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OMRON TENS THERAPY for knees drug free pain relief

This is an update on Mr. B’s experience with the OMRON FocusTENS Therapy for KNEE drug-free pain relief and why the device is an important member of his training team.

I first introduced you to the OMRON Focus TENS Therapy for Knee in a post about the challenges Mr. B faces as a trail runner with arthritis.

OMRON TENS THERAPY FOR Knees drug free pain relief

After that post ran almost a year ago, he became a serious contender to run the Ultramarathon at Tejas Trail’s Bandera Endurance Trail Run in Bandera, Texas where the terrain includes hills and rocks.  He knew his age and physical condition were not in his favor. His MRI revealed deterioration to the ACL, a slight tear in the meniscus and osteoarthritis. In short, the cartilage in his right knee is gone.  So many marvel at his determination to trail run, and only runners can understand the passion.  

OMRON TENS Therapy for knees drug free pain relief

He began training last summer and the OMRON Focus TENS Therapy for Knee was a daily member of his training team.  His profession keeps him in front of a computer for hours on end and using the TENS while he works has been of great benefit. 

“I give the OMRON TENS unit credit for helping me to stand strong pain free,” he said. “With my multiple problems in the knee area, it helps to have constant stimulation in order to keep going. After a morning run, I immediately deal with the pain by strapping on the unit as I sit down to work.”

OMRON TENS Therapy for knees drug free pain relief

As OMRON tells us, “Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent joint disease and a leading source of chronic pain and disability in the United States. Focus TENS Therapy for Knee from OMRON delivers proven and effective TENS technology to alleviate chronic, acute* and arthritic pain to the lower extremities of the leg.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, and it’s a drug-free pain therapy that has been administered by physical therapists for over 40 years to alleviate chronic, acute and arthritic pain. TENS technology works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along nerve strands. Scientific research suggests that TENS may help block pain signals from reaching the brain, trigger the body to release endorphins which act as natural painkillers, and improve blood circulation. While this therapy had only been available in healthcare professional’s offices previously, OMRON was the first to develop FDA-cleared TENS devices for use at-home.”

OMRON TENS Therapy for knees for drug free pain relief

For someone who loves running, the TENS unit has been a critical member of his training team.  We can only imagine the pain he has endured as he worked toward this goal.  He went to the running park three times a week at 6:07am and would run 6 miles during the week and 8-10 miles on the weekend. The distance was determined by the amount of knee pain he could endure.  With assistance the Focus TENS Therapy for Knee device offers for drug-free pain management, it helped him to endure more.

I am sure many of you have heard that Texas has experienced winter this year…in ways we lack preparation to endure.  The first serious cold snap was the day of this race.  Despite the freezing temps, snow, sleet, rain, and excessive ankle-deep mud, the race was not canceled.

OMRON TENS Therapy for KNEES drug free pain relief

Mr. B, who recently turned 63, endured miles of mud, frozen fingers, the onset of hypothermia, and utter exhaustion, to finish the race! It took 11 hours to reach the 31.2 mile finish line

To complete an endurance race it takes no talent but sheer determination and a great team:

  1. A running partner, Bill (a retired Marine who won’t let you quit)
  2. Healthy eating habits and supplements
  3. A very understanding orthopedic surgeon who tolerates runner insanity
  4. Foot care and a great pedicure provider
  5. A supportive family
  6. And, yes, the OMRON Focus TENS THERAPY for Knee.

The morning following the race, Mr. B rolled out of bed declaring…. he would never run again.  That lasted about five days and has everything to do with callous on the brain. He acknowledges that a knee replacement is likely but that’s not what’s on his mind.

He knows that this trail awaits his return!

OMRON TENS Therapy for knees drug free pain relief

Remember, if you are experiencing knee pain from osteoarthritis, there is drug-free assistance, try the OMRON FOCUS TENS THERAPY for KNEES at this link today and use the promo code OVER50TENS for exclusive savings!  And, of course,


By Pamela Lutrell


Disclaimer:  I am compensated for this post, but the words are my own…and, of course, Mr. B’s!

Images of the Bandera Endurance Trail Run were from the 2020 race.  The 2021 weather conditions made it close to impossible to get good images.  These images allow you to appreciate the terrain and the Texas beauty.

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