Say Spring with colorful accessories

Happy Monday! Let’s discuss how to say spring with colorful accessories!

Accessories are the most affordable and easiest way to transition your wardrobe into SPRING! 


Say Spring with Colorful Accessories

One way to step into spring is to literally step into fun shoes like the UIN shoe collection.  These are super comfy….have a wider toe box (if you are like me and need it)…and are beautifully art painted in many different styles.  

They are available for women and men.  Some of the design themes are Mexico art; South American Art; French Romance; African Wilderness, Thailand and more!

I want to thank the talented people of UIN for sending these SAKURA Slippers for me to review….I like them.  Check out the UIN collections HERE. 

For $5 off, use the coupon code: pamover50feeling40uin 


Say Spring with Accessories

Regular readers know that I am a James Avery Artisan Jewelry ambassador, and they. have been helping me to build a fun collection of silver bracelets.

For Spring, I am excited to add the Mission Cross Hook-On Bracelet!  It is beautiful in sterling silver with a touch of turquoise.  

See the new Spring Lookbook for great ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day gifts. 


Say Spring with colorful accessories

The accessories have been jumping out at me as I have been out and about recently…like these lovely scarves and bags at Target did.

They helped me to get so excited for spring, color and a refreshing change from the recent cold.  See the gray and the yellow…those are the colors of the year.

It is so easy to take a pair of gray denim, and a white top and just add a scarf like this for a softer way to say spring.

Say Spring with Colorful Accessories

Today’s slideshow has colorful accessories, and gray denim to help you think of ways to say spring!

Have any of you started to transition some looks into spring as I have?  Please share and let this vibrant season help you to………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted content for this post, but the words are my own.

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