Would You Wear It with many details

Would You Wear It with Many details

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It with many details??

This is the day my friend Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays to scrutinize with a buyer’s/stylist’s point-of-view.

We want to know if you personally would or would not wear what has been presented in a merchandising display in different retailers.

Would You Wear It with many details

While the mannequins I am showing you today may at first appear simple in style, look closely at all of the details in the pants, blouse and styling.  You may need to enlarge an image to see it all.

Would You wear it with many details

Always explain why garments do or do not work for you….and perhaps share what would need to happen for the outfits to work for you.

Your comments will help other women (and are read) and will also help retailers…and I know at least one store manager reads these posts.

If there are more, please let us know.

So, ladies, look my lovely women over and tell us………………………………………..



Would You wear It at home

To everyone who checked on me and sent well wishes this past week when we were without power, I send a heartfelt thank you. 

I especially want to thank those who made a donation through the coffee app.  Since I lost three days of income that is so appreciated!!! 


Hygge style decorating

My post before the shut down was when I sought advice on home decorating and the response was incredible.  I learned a lot and have much to think about. 

This photo was taken on a beach I visited at the first of the year and I loved the style!  Just using it to remember warmth!

Please read Home Decor Update and need your advice and please add your own thoughts if you have not already.

Now, make sure you visit Jennifer at A Well Styled Life to see her display….leave your comments below…and no matter what is going on….


By Pamela Lutrell

Note:  Today’s mannequins are from KOHL’S so here is a little slideshow of styles they currently have online and there are several different offers going on with their brands….




  1. there she is! good to hear you!
    ah, the light blouse is interesting, but i dont really care for the shoulder thing theyve done. the slacks are nice, not that i buy them anymore.
    i dont know whats going on with the seams on the jeans…the legs are different so im not sure what they really are…the shirt and sweater really arent a good match but maybe separately i would look at them.

  2. Welcome back Pam! Hearing from you was a gift! I always love a good looking white blouse/shirt/tunic and this one with pretty purple necklace is very nice. However, I don’t care for the cut of the pants/trousers. I like narrow leg or skinny for myself. When I see phitos of myself, they just look better.
    The outfit on right is okay…I have some long cardis in pretty colors and do layer them over similar tops, solid or oriented. I prefer vee necks. These skinny jeans are not my favorites (and I do wear skinny jeans). These seem to have a weird line that’s not symmetrical? I’d wear the top and cardi with my own jeans.

  3. I’m glad you have power and I’m happy to see temperatures above freezing. The birds have been singing since 6:00 a.m. I wouldn’t wear the light colored blouse. I have this thing that I generally don’t like pockets on blouses. I really liked the look of the pants after I zoomed in on the details. I know so many love skinny pants and I’m not one of them. It may be I just haven’t found the right pair that I love. I like the shirt and the hoodie sweater. I could wear a nice hoodie sweater every day. I just purchased another one for winter weather and I have a collection of spring hoodies. I liked the colors, too.

  4. Lots of things going on with these outfits! The blouse would be a definite no because of all the details. In fact, it kind of reminds me of a dress that Lucy made years ago. Puffy sleeves, large collar…um, I prefer something a little simpler. I do like the little crossbody bag. Hope this coming will be much better for you!

  5. I love both outfits! I don’t wear shirts tucked in though, so I don’t know if I would wear the blouse. Depends on how it looks out. I’d probably wear a cardigan or jacket with it. Love everything about the other one except the shoes. Not a fan of pointed toes.

  6. I like the subtle striping on the navy (?) pants and think this would add visual length to a person’s legs. I am not a fan of button down blouses and “boob” pockets are a no for me. I prefer my blouses/tops to have a clean, unadorned front so I can add a pretty necklace. I am a fan of skinny jeans, but I would think all of the extra seaming would be uncomfortable. I prefer a cleaner, classic jean. (Do you see a trend…clean and plain and classic are what I look for…it’s the introvert in me). The hooded sweater/sweatshirt is something I would definitely wear but this color is too drab for me. Florals are a trend for Spring, but not something I wear, so I would be grabbing a solid tee to wear underneath.

