How to transition wardrobe and home to spring

How to transition wardrobe and home to spring

Happy Sunday! Let’s discuss how to transition wardrobe and home to spring. 

If you are like me, you are really, really ready for spring this year…the sunshine, warmth, colors, and joy. 

So, there are small ways to transition to the new season around our wardrobes and homes.


How to transition wardrobe and home to spring

There are so many things that need to be “refreshed.”  My skinny jeans are worn and I am looking for a fit I love this much.

My front porch and brick need to be power washed, but today, I just want to focus on the beautiful springtime positives. 

So, recently I purchased this PERFECT LAYER CARDIGAN at Chico’s just to add a touch of spring. This cardigan also comes in black.  The necklace is an older Chico’s purchase.

Come back tomorrow for a discussion of springtime accessories! 

I really like this cardigan…it has color, vibrancy, fit and goes well with the wardrobe pieces I already own.  A great way to say springtime!  I was able to purchase it on sale…so watch for those sales to pop up more often now. 

All you need to do is add a little color to your current styles…pull the sun and flowers out of your closet and wear color…or have fun and do a little shopping!

I found a few transition- to -spring pieces for this slideshow!  One or two great pieces can say spring and brighten your countenance!



How to transition your wardrobe and home to spring

I put away any home decor which said winter to me, and started with a small update to my front porch.

The first thing was to get a warm weather wreath that will live through spring and summer.  I loved this “happy” wreath I found at Michael’s.  

I think the front porch decor is so important because it greets visitors to our house before I do.  Mr. B is a CPA and this time of year, many of his clients come by for tax work consultations.

I want them to be greeted first with joy!

I found a door mat and pillows for my bench at Walmart. 

I have done some little refreshes inside the house with items from Target….especially, door mats and bathroom rugs which were worn and needed a new springtime touch. 

Pretty soon, we will be adding more colorful plants to our yard and we usually go to Home Depot for those.

How to transition your wardrobe and home to spring

Also, I want the house to smell fresh upon entering, so often this time of year, I open the windows as much as possible.

I purchased a light Febreze for fabrics in a lavender scent and I do spray the cloth furniture, drapes and rugs once a week. Also, there is a Mediterranean Lavender scent.

How to transition wardrobe and ome to spring

Ultimately, this is the season which brings new life and hope.  So let’s make sure above all that we plant hope!  

That is the best way to bring a fresh touch to our home life.  Hope, Joy, Love.

What are some ways you transition to spring?  Please share….and make sure you always…


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. Beautiful cardigan! That definitely says spring and brings out the colors we’re all probably ready for. It’s going to be a few montgs yet before spring truly arrives, but I’m trying to lighten up my color choices. I’m currently shopping for some sweaters in spring colors because sweaters are still needed here. I’m making sure to always have fresh flowers inside, easy to pick up at the grocery store. My home is always light and airy, even through the winter months because I need the lift! I’ll add throw blankets and candles, but I have a year-round beachy vibe in here. I really like your doormat! Need to add a new doormat to my list!

  2. Thanks for sharing your touches of spring. I started yesterday adding items to our home and we’ll be going shopping to look for a couple of things you displayed. Blessings

  3. I brought down all my Easter Decorations from the attic yesterday and will be putting them up this week. They are a mixture of springtime and renewal of hope. I love Easter/Spring and the message it brings! Now to move on to my wardrobe! Thank you for such positive messages you start my day with. Have a blessed day.

  4. I have been gravitating toward wearing my lighter colors the past couple weeks already – buttery yellow and pale pink cardigans, mixed in with ankle pants (a little chilly first thing in the morning, but comfortable from about eleven onward). Our house remains a construction zone inside, but I will be using my spring tablecloths soon! In the first slideshow, I actually already bought the scoop neck tank version of the Lands End blouson you’re showing. I got it in that print and the gingham, along with the gingham bottoms. I have a couple bottoms in navy from previous purchases, so will have that look for mix and match as well. I love Lands End swimwear. It really is made for longevity.
    Happy Sunday!!!

  5. I love that Chico’s sweater. Just the thing to “spring up” a black tank dress or black jeans, which can feel heavy this time of year, just as you said so well. You might try Talbots jeggings if you haven’t yet. I buy a lot of basics from Land’s End. I often get enough of an order together for free shipping, though alas not free returns. But a “shipping hack” is that Kohl’s carries much Land’s End. You can order, and pick up from the store and return there for free. As for a spring refresh, nothing says fresh to me as much as clean windows. I wash with joy this time of year!

    1. Yes! I love my Talbots jeggings! I wear them often. Since you mention shipping charges…Chico’s has the best option in my opinion. Go to their site and sign up to be a Passport member…it’s free to sign up! As a Passport customer, you always get free shipping plus 5% off your total purchase…every time…no exceptions!

  6. Such a pretty, cheerful cardigan! I have always stayed away from bright floral patterns, but after these past years (pandemic, multiple surgeries and PT) I have decided that I need a new, fun look. I’ve let my hair go grey and want to wear fun, clothes while still staying in my comfort level. This cardigan is the perfect addition to a tee and jeans…as pictured. This is beyond my comfortable price for a casual look, but it’s an inspiration to find similar pieces. I love your blog….designed for my age group!

    1. Thanks for being here, Theresa and joining in! I am just like you… for the first time in a long time, I am ready for vibrant color and colorful prints! Ready for some fun!!

  7. Though bright and sunny where I am; we are still very much in winter mode. (Still plenty of snow, high of 14° F ( including the wind factor) with more flurries reported for tomorrow.) Needless to say, it would not surprise me that similar to last year we will have about two to three weeks of Spring-like temps and then they will be in the summer range so if anything I am on the hunt for dual purpose clothing (linen, silk and cotton blends with the element of color, color, color) to freshen up my wardrobe.

    Wishing you A HAPPY SUNDAY. -Brenda-

    P.S.: Since our city is still in semi-lock down mode and it will be at least another two months (late April) before my age group gets the vaccine ; the past few weeks I have been treating myself to bouquets of tulips which has proven to be a great psychological booster without the ouch. ☺

  8. I brought out my spring décor last week because the sun finally made an appearance after a plethora of gray days. It was still chilly yesterday, but I wore my white denim jeans when I went to pick up our carry out dinner. Today, I am wearing a bright pink & white checked blouse. Your wreath & doormat make your front porch so welcoming, & your cardigan is lovely. Let’s bring on all things spring!

  9. I just finished hand washing and packing away my neutral colored lambs wool sweaters. I’m wearing fine gauge merino wool sweaters in bright colors now.

    I favor a neutral, minimalist home decor style with shots of bold color. I switch out my throws, cushion covers, bedding, plants and dishware with the seasons. Spring’s accent colors are daffodil yellow and spring green.

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