6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size

6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size

Happy Sunday!  Today, I am discussing six tips how to shop when both misses and plus size.

I know there are readers who will understand you can be both, in the same body, just like me.

Most of my adult life, I have lived in two retail neighborhoods….the far upper side of misses, and the far lower side of plus size…it can be very frustrating and challenging to discover the right fit of garments.  When your size is really found in two worlds, then you must shop in places that offer styles to both misses and plus size.




6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size

I hear you…I live it and know that there are women who are sometimes size 16, size 18, XL, XXL, XXXL, 0X, 1X, 16W, 18W and even some 2X all at the same time.  Seriously, this can be a challenge and deeply discouraging depending on the retailer.

TIP #1:  it is important to take your measurements often and use them when shopping online.  It never fails that  brands will change sizing of the same garment from season to season….the perfect knit blazer may fit differently when you go the next year to order it in another color!  You rarely can depend on the same fit.

TIP #2:  We simply need to try garments on for the best fit.  Garments only offered online can be frustrating and challenging for this type of shopper.  There are a few cases where we can trust the sizing at that retailer…or we know which type of garment runs large or small…but those are not the norm.

TIP #3:  Remember…it is the clothes and not YOU that is the problem.  It has nothing to do with you and you should not get down on yourself when something doesn’t fit like you need it to….it is the garment…NOT YOU.

Note:  The photo at the top is a Foxcroft top.  I love Foxcroft, but this is one retailer where I must go into plus sizes in order to get the best fit.  Larger Misses are mostly too small.  Once I faced this and understood it was necessary to get the best fit, then it was easier to order online.


6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size 

I often run into sales associates who do not understand that I need to take garments from both departments into a dressing room to see which offers the best fit.  Maybe it is just me, but there are associates out there who have been down-right-snooty about it.  Which makes me wonder how they treat women who are only plus size.

In this new world where many fashion retailers are struggling, you would think they would do everything possible to make a sale.  Open your dressing rooms!  Train customer-service minded associates! When someone is rude to me…I walk right out.

There are places I shopped before COVID, but no longer frequent because they do not do the extra work needed to open dressing rooms.  Women like me must try clothing on.  It is too much work to buy it, take it home, try it on and return it.

TIP #4:  You be in control. Don’t allow any sales associate to make you feel bad about you…do not give them that permission.  You are the customer.  Like I said, if they are rude, walk right out.  If there are no dressing rooms, don’t walk in.


6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size

Retailers need to stop punishing plus size women, but embrace them as a customer:

  1. Stop hiding the plus size departments at the backs of second level stores
  2. Stop adding so much additional costs to these garments…I know there is more fabric involved. But find another way to handle pricing so that it honors the woman….no matter her size.
  3. Sell designs which flatter the larger woman’s figure and not just designs that hide us.
  4. Train associates to be polite and be equipped with ideas of how to help this special customer.

TIP #5: When you find retailers doing it the right way, let them know that you appreciate it, and they will keep your business.



6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size 

There are shopping days, when it is a huge challenge not to get discouraged or think badly of myself for being a larger size.  I have been on those shopping ventures when nothing fit right or there was no fun, stylish options available in my size and I know it can be a mental battle.

I am human and there are days that living in both of these worlds is difficult.  Since I am in process of learning what my style will be in this new phase of life, I have had many days when my size gets me down.  This mental battle also rears its ugly head at the beginning of warm weather season.  There is more of a challenge to look good when the weather is warm…or hot…as it the case often in South Texas.

Someone commented once on the blog…”Why do you wear capri pants? They are so unflattering and old school!”  Well, to put it simply…it is hot down here…and I do not feel confident in shorts!

The Internet is full of cute, beautiful, small women over 50 and it is often a challenge not to compare.  But it will destroy our joy if we allow any of this to take us to a point where we give up looking our best.

TIP #6:  Avoid comparisons as much as possible…they are deadly.  Rejoice in who you are today and dress the body you have for confidence today.  Don’t be caught thinking…I will fix up and look nice when….  You are fabulous and should own that now…not later. 

I understand that it takes courage to walk into a plus size store, but if that is where you can find fit that helps you to look and feel confident…then breathe deep and walk in!

6 tips how to shop when both misses and plus size


I learned at age 50 to dress the body I have…despite the challenges…and to look my best every day. It helped me to put a smile on my face and go out each day with confidence.  It even helped me to lose weight and take better care of my body.  I am going to address more of this during the week ahead.