  7. Good morning and welcome back, Pam. I love the blouse and pants, the details on top are perfect for my pear shape, draws the eye up away from my hips and thighs, the pinstripe also helps elongate my legs. I would probably add a shoe with a small heel. The second outfit I would wear the long cardigan, but not with skinny jeans, the top I would have to see in person, not a fan of floral patterens. Stay warm.

  8. Pam, glad you were able to survive the cold weather especially with your fireplace, and your survival items were right on. We have lived in cold weather for years and then moved south only to face ice storms, ugh.
    The out fits for today we’re pretty until I zoomed in on the details, then I knew they were not for a petite lady.
    I do like the necklace with the ivory blouse.
    The best for you in the coming weeks

  9. The purple sweater and the seamed jeans are fine. I would wear those with a navy or black v neck T-shirt not the top shown.

  10. Glad to hear that things are improving for you. Being prepared for emergencies is essential but most of us don’t do it until we’ve lived through one.

    I would not wear the outfit on first mannequin. It’s too fussy for my taste and I expect it would make me like dowdy. I would definitely wear the top and hoody on the second second mannequin. Would be great additions to my student/retired person wardrobe. The purple hoody is the perfect length for me and looks cozy. Not sure about the jeans with the seams down the front – one of those pieces I would have to try on.

  11. Initially I thought the outfit on the left was good, then went in for a close up and said no way. I don’t wear outfits that visually divide me in half. I’m very short and it makes me look even shorter. There are way too many details on the blouse and it’s bulky at the top which would draw attention to my less than perfectly smooth neck. ( Aging is not for the timid.) my version wouldn’t have pockets, would be made out of silk so would drape flatter and would have simple shoulders or gathered shoulders but no collar. The pants are just ok. I’d prefer a nicer fabric and have them be a bit longer as a nod too my short legs.
    No to everything about the second outfit. Nothing skinny ( even though I’m little, it just seems unflattering on a lot of women. Oversized tops just look silly on me and the colors would wash me out.
    So glad you’re life is getting back to normal Pam.

  12. Just curious why you rarely/never post the source of the outfit like Jennifer does? On occasions I’m interested in making a purchase so that information would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  13. Thank you for asking! I try my best, but in the past year it has become more and more difficult to locate the exact pieces online. I have linked exact pieces when I can, but I will share with you the retailer like I did today. I promise my best to find them online. I think it will become easier as retailing begins to bounce back from COVID. At this time, I do not have the luxury of only photographing what I can directly link to. Believe me, I want those links for you if they can be located! Thanks!

  14. I’m afraid that I don’t really like anything about the outfit on the left. It just doesn’t fit with my more casual style. The outfit on the right, however, definitely does. I’d prefer jeans without the extra seam down the front though. I suspect that it’s meant to add interest and perhaps lengthen the look of the legs, but at 5’8″, I already have long legs. I’m not sure if the colour of the top and cardigan would suit me, but I’d try them on.

  15. Hi everyone! It’s going to be another snowy weekend in Chicago. We must have 2 feet of snow on the ground but its a balmy 17 degrees and we all do have heat. I do not like the pockets on the light-colored blouse but like the pants. The jeans are just too narrow for me. I’m top-heavy and I need more of a balance on the bottom half. Stay warm! They say it’s almost Spring. Of course it’s not Spring in Chicago until May!

  16. I really like the muted purple cardigan and could see wearing that with a variety of outfits. The floral top underneath is similar to one I just bought on my recent trip north (the day BEFORE the big storm hit!) from Christopher & Banks who, BTW, are closing up shop – don’t know if it was just that location or everywhere. So, yes, I would wear those elements though the jeans are a bit too skinny and detailed for me. I really like the pants on the other mannequin – those are sharp looking and would snap those up! I do not care for blouses that emphasize my shoulders, so would pass on that particular top.

  17. Very little of this works for my style. I initially liked the cardigan on the right but then I remembered that hoods on open cardigans often make them sag down my back. The weight pulls the sweater so it feels I comfortable.
    The outfit on the left doesn’t have the modern vibe I like in my outfits.

