One little change to casual, at home style makes a huge difference

One little change to casual, at home style makes a huge difference

It’s Friday!  And today we are discussing how one little change to casual, at home style makes a huge difference.

Many of us are going casual a lot more than we had previously before the pandemic…and sometimes casual, at home style can trip us up.

We allow the sloppy part of casual to sneak in and eventually it robs our joy and the doldrums take over our attitudes.

And we can’t let that happen…can we?


One little change to casual, at home style makes a huge difference

While at the grocery this past week, I noticed a woman who was wearing a lovely floral top, jeans, and sandals.

Her style was joyful and it made me think of how simple the whole look really was.

It seems that many of us grew up thinking that it is faster to throw on sloppy tee shirts and sweatshirts than to put on a nicer top.

But, it is true, that it takes the same amount of time to select a nicer one over a sloppy one.  If you take the time, to top off your jeans or leggings with something nicer than a tee or sweatshirt…it will yield huge benefits.

Suddenly, your casual, at home style looks put together and polished, and you can easily run errands looking and feeling great.

I can dress up or down these JJill jeans, similar to their High Rise Cuffed Jeans in the current collection.  In fact, they were cuffed, but for a nicer look, I lowered the cuff…as the weather warms, the cuff will return!

I do think these fit more like the current BOYFRIEND JEANS.

But, it is simple easy to do things that make this a good casual, at home look for me.  I chose a Chico’s animal print top from last year, yellow slides, and a simple Styled Stack Cuff Bracelet from James Avery Artisan Jewelry.

One little change to casual at home style makes a huge difference

My bad habit started over the winter when I worked out in the morning to just stay in those clothes…I eventually would end up running errands like that because I did not take the time to change….and would always run into someone I know!!

One of my wardrobe goals in 2021 is to add more tops such as the one I am wearing today…which pair nicely with my denim and take my casual style up a notch.  It really is one little change that makes a huge difference.

I understand there are “work in the yard days” or “clean closets and house days” that you do not want to wear your nicer things…just don’t let those outfits rule your daily selections.

Understand that it only takes a few little changes and just as much time to dress. 

So let’s bring in spring tomorrow, by sweeping out bad habits from this past winter!


One little change to casual at-home style makes a huge difference

What works for the wardrobe, works for the home decor as well.

Just like the little change of wearing a nicer top, makes a huge difference in your look and attitude, so does something small at home like adding fresh flowers! It doesn’t take much to brighten your surroundings.

If you look at my porch pictures, you will see a white planter behind me.  I originally put faux flowers on the stand, because I did not want to worry about watering them…but Mr. B stepped in and said NO!

He was right, when I changed them to succulents it was a much nicer look. 

Something small…huge difference!

On Monday, I will begin creating slideshows for readers who have sent me their five style adjectives.  Anyone can still do this…just send them to

What are your wardrobe goals for warmer weather?  Please share….enjoy my “nicer tops” slideshow below…and always…..



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. What a great look you’re showing today! One way I’ve found to stay away from the easy “just throw on a sweatshirt” look is to let them go. I saved two for camping, but otherwise they are gone. You look polished and ready for most anything in this outfit. Like you are doing, I’m adding some new tops for casual wear, mostly because I need a little refresh after a big closet purge. I’m choosing nicer, current looks and find that it’s more fun to get dressed for the day when I have nice things to choose from. I have always dressed nicely, even on days I stay home. Ready for anything that comes up this way, and things do come up. I like the tie sleeves on your top. Fun and current touch that adds something extra. I’ll have to check out the jeans. I’m updating some of mine so I’ll try those on when I’m at JJill. Great idea about lowering the cuffs. Just because they are sold that way doesn’t mean they have to always be worn that way! You look classy and current!

  2. I realized long ago that if I went to the grocery or Walmart without looking what I called “presentable”, I was bound to see people I knew, or my old students. Living in a small town where there are few shopping places, and teaching for almost 30 years here, I’m sure to be recognized. Therefore, I always dress in the manner you are discussing before I leave the house.

  3. I love this shorter top on you! Very flattering! I am trying to up my game with my casual wear so this was very helpful.

  4. I also realized this when I was teaching…inevitably I would run into students and their parents. It just easier to take the time to fix up my casual! Thanks Celia.

  5. Am loving this top on you Pam with its shorter length (that IMHO visually elongates your legs) , its V-neck (giving center stage to your pleasant smile) and the tie on the sleeves (adding a nod of femininity). As to wardrobe goals for the summer; I am leaning towards color and comfort. In fact the 1st blouse in your slide show from Anthropology is one that I pinned a few days ago.