If you find yourself in this same place, then be encouraged and join me as we prepare for warmer weather.  I am going to write regularly to include the plus size woman, so please let me know what topics you would like me to discuss.  I hear you…I understand you…I live in both worlds. 

We can do this…look our best…enjoy our lives and have some fun with confidence.


 By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I was just about late to this party but am so glad I made the effort to drop in to read today’s post, Pamela, because it’s so encouraging & thoughtful & kind. My two best friends are in this range of eternal bafflement regarding their sizing & I’ve been shopping with them often enough to know what a thankless & often soul-sucking experience it can be. I am continually astonished at how little effort many retailers put into attracting AND KEEPING their more generously sized clientele because — hello! It’s not just your job, folks, it’s your livelihood. Your future literally depends on bringing shoppers through the doors & making them happy & giving them a positive reason to return (& maybe bringing a friend with them).

    I also wanted to add that every single outfit you modeled for us today looks amazing, so whatever you’re doing, it’s working 🙂 And you reminded me of why I like V-neck tops so much. They really do add a strong vertical line I think flatters just about everyone (& at 5’4″ I need all the verticality I can get!).

  2. Thank you for writing my thoughts so eloquently! 😁 I have been shopping almost exclusively online. Chico’s and jjill are my favorites and seem to understand that plus women want to be stylish too. I can’t imagine why the manufacturers think that because our bodies are bigger around that our arms must be longer too. I wear a regular size pant, but a 1x top. At Talbots I have to go to a completely different store to find a top to go with the bottoms.
    Thank you for a great post today. You are so relatable and kind.

  3. This was the Best one yet. Being 70 in Covid has made my Body Metanorphis. Weigh has not changed but Shifted? I too am challenged with sizing .
    Thankyou for helping get my mind in a great place and to shop choice not size tags.

  4. Thank you Pam for this wonderful post. I have been a size 16 – 18 for many years. I know exactly what you are talking about. I always have to try on clothes from both departments and many times leave the store with nothing. I also have a small clothing budget so that is another challenge that would be helpful if you could give us tips on how to shop both departments keeping that in mind. I have found that I can shop Landsend and find casual clothing that fits and holds up well. Normally I receive a 40% off and free shipping a couple of times a season so that makes them affordable for me. I always appreciate your tips and tricks and love your style ! Thank you for everything you do for us !

  5. Thank you Pamela for writing this post. It is just what I needed today! I love all the outfits you showed us today and you look fabulous in all of them!

  6. I read today’s post with interest. With staying at home,mobility problems,I seem to be enlarging rather than shrinking horizontially. I went to the Lane Bryant site to check out just the tops and was discouraged-they all look like what I used to call maternity tops. None of which I would wear! To me the best look is the layered one. But apparently that is not what the manufacturers are pushing and it is hard when it get warmer in Texas and Florida! Anyway, thanks for the tips.

  7. I like how you say, Janet, that it is a place of “eternal bafflement” regarding sizing…it truly can be baffling which leads to great frustration. I wish retailers would pay more attention to this large group of consumers.

  8. Chico’s has been a place where I most often am able to find my consistent sizing. I have been a size 3 forever and occasionally can size down…so mentally I feel great about it! I agree Chico’s and JJill seem to understand we want to be stylish and youthful!

  9. You are welcome, Sue. I think COVID has hit many of our bodies hard and being aware of it is a great place to begin. Happy Sunday!

  10. You are so welcome, Beth! I will do a post on affordable clothing budgeting when you live in this world. I will try to plan that soon.

  11. Thanks Diane! I hope to give all of us encouragement…and also acknowledge the frustrations and challenges.

  12. I agree with what you saw in the current collection at Lane Bryant…there are some great pieces on their website…you just have to get past the other maternity type styles to find them. I will be talking more about styling in our warmer weather.
    We will work on this together.

  13. You are so right about Foxcroft! Their tops run really small. I had to buy a 1x in a velvet shirt that I just love! I share your frustration with online shopping, especially for pants. I never buy pants online. Usually I would return so I said no more! I only shop online with certain manufacturers I know will fit me.

  14. Great post! I am not ashamed about the size number in my clothes as no one sees them, but some friends will not venture out of their number. I am also on the edge of both areas and need to try on to find the right fit. One of our plus size stores has just closed and where I live there is not much choice. I have found that the sales asssociates in the plus stores are much more helpful and pleasant and am so tired of being ignored due to size or age that I have walked out. I do hope when the stores are open and dressing rooms as well in our area that the staff will be more eager to please for continued business. Is it so hard to be nice??? As for the capri statement, I cannot wear shorts either, so all of my items must be a few inches below the knees, be it skirts or short capris I still try to find a flattering spot on the leg. I have learned recently while spending time in my closet that the longer tops I wore to hide the tummy are not as flattering as the high hip area and to heck with the ‘trying to look slim’ idea, as I am not. Just trying to look the best I can with what I have. I will eager look forward to more on this topic. thanks.