  18. The small cross body bag (as I am opting for smaller handbags now and do like its neutral color) and the skinny jeans (because of their style and front seamed accent) would be the only two items I would consider for myself. Also, good to have you back again Pamela and to know the most challenging days dealing with Mother Nature’s wrath of snow and freezing temps are behind you now. Fondly – Brenda-

  19. I realize the blouse on the left is a very current style (that puff sleeve) but it gets a firm no from me. I do like the one on the right but would prefer a cardigan without a hood and flats – easy transformations.

  20. both blouses are too fussy for me. I don’t feel comfortable in big floral prints. And there’s way too much puff on the blouse. Pants are a “no” – I don’t need dressy office type pants and I don’t care for the seams on the jeans. I’d go with the sweater and the small purse as they’re more my style. Love these posts. The comments are great. Seeing things I wouldn’t pick out is a lesson. Glad you’re back!

  21. Love those blue pants on the left — but I’d pair them with a different top and different shoes — I think the white ankles of the mannequin make for a clunky look — dark socks might help. That necklace caught my eye — very pretty!

    The outfit on the right is something I’d wear — love the color mix and it looks so comfy!

    I must thank you for your “emergency preparedness” post. It prompted me to contact the safety director at my workplace and suggest that she remind our employees about the importance of an emergency kit. She send out a staff email on Friday. You just never know when it might come in handy as you well know. Again, many thanks!

  22. At first glance, I would have said yes to the blouse on the left, but then I noticed the puffy shoulders which are not a good look for me. I don’t care for the wide legs & the thick high waistband on the pinstriped pants, but would consider pinstripes if both the legs & waistband were narrower. I like the soft purple cardigan but don’t care for hoods for the same reason as Jennifer stated. I don’t care for seamed jeans, & the way these look on the mannequin seems a bit cock-eyed. All in all, I give both looks a no.

  23. I like both looks and would try them although I think a true white blouse would be better for me in the outfit on the left. Love the slacks with the high waist and pinstripes. I like the way the necklace is styled but recently necklaces have irritated me so I’m only wearing them in the winter with turtlenecks. Not sure I would like the large flowers in the blouse on the right, but if that did not work I would have many other shirts and blouses that I could wear with the other pieces in the outfit. I love the hoodie on the cardigan and the crossbody bag, although I have several in black and would probably use them rather than buying another bag. Sneakers or flats would also work well with that outfit, especially with a more casual top.

  24. Here’s the thing, I knew immediately this was Vera Wang for Kohl’s. For some reason that bothers me. I guess I feel like I would see myself all over town – not unique. I live in a small city and Kohl’s is all that’s left for in-person shopping. Even though the prints and colors are gorgeous I would pass. As an aside, my Kohl’s is a mess. Crammed too full of ath-leisure and clearance merchandise.

  25. Hi! Before I forget, thank you for the heads up on the Foxcroft sample sale. I got four tops and a pair of pants for $50!!! All brand new, with tags, exactly as described in the Foxcroft site and the fit on all items was PERFECT (22w).

    The outfit on the left: blouse not for me. I am not fond of how the color looks on me and also I avoid chest pockets. The pants seem nice but I prefer them longer when they are that wide at the bottom.

    The outfit on the right: like the top half and would wear. Have similar tops and cardis. The jeans seem a bit stiff and fussy.

    I like these posts and enjoy reading what other women think and how they evaluate outfits differently.


  26. Hi Pamela! I am so happy to have found your site. Good to know that life is slowly returning to normal for you.
    The “Would you wear it? feature is fun. As regards these outfits, I’d say I wish I could wear the blue pants and white outfit, but it would not flatter me. I am short waisted with an apple figure, so any blouse tucked in in a high contrast color doesn’t suite me. The trend in high waist pants works against me! Still, I think this is a classy looking outfit for women who could carry it off. (Sigh).
    The second outfit is more my style. The cardigan and loose top are simplistic to what I wear. This sweater and top look cute together. I’d opt for a pair of bootcut or straight jeans instead of the skinnies. I just have not found skinny jeans to be comfortable. The shoes would defined not work for my wide feet. Happy to see so many cute flats and sneakers on the market, and would swap out for a cute pair of booties or perhaps loafers.

  27. So happy to have you, Susan! Let me know if there are topics you would like to see discussed.

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