Say Spring with colorful accessories

Say Spring with colorful accessories

Happy Monday! Let’s discuss how to say spring with colorful accessories!

Accessories are the most affordable and easiest way to transition your wardrobe into SPRING! 


Say Spring with Colorful Accessories

One way to step into spring is to literally step into fun shoes like the UIN shoe collection.  These are super comfy….have a wider toe box (if you are like me and need it)…and are beautifully art painted in many different styles.  

They are available for women and men.  Some of the design themes are Mexico art; South American Art; French Romance; African Wilderness, Thailand and more!

I want to thank the talented people of UIN for sending these SAKURA Slippers for me to review….I like them.  Check out the UIN collections HERE. 

For $5 off, use the coupon code: pamover50feeling40uin 


Say Spring with Accessories

Regular readers know that I am a James Avery Artisan Jewelry ambassador, and they. have been helping me to build a fun collection of silver bracelets.

For Spring, I am excited to add the Mission Cross Hook-On Bracelet!  It is beautiful in sterling silver with a touch of turquoise.  

See the new Spring Lookbook for great ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day gifts. 


Say Spring with colorful accessories

The accessories have been jumping out at me as I have been out and about recently…like these lovely scarves and bags at Target did.

They helped me to get so excited for spring, color and a refreshing change from the recent cold.  See the gray and the yellow…those are the colors of the year.

It is so easy to take a pair of gray denim, and a white top and just add a scarf like this for a softer way to say spring.

Say Spring with Colorful Accessories

Today’s slideshow has colorful accessories, and gray denim to help you think of ways to say spring!

Have any of you started to transition some looks into spring as I have?  Please share and let this vibrant season help you to………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted content for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. So many colorful accessories are bound to brighten any day and spirit! How did you ever decide which pattern of the shoes to buy since there are so very many beautiful designs? These are a new product to me, and the price seems very reasonable for the work they show. I’d love to try them since they are a bit quirky and so pretty, and my ugly toes would be covered!

  2. I have ugly toes and they are so happy in this larger toe box with a beautiful painting surrounding them! Happy Monday, Celia!

  3. Great idea to start with accessories! Just this morning before leaving for the day, I put all my winter colored scarves on my bed and plan to transition them to my spring ones when I get home later on. Looking forward to that! Your bracelets are beautiful and look perfect stacked together like you are wearing them. That is a truly special line of jewelry! I’ll be checking out the shoes now…

  4. Have a great day, Karen…stay safe out and about. Enjoy your scarf-transition later today!

  5. Funny, we had a couple of really sunny spring like days here in NJ and the first thing I did was reach for my brighter shoes! In my case, it’s Keds, my go -to for my problem feet. I have them in gold, yellow, red, and a couple of prints like the patriotic red white and blue that I pull out for the Fourth! Say hello to spring as we walk winter to the door!

  6. I love the idea of walking winter to the door, Gloria! After that really difficult week in Texas of extreme cold and no power, we are done! Sounds like you KEDS collection is a lot of fun!

  7. You look beautiful in that outfit with the lavender jacket (is that chiffon?) and light denim pants. Please share the brand of each and where you bought them. Thanks so much and have a good day!

  8. Hi Mary, thank you…this is an old Chico’s purchase and that is why I did not link to the jacket, sleeveless top or denim. The light denim is two years ago from JJill. Whenever I do not link, it is because I am styling something from my current wardrobe. But I will keep my eyes out for a similar linen jacket to this one and let you know if I find it and can link to it!

  9. Pam, you look great today! I am loving some looks I’m seeing around … silk scarves tied bandanna style (my square ones seem too big to do this though), and the light washed jeans. I wonder if you could do a post styling the light wash? Especially with brighter and darker colors. Somehow, they read more as a “color” to me and I question if they are as neutral and universal as the medium wash.

  10. Since there is still a chill in the air here, a beautiful spring scarf can add a layer of warmth. I am in the market for a new spring/summer handbag, & the ones at Target just might fill that need. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on a light colored bag as I seem to only use them for a few seasons before they start looking dingy.

  11. I was impressed with all that Target had and the prices were very good. You can click on one of the pictures in the slideshow and go over to Target to see all that they have. I am impressed with their line called New Day.
    Thanks for stopping by Becky!

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