  15. I could not love this post more! I’m so proud of you for speaking up. Bravo.

    It infuriates me to think of the rudeness larger women endure and the bashing their self confidence takes at the hands of rude, condescending, and snooty sales staff.

    Large and plus size women are entitled to the same respect and stylish clothes given to thinner women.

    Weight does not determine our value and your dollars are every bit as green as mine.

    Btw, you look fabulous in that red jacket.

  16. I am the same way, Linda…it seems when I try to go other directions it most often does not work out.

  17. You are welcome, Diane. I so wish retailers would see and LISTEN to this conversation. I just do not get sales associates who look down on women who face these frustrations…what an opportunity they have to make sales.

  18. It seems to me that there is a TIP missing. Women would do well to a) learn to tailor their clothing for the best fit, or b) know a good tailor. RARELY do clothes fit perfect straight off the rack. (And I mean perfect for the wearer.)

    I notice that the “boxy” or loose tops/shirts/coats make a woman look frumpy. Wearing a belt or something (underneath jackets) that will cinch the waist gives an outfit a more “put-together” look, and is actually more slimming for the wearer than loose garments.
    Similarly, garments that create vertical lines down the body make the wearer look slimmer.

    It’s all about fooling the eye!

  19. Thanks for the support! I know petite women face their own sets of challenges when shopping as well and you do such a lovely job of being there voice, Jennifer. On the red jacket…that was a piece I found at Marshalls years ago and it has always been a favorite. I miss Marshalls…as long as their dressing rooms are closed, I cannot shop clothing there.

  20. I am probably your size; I like to try on for all the reasons you mentioned. More importantly, I am 67, still work in a meaningful career and buy lots of clothes. Sometimes stores don’t recognize that bigger, older women have discretionary money and want to enjoy the shopping experience. That’s one reason Chico’s, JJill, and Dillard’s win with me. If I am not enjoying my shopping experience, I am out the door.

  21. You are right, Julie and picked up on tips for the follow up post to this. However, tailor’s are expensive and sometimes difficult to locate. So, many of my tips will be about styling to look smaller rather than the tailor…though, if you have a good, affordable one..it is a blessing!!

  22. So right, Nyla! Good customer service makes such a difference and those are also my three top stores for it! I have great local sales associates at all three of those who work with me to look my best.

  23. Can you tell me where you got the gray pants with the Foxcroft shirt? Also on the other styles shown — you look great (maybe I “clicked” on wrong spot! Wonderful post for everyone that like my sister and I mailing back online orders, no matter what size, it’s very inconsistent. My younger and thin daughter feeling “fat” because size she ordered now doesn’t fit. Trust me, doesn’t need a diet, but the maker’s size change can have women doubting their weight & size, even when small.

  24. good points! it reminds me of why Soma now has my business where Victorias Secret had it for a long time…..VS put all their eggs in one basket, the perfect 20 something basket. what VS failed to remember, or maybe just didnt care, is that us older imperfects not only know quite a bit about the theories they are selling, plus, we have more disposable income than most 20 somethings…last two times in my 50’s i went into VS and couldnt get any help, that was it…i tried Soma, and have been loyal ever since.

  25. You are right…the brands cause us to doubt ourselves and we cannot give them that permission…but understand it is about the clothes. I also think when they change often where the clothes are made, that it creates some of the sizing issues…as well as quality.
    The grey leggings I am wearing are from JJILL but no longer available. JJILL leggings in XL fit me well and I have several pair. I love these because of the texture they offer and have worn them so much during the fall and winter seasons.

  26. I haven’t been to Victoria Secrets in ages because they last time I was there, I was ignored. I also love SOMA…my current favorite sleepwear!

  27. Great article Pam! You have eloquently stated the frustrations I have felt for years. Even more so now as many retailers here (Canada) have moved to online shopping only. There is money to be spent but not wasted on retailers that don’t get it.

