcher…so much fun to add to the new kitchen.

We like both the Classico Blend and Intenso Blend.  With this link, you can enjoy 15% off orders of $30+ as a Valentine’s Day treat Using Code “LOVE”


Recommended Products for Women

I have already recommended the Trinny London Serum Foundation and now I can recommend the BFF Eye Serum Concealer.  I am pleased with both and wearing them often.

Again, I am a big fan of serum makeup for my older skin. 

Recommended Products for Women

Yesterday, a reader mentioned the Importance of smiling with our eyes now that mask wearing is so important.  That is why I take my eyes to a bit more dramatic level.

The Trinny London moisture rich Eye2Eye cream shadow is great…doesn’t crease or cake and stays on all day.  I love this color I am using called MYSTERY.


Recommended Products for Women

If you need a gift for another woman or just for yourself, I always recommend the inspiration on products at Demdaco. (Notice the decor with birds…I am really into birds right now!)

I smile each time I place my spoon on this spoon rest in my kitchen.  Just one little message can keep us going throughout the day.

A positive focus always helps.  Again, I recommend the wonderful gifts you will find at Demdaco.

Hope this helps to bring you products tested and recommended.  Please let me know if you have any questions…have a wonderful end to you week…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post to review and the words are my own.

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