Trying new things relieves stress

Trying new things relieves stress

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s discuss how trying new things relieves stress!

At the end of last week, I was a bit stressed and in considerable pain.  The extreme weather aggravated my sciatic nerve and it has been a challenge.

However, before the winter storm I agreed to review a new restaurant in San Antonio.

Though in pain and stressed from the week, I decided it would be good for me and Mr. B to keep the reservation and see my commitment through.

However, I am so glad we did…it was a breath of fresh air to go out and try something new.


Trying new things relieves stress

I wrote recently that I want to give florals a chance this spring, and I had already ordered a couple of floral tops. 

I have been wearing this combo often lately….a blazer, print top, and denim with ballet flats.  It is a type of uniform for me because I feel confident in it.

I saw this Calvin Klein floral top online at Dillard’s and ordered it to try….and I really like it!   I am wearing it with my Eileen Fisher blazer, Talbot’s jeggings, and Clark Ballet Flats. 

I like the feminine detail at the collar with the bow, and the colors of blues and greens on black. This is a keeper.  (My top is the first one in the slideshow below)

I am stepping quietly into floral, but just putting on a new top relieved some stress and put a smile on my face!

Here is a slide show with this print in several options, a little for plus size and petites and some great sale pieces.  In fact, if you go to DILLARDS SALE AND CLEARANCE, there are some great finds there.


Trying new things relieves stress

Bovino’s Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse and Seafood only opened last month in San Antonio at The Shops at La Cantera.  

The decor and outdoor dining is lovely…well, even the restroom is gorgeous.  I was most impressed with the excellent customer service from hostess to servers to manager.

And, the care given for safe dining was exceptional.


Trying new things relieves stress

I was not prepared for the amazing experience I had there where I was able to try so many new foods.

Octopus….new Brazillian spices…paella…specialty cooked bone tacos…grilled pineapple…and every experience was better than the last.

I highly recommend this place…but go very hungry!  The Gourmet Salad Bar is worth a dinner date alone.

Mr. B is asking how they did the pineapple…it was soooooo good!  

Trying new things relieves stress

He elected to go with a specialty bourbon drink made at our table complete with smoke….and I elected to go with the fabulous Chocolate Soufflé for dessert.

Trying New things relieves stress

Trying a new style and a new place and new foods was the perfect way to get a difficult week off my mind and keep me smiling. 

Escaping for just a few minutes does wonders for me!

I highly recommend trying new things to relieve your stress…..I will hang my Patricia Nash Handbag there any day!

Trying new places relieves stress

Would anyone like to share a new experience which has helped you find a little joy in the past year?  Please do…..and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Ohmigosh, it’s still Monday evening here on the west coast & I’m already behind! LOL! But I had to pause long enough to say I love that top. It’s gorgeous under the black & for people who just went through a nightmare, you & Mr. B look pretty darn snappy! No eating out for us yet. BC has extended the Provincial State of Emergency until March 2 (& it will probably be extended past that) & most of our favorite restaurants have no in-house dining yet (take-out only). So sorry you’ve been hit with sciatica. I had a TERRIBLE run in with it 2 years ago & “fixed it” with exercise & haven’t had a twinge since. I tried to find all my reference material for you but after upgrading all our computers I can’t find a darned thing & I can only recommend that you spend some time on YouTube researching sciatic-focused exercises, because they really worked for me. Good luck, & stay warm!

  2. Pamela – Sounds like a wonder adventure at the steakhouse. Your outfit looks wonderful. The jacket and flats give it such a finished and attractive look. I, so often, go for the jeans and sweater, and now realize how upping the look can look and make a person feel so great! I have been looking at Patricia Nash purses for some time – definitely will purchase one soon. I am especially fond of the style you have chosen. The floral design is so classy!!

  3. Thanks Janet! This purse is a part of her 10th Anniversary collection and has a fun emblem on it to mark that…I love this purse…it has so many great pockets and one on the outside where I usually have my phone. It is beautiful.

  4. Oh my! What a nice break in an otherwise terrible situation. The restaurant sounds so interesting! I take it that they had butch clean water and heat? Hooe so. Imagine DOH allowed them to be open. You look happy and that makes me happy.

  5. Hi Paulette! We went on Sunday and what is crazy is that day the temps were close to 80 degrees. People were in shorts and tee shirts at the mall where this is located. We did not need the heat and they had all clean water. Their safety procedures were very impressive…some of the best I have seen. It was a fun experience and something we both needed.

  6. Eighty degrees?! No wonder I didn’t see any snow outside. Love your outfit! Especially the handbag. Despite your pain, you always look joyful. Hope you find relief in the aforementioned exercises. Absolutely love your blog. Stay well.

  7. That restaurant looks gorgeous, I could have that teal loveseat in my house if not for cats. The food almost made me drool, it has been a year since we have been inside a restaurant and am so looking forward to being able to that again some day. I would have had the chocolate dessert as well, but the grilled pineapple looks so good. That statue out front is a beautiful piece of art and certainly makes it easy to find the entrance. You have bounced back well from your ordeal and I hope you are able to get your pain under control soon.

  8. Though florals are not my first pattern choice, I agree that the blouse is beautiful and looks lov-i- lee on you. As to to the menu, all sounds delish and I for one am looking forward to our restaurants opening up as we have sadly been in continuous lockdown modes though take out orders on the most part have been available but the experience of course just isn’t quite the same. To conclude; can relate to your sciatica pain as have been in a cycle of it for close to two months now however am slowly improving with physio therapy and acupucture combined more recently with chiopractic treatment. (I injured my back years ago due to a skiing accident and on occasion symptoms of it have a tendency to rear its ugly head.) In closing with wishes you fully bounce back. (No pun intended … 😊. -Brenda-

  9. I love the colors in that blouse! I don’t usually like florals, but I love the look worn under the blazer. A pop of floral is just perfect.

  10. Hi Pam,
    I have been following your journey in Texas and appreciate what you’ve shared with us, along with your very positive attitude. Commendable for sure! Trying something new to relieve stress? What a new thought! My husband, I’ve learned, likes adventure and he has been taking us on a few – skiing and hiking. I’ve been trailing him and together, we’ve enjoyed the journey and strengthened our relationship. Just as it looks like you and Mr. B. are doing 🙂 We’ve also learned to play pickle ball during the pandemic and have thoroughly enjoyed this bright spot in our week.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing, Sheri! I really would like to give pickle ball a try sometime! Sounds fun…I appreciate you being here.

  12. What a fun night out for the two of you! I love going to a little churrascaria when we are in Cabo. We had never seen the seafood or pineapple offered – looks amazing! Our restaurants here are set to close again at the end of the week since we have gone above our two week rolling average. 😔 Despite being third in the nation in terms of fewest cases of Covid, our governor remains very strict.

  13. Pam,
    I hope you will allow me to recommend Dr. Grant Elliot to help with your sciataca. He is on Youtube and has videos of recommended exercises to help provide some relief. It might be worth a look. Hope you begin to feel much better!

  14. I am not usually a fan of florals, but the colors in you blouse are beautiful. It is just the perfect touch with your black pieces. I am glad you were able to get out for a break after what surely was a stressful week. Our state is trending down in COVID cases, & husband & I have received our first doses of the vaccine. I am hoping we will be able to dine out soon. I have been out to lunch a couple of times, but husband hasn’t eaten in a restaurant since last March. Looking forward to better times!

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