  28. Yes! We do have some control as consumers…we can choose where and how to spend!

  29. A very timely blog post, Pam, with a lot of us ladies coming out of cooler weather into spring styles now carrying a little extra Covid weight! I’ve gained the average ten pounds quarantine weight, and it’s enough to push me up a size (if I want to stay comfortable in my clothes!). I’m not going to invest in high priced fashions now, but I do need fashionable styles to wear to fit my now-body.

  30. I too am in the no (wo)man’s land of misses/plus. What is the most frustrating for me is that sometimes there is literally no size that fits me. The biggest misses is too small, and the smallest plus is too big. For those who have VonMaur in their area, their service so incredible. Prior to my sons wedding, I was undergoing a medically necessary breast reduction. This store let me take home 3 sizes of the same dress, and keep them almost 6 months! I never asked them to do something like that, but they offered as trying to go the extra mile. Now I drive several miles to return the favor with my dollars. I love JJill and Chico’s, because I can wear their misses and save some money. I seldom even look at Lane Bryant, and I don’t think it caters to the my demographic. Pam, every single thing you said is spot on, and I too wish retailers were reading.

  31. These are good tips for anyone. It is a rare woman who is solidly one size across the board. I have the same kinds of issues with regular misses and petites. I have been going into stores right along because I simply must try things on. I have also stopped going to retailers who won’t open dressing rooms. But truly, it’s important for most of us to take multiple sizes and fits into the dressing rooms to get the perfect fit. I wear different sizes depending on the garments in the same retailer. I learned long ago that I’m not a single size, and a size doesn’t determine who I am. I do have preferred retailers who do understand this.

  32. Oh, gosh, my friend and I were just lamenting some of the physical changes we have each experienced these past couple years since going through the change. Weight may remain stable, but we have somehow added to the tummy area. It makes selecting clothing – both tops and bottoms – more difficult. As to CAPRIS, may I just say, these are a mainstay of spring and summer style in Oregon. Often it is just too chilly out to wear shorts, and past a certain point too, many of us have prominent veins we wish to keep under wraps. Capris let you enjoy the feel of the season while providing a little warmth and modesty.

  33. This is off topic . . . Do you have a shopping link for the UIN shoes you presented last week? I hesitated at the time since some reviews mentioned rubbed heels, but saw their pansy design today and would like to give them a try. Thanks!

  34. Hi Connie! The pansies are so cute! There is a coupon code for 45 off…here you go..use their main website. Thanks so much!

    Just enter at purchase: pamover50feeling40uin

  35. I hope I can bring you some affordable options for now, Betty. Will be looking for them.

  36. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I do agree that in some instances tailoring is required and needed. It just means that we have to alter our budgeting to include the tailoring…but it does give us a way to take back control of the fit.
    I am so glad you shared, because there are many women in the same circumstance as you.

  37. I know petites struggle as well so I appreciate you representing their voice, Karen.

  38. They are a mainstay in Texas as well! It just gets too hot to wear the long pants every day. Thanks Connie. BTW…invite your friend to join us here!

  39. Oh, so true!

    One retailer split its store, moving the plus size division to another floor in the mall. Petites and regular sizes are together in a separate storefront. That was the end, as far as I’m concerned, because I live in both worlds. I can’t be bothered to visit two stores, running all over the mall to try things on, especially now in pandemic times. Why, you ask? The mall inconveniently limited access points, so some escalators have been closed for the duration. Up and down escalators are on opposite sides of the mall.

    Another retailer closed the plus size store near my home, and promised that they would consolidate their sizes in the regular-size store. They didn’t. They also own another plus size chain, not so close, but they got rid of the curvy silhouette at the same time, so customers like me are out in the cold — no more pants or jeans to fit.

    If you think it’s hard to shop where you are, the choices are even more limited in Canada, and I live in an urban centre. Those international retailers that carry plus sizes in your country do not necessarily carry those lines here. Either they don’t sell them at all, or severely restrict what they do. The Talbot’s in the mall goes up to size 12. Nordstrom? Nothing in my size. Paying exchange rates and import duties plus return fees is out of the question. I live too far from the border to have a postal box on your side of it, and anyways, packages are piling up in those, due to border restrictions, Covid testing and quarantines.

    This leaves me with Walmart, Old Navy online (the stores in my city don’t seem to carry the plus sizes) and a few other places here and there that carry my size. I am everywhere from an XL (easy to find) to size 18, which is smaller than American size 18. Clerks tell me that most plus-size women they see are bigger than that. I have been a “plus size” shopper since I was a size 14 (maybe your 12?).

    I guess nobody wants women of a certain size. We are supposed to disappear.