    Last but not least, even though for the past few months my extension of going out has namely consisted of physio and chiropratic appointments (for treatment of an old back injury) that deems appropriate clothing; in lieu of conventional T/Sweat shirts (that many choose to wear) I have opted to wear tunic length sweaters with my various leggings which I have received many compliments on. In other words, as you say ‘one little change can make a huge difference’ and shall add not only in appearance but it can certainly can affect one’s spirit as a form of therapy in itself. -Brenda-

  6. You are so right at how that one little change can give us joy, encouragement and smiles, Brenda! Thanks for sharing…and I think that Anthropologie blouse is such fun…and on sale!!

  7. Those jeans look great on you! I’m 5’2″ and would keep them rolled down even through the hot Texas summer. I clicked on the cuffed pants at J. Jill and they don’t look like the right leg shape to let down the huge cuff. Are your pants an older style?

  8. Pam: I too need some summer tops that can survive Houston heat and still look cute. Your outfit today is perfect. Keep that look coming!

  9. Yes they are, Sue. These are more like the boyfriend jeans….Boyfriend Jeans
    I showed the cuff one because these originally were cuffed…but I believe they fit like the current boyfriend style.

  10. I will do my best, Nyla. I lived and worked in Houston in my 20s and I know it can be brutal heat! Will keep that in mind….

  11. I love the yellow slides. Shoes or bags are about the only ways I can do yellow. Can you post a link for them? I love the entire look, btw!

  12. Thanks Wendy! I purchased these before the pandemic at Marshall’s. Marshall’s is a great place to find fun, quality shoes. I do not mean to frustrate by styling older pieces in my wardrobe, but hopefully inspire readers to develop their own similar styles. Wish I could link to the whole look here!

  13. You look great in that top. Like you said, it does not take any longer to put on a pretty top than a more ‘relaxed’ one. A few months ago I was looking for a top and thought what am I saving these for, so started to wear most of them around home except when working outside. Why should I look scruffy for my husband, or me for that matter. Another box for thrifting is in the works.

  14. You look awesome Pam! Like others have noted, I dress anticipating the possibility of running into students, families, friends. As a morning person, I am up, get ready and usually am out the door by nine to run errands and visit with my folks. Since we are still mid-remodel, I change into work clothes once I’m back home and think of it as when I was a child and changed into my play clothes! 😉

  15. Exactly…what are we saving them for? Life is short…wear the good stuff now!

  16. I got out of my recovery boot this morning, and have already been shopping in my closet because I can move around in there, finally. I can’t wait to get dressed. My upgrade is going to be getting out of my wonderful but shapeless Barefoot Dreams cardigans and wearing some of my more polished work cardigans over a nice tank. Why not? They are there and should be used and enjoyed. And they are comfortable, just a bit more polished, with more seaming, buttons, and details.

  17. So happy for you, Linda! Have fun on two feet and enjoy playing in your closet!

  18. My mother always dressed nicely. Trousers – never jeans, a pretty blouse, good jewelry and lipstick, always. Even in the hospital, she required lipstick. She couldn’t abide a sloppy appearance. She dressed well even on my father’s blue collar wages. I always wear jeans and I never wear lipstick, but I always take care with my dress. thanks to Mom.

  19. I am all for dressing well at home. I have donated or in some cases thrown out so many tops over the past year. The ones that were tossed were stained, had holes in them, badly faded or stretched out to the point of being misshaped. I still have t-shirts, but they fit well & are pretty. Life is too short to look frumpy & sad. Fresh flowers & nice scents two things I love in my home.

  20. We are on the same page, Becky! I love having flowers in my house. Thanks for being here!

  21. Nope, not me! LOL! I love my classic tees — always fresh, always pressed, always well fitted — and my sweatshirts & hoodies for cooler or damp days. My climate is not designed for blouses 9 months of the year, plus, while I love a crisp white or checked shirt with jeans, I find trying to find the right fit a pain: do the buttons pull or gape, if I bend over does the neckline gape so you can see straight down my front & into my cleavage, is the hemline a good length & shape to be flattering, do I like the length of the sleeves or do I have to roll them up, is there enough give across the back & shoulders for when I’m active, what’s the neckline & collar (if there is one) like, will it look tidy under a jacket when the sun goes down & it gets cool? Don’t get me wrong, I do like & wear blouses in hot weather, but I love the simplicity of a pure white tee or a well-pressed sweatshirt (never sloppy!) with jeans, especially with a pretty blouse under it.

  22. Oh boy, is this ever me. I hike in leggings and a quarter zip, then stay that way all day. I need to have a look at my closet and start wearing more things!

  23. Great look for you, Pam! Jeans with a pretty top is a go-to look for me. It is simple and classic while indicating you put a little thought into getting dressed. I love the comfort factor. I can pair with flat or block heel sandals or loafers or pointed toe flats or pumps or ankle boots.

  24. Hi Tracey,
    I got these last year at Marshall’s. But if you go to my Dillard’s post today and scroll to the bottom under ONE MORE THING, I found a pair at Nordstrom that are very similar. Hope that helps.

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