  40. Binky, Your comment hit so hard, because I see it beginning to happen here and so hope it does not go this far. There are a few retailers in my town which have gone to only one location to carry plus size. So if it is out of your way or you do not care for the lack of customer service, you are out of luck with that one. I am really sorry that in Canada you have to experience this and I so hope a retailer or even future brand will pay attention…women of all sizes want to be able to shop and find something that is stylish and helps them feel and look their best…there is money to be made. The shipping challenges would be be very frustrating as well. Hang in there…hopefully we will see changes. As always, I am going to be optimistic that we can.

  41. Pam, first of all, you look great in all of your pictures. Thank you for a wonderful and thoughtful article. You remind me of my sister so I have a soft spot for you. I hate to think of any sales person being rude to you. I have found myself leaving when I have been totally ignored by the sales people. Your tips are good for every size. Thank you.

  42. You are so welcome, Carolyn…tell your sister HI! I think the sales person that was rude was lazy and annoyed that I needed to try on so many different sizes. Maybe I should have offered to put the clothes up for her!

  43. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a plus size petite which further complicates the issue. I had a sales associate tell me they didn’t carry them in store, but I could order them online. This does not help me at all because I need to try things on. Another associate said to just hem the regular plus size pants. This does not work because the crotch hit me at mid thigh. Petite is a whole different dynamic. Petite does not mean small as some retailers think. It means short. Neither the Jjills or Chicos closest to me carries their plus size clothes. I will say that the selection now is better than 25 years ago. I wanted to buy my plus sized mother a nice top. The major retailer where I was shopping only had over sized t-shirts in plus sizes. This was totally inappropriate for an 80 women. I will give kudos to the Talbott’s & their sales associates in my area. They have a broad ranges of sizes & helpful associates.

  44. Perhaps some of us need to send a link to this post and comments to our favorite retailers. We could post it online or on their websites or Facebook pages and see if we could get them to pay attention!
    Thank you to Becky and others for sharing their frustrations and successes.

  45. Just want to add that I have had great luck with the Gap tunics & t-shirts. They carry a 2X, which seems to work well when I want a good basic style that doesn’t cling. I used to be a loyal LL Bean shopper, but unfortunately they’ve become one of the stores that really don’t understand larger sizes.
    I love JJill & Chico’s too – my go-to’s.
    Thanks for the Soma tip .. I have been struggling with VS for a few years now .. the attitudes I encounter, and pricing for garments which are getting more cheaply made every year.
    Finally, thanks so much for the section on mental battles. Much needed!!
    Can’t wait to read further explorations on this topic. Love that you speak my language, Pam!

  46. Great post Pam! You look great in all your photos! If I hadn’t been reading your blog for awhile, I would never guess you were shopping anywhere close to plus sizes. You just look normal to me, not big and not small. I also have very much the same fit issues. I normally wear a 14-16, but had to go up to a size xxl to get a fitted black dress to look right. I’ve gotten many compliments when I’ve worn it. Yes, the size bothered me, so I cut it out!
    Fortunately I know a little about sewing and have altered a few blouses to fit my ample boobage by sewing darts up the front to take in some of the extra fabric. Utube has been very helpful with ideas.
    I’ve long suspected that some designers are a bit snooty and don’t want plus size woman wearing their clothes. Also I’ve learned that at a certain point, patterns have to be redesigned for plus sizing. It’s more then just expanding the pattern. Darts, arm holes, etc have to be realigned.
    And, I’ve never understood why retailers aren’t falling all over trying to get our business. We mature adults have money to spend!

  47. Thanks for the encouragement, Jane. I do not know if you are aware that Soma has the same ownership as Chico’s…so they have the same great customer service and brand philosophy. They do a good job and have been so helpful with undergarments and sleep outfits.

  48. What a wonderful post today, Pam!

    In the past couple of years I have gone from a size 10 to size 14 — and those numbers did a “number” on me!! I’ve had to change my mindset and remember to not compare my new self to my old self! I think I’ve finally arrived, but a reminder is always a good thing.

    I love jackets and I really like all of the ones you have on in your photos. They give me lots of styling ideas, especially now when we are in that transitional weather period here in Ohio.

    I really appreciate your blog and your positive outlook! What a fun way to start the week!

  49. One of the reasons I didn’t cut your blog recently when I decided my inbox and Facebook feeds were too cluttered is that you aren’t a size 4. Everything looks great on a thin model. When I see you I can better imagine how something would work on me. I love the look you created with the red jacket, and the black jacket with the scarf is beautiful too. The colors in the floral top are my favorites and I would definitely wear it with a black sweater or jacket like you styled it.

    We all have issues finding clothes that fit and flatter. I can shop in the misses department though I am often between sizes there, too. I never considered the difficulty of needing one item in a plus size and one in misses. My challenges include long legs (34” inseam) and size 11 AAA shoes. I’m pretty much limited to black/navy/denim pants and black shoes.

  50. So glad you stuck around, Kate!! I can see where your challenges can be frustrating. I hope to give you more ideas going forward! Thanks for sharing.

  51. Great post, Pam! I nominate you to offer customer service training on how to interact with ALL customers for all retailers. I honesty cannot understand how so many get customer service so wrong. Whatever size or age a woman is, she wants clothing and accessories that flatter her shape and coloring and style. Sizes vary so much from brand to brand and sometimes within a brand due to cut and fabric. I find it strange that as women get older and have more money to spend, retailers miss the mark in catering to us. I find I am shopping more at places that provide excellent service – Chico’s, Talbots, Nordstrom, and Macy’s – and I strive to express my appreciation to sales associates for their help.

  52. This tip really struck me:
    “Sell designs which flatter the larger woman’s figure and not just designs that hide us.”
    Seems like such an obvious strategy, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for such a great post, Pam.

  53. You are welcome, Cynthia. The comments today have proven that there is money out there for the retailers that treat us right!

  54. Pam, thanks for the $5 code with UIN today. I bought both the Forget-Me-Nots (I called them pansies earlier) and the Marigolds. Since I bought 2 pairs there was a 15% discount, and it took your code also. I opted to wait for the slow shipping so that was free, too. So happy and excited to get these astonishingly CHEERFUL new shoes for spring and summer! Sending you a few cups of “coffee” as Thanks!

  55. Thanks so much, Connie! Your support is so appreciated! They are happy shoes…aren’t they!

  56. Oh My Goodness! Spot on with everything you said! I’m also in your same ‘hoods and have been for years, with all the same issues. It’s really disappointing when I have the dollars and the inclination to spend them on things that flatter me, and can’t seem to find one darn thing that works. And now that I’m a bit older (66) I find it’s even harder. I do sew, and sew very well, so I’m blessed to be able to make new or alter things to fit. But it’s so depressing to have to alter something after I’ve paid top dollar – and many stores offer that service for men for free! I’ve been learning to frequent stores that are getting better, and like you do, walk out of the ones who seem to deaf to our needs. Thanks for blessing us with your knowledge and fashion savvy.

  57. Oh my yes to all that has been written. I have to shop between both areas, and it is many times so disappointing. It is so interesting that when I was younger…and thinner….money was tight so I had to shop carefully. Now that I am, shall we say, more mature….I can spend what I want…. if I could only find attractive clothing! I do feel we are certainly an over looked market!

  58. Oh! I know how it is to live in two size worlds. Often the larger Misses sizes do not fit quite right and the smaller Plus sizes are too loose and baggy. It’s a real job to find the happy medium. And often I come home without purchasing anything because I just can’t find anything that looks good on me.

    And I agree with the capris. They may not be the most fashionable right now but I live in Arizona (dry heat is still HOT!) and I don’t wear shorts so capris are my summer go-to pants. Who wants pants all the way down to your ankles when your body is steaming and you crave the slightest breeze.

  59. I 100 % agree about tailors being expensive! Bravo to ladies who can alter their own clothing! I am more of a “sew on a button, stitch up a tear (if possible), tack up a hem” gal myself – I do what I can! But I can not afford to alter brand new garments – I’ll keep looking , make a substitute or wait for a great sale! Loved this one, Pam – and that red jacket is a winner on you!!!

  60. I meant to comment on the “Capri” dissing – I LOVE MY CAPRIS! It’s pretty dang hot (and humid) in Georgia, too! A pair of nice capris can cover veins, sunspots, not so firm thighs and make you look good doing it! Depending on the weather, your choice of top, shoes and accessories can take you from Spring through Fall down here! They go to work, church, shopping, ball games, family get-togethers – everywhere! I’ve always had slim calves and ankles, and my husband ALWAYS tells me how much slimmer I look in them than long pants!

  61. I forgot one more good source of casual clothing: Joe Fresh, sold in grocery stores and online. The sizes and lengths are always a true 1X for me, except in oversized sweaters, when I am an XL.

    To my delight, Walmart online here now sells a limited number of Eloquii items, so I’ll see if those work. Our size 18 is their size 16.

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