Which spring jacket would you pick?

Which spring jacket would you pick

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Let’s continue to talk spring with WHICH SPRING JACKET WOULD YOU PICK?

When visiting Chico’s over the weekend, it occurred to me that most of you are in cooler climates than Texas, where I live.

We will be in the 80s at the end of the week, and rarely do I wear jackets in the springtime.

There were so many lovely options, I wanted to show those of you who do wear jackets in spring and thought let’s make it fun.


While looking these over, tell us which jacket you would pick as best of these options and explain why….


Which spring jacket would you pick

This jacket is one of several in the Chico’s toile collection.  It is called the Botanical Toile Embroidered Denim Jacket because there is a hummingbird embroidered on the shoulder.  


Which Spring jacket would you pick

Which Spring Jacket would you pick

Chico’s was very busy this weekend…I guess everyone is ready to think spring…so I did need to keep on my mask when outside of the dressing room.

This is the No-Stain White Elongated Denim Jacket which also comes in petite sizes.  I think if I had on a different mask, I would not look so much like a medical professional! 

The pockets and well placed seams make this a slimming style though longer.


Which Spring Jacket would you pick

Which Spring jacket would you pick

This is a lovely lightweight Striped Tweed Jacket which can be worn with or without a belt. 

Of the three, this one actually is the best for the warmer climates…it is not heavy at all and the colors are lovely.

So, of these three which one is your favorite jacket and why?  


Which spring jacket would you pick

Which spring jacket would you pick

I also wanted to show you the SILK FLOWER AND STRIPE PONCHO.  When I looked at it on the hangar, I decided to try the smaller size S/M and it worked!

It is a great warm weather piece (also marked down) but definitely size down if you can.  It would look really good with white denim on the bottom.

Here are some more jackets currently at Chico’s….remember to tell us which jacket you like of the three or do you think one in the slideshow is better...and always, ladies….


BIG UPDATE: Since I posted this, Chico’s has begun a sale of half off a $100 purchase!  I was able to order the Black & White poncho for $57! So excited…make sure you check out the sale!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. My favorite is the caramel colored jacket in the slide show. It appears to be a moto jacket. And I do like the poncho that you tried on. I also like the toile jacket, because I have a real soft spot for toile and feel that it’s an artsy choice. I’d wear that in the spring! We’re having three nice days in the 60’s before we head back to the low 40’s, so these three days I’ll be wearing spring jackets. Excited about that! I’d be wearing the toile one if I had it!

  2. love the poncho! i think the elongated white jacket, now thats only because i dont have any denim in that length. the blue/white jacket is different, but im on the fence with the print.
    the tweed one is cute, but im picking only one im going with the white denim, as far as styling choices, that one s going to give plenty. from the slideshow, i like the chicos floral topper, its a lot like the pink printed one from a couple of months ago that i admired but let go by…if i were still working in a frosty air conditioned office i would have given both more than a passing appreciative glance.

  3. Love the black and white poncho and would purchase it if I were nice and tall as you are! Because I’m not tall, I’d choose the white jacket in petite so it would be a bit shorter length. In the slideshow I’d select the really short jacket in deep rose pink. I could use that!
    I did just invest in two Talbots spring jackets to take me through end if April then again next fall, as it is often chilly here again after September. One is a pretty paisley.

  4. Actually I love the black floral pleat back one in the slide show. We get a lot of wind in the swithch over from winter and it would be great with a scarf tucked in the neck. Still much snow here but we will be above freezing for a few days so that should take it down but not expecting spring for another month or so. I think the new pink shades would work really well with the black floral to cheer one up. Hoping to get back into stores soon, but no dressing rooms open to try on. Thanks for the peek.

  5. It’s still too cold in New England for spring jackets but I’m looking forward to warmer weather in the near future. My favorite is the toile jacket. It’s different from anything I already own and I seem to be drawn to blue this spring. I also like the white denim but when you mentioned it made you look like a medical professional I changed my mind. I worked 40+ years in the medical profession, it’s a look I don’t want to repeat. lol. The poncho looks great on you but I think it would overwhelm me.

  6. As a dressmaker, I have to say that I am over the styling of the first and second jackets. So many of my clients bring them in and have me put shoulder pads in them because the style doesn’t give enough structure for those of us who are maybe getting a bit “stooped over”. The striped one, however is a winner! So slimming with just enough structure to be flattering, but a nice fresh look for Spring.

  7. I hope you took that poncho home! I’m 5’2″ so I can’t wear them, but I admire ponchos on you.
    I’d try on the toile jacket. I’m not sure about the bird on it
    Thanks for a bit of Spring.

  8. When I saw the long white jacket I thought”lab coat!” Then read your comment. Too funny. Of the 3 you tried, I’d go with the toile. But honestly, I want a jacket to flatter me, not hide me. A bit of curving in at where my waist should be and top of the hip length are the ones that I see as attractive and elongating ( slimming).

  9. I like the toile a lot, but feel the embroidered bird does not add anything to it. I have the white denim jacket in the traditional silhouette (as well as a classic denim, all black, and fine black-and-white stripe). I can’t speak for the long version, but the classic version is stretchy and comfortable, washes well, and all are real workhorses in my wardrobe (I just wore the white denim yesterday). I also have the caramel one in the slideshow, and wear that a lot too. Chico’s really does a beautiful job with their jackets. I tend to be between sizes there and often go down a size to avoid the oversized fits.

  10. I, personally, am not a fan of toile so the jacket in that print would not come home with me. The tweed is lovely, but I would probably only wear it once or twice. Then I would hesitate thinking to myself, “people have already seen me wear this”. I prefer clothing that doesn’t make a statement. (yes, I am an introvert) Now the denim jacket would be a definite consideration. I could wear it frequently but make it look unique by what I wore it with since it is neutral. Different color and styles of pants and tops/sweaters would change the look. I would try to find one that had the same elongated style but a little more fitted. I know the boyfriend look is trending right now, but I just prefer my clothing to fit me instead of hang on me. These are all just personal preferences of mine and I know some women would look fabulous in any of these jackets.

  11. None of these jackets would work for me, but if I had to choose one it would be the toile. I need brighter colors than the pale blue/yellow of this print. I did see a Charter Club hot pink “denim” jacket at Macy’s that is tempting me.
    I agree that the white looks like a lab coat. I wore enough of those over the years! The black and white looks more like your creative personality, so I would choose that for you, even though it isn’t as spring-like as the toile.

  12. That was too easy for me — I LOVE toile so that one is my choice. The blue and ecru are perfect for spring!

    All of the jackets were lovely, though. My second choice would have to be the tweed. It’s such a classic look!

  13. I do have a link for Macy’s in my shopping links at the top of the page. Also did you see that beautiful bright pink in my slideshow today? Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the toile, but wish it was as long as the white jacket. I like a longer jacket.

  15. I have an apple green and white toile summer weight denim jacket very similar to this blue and white one you’re showing today. I thought it was fun and summery when I bought it about ten years ago, but have rarely worn it. When I do, it goes over a simple white tee and blue jeans. I almost always prefer the comfort and ease of a cardigan though. I like the tweed jackets, as I love texture. Favorite of everything shown today was the fuschia fitted jacket from the slideshow. I’d wear that to have a special lunch out on the town with my mother, who loves to have a reason for dressing up. 💗

  16. As to the jackets, I would pass on all three of them. Reasons being; though I do love toile prints unfortunately I share the same sentiments as many stated in its reviews, as do not care for the addition of the (black) embroidered humming birds on it. (IMO, sometimes less is more.) Re the white jacket though it does have its styling merits; I personally would feel like I am wearing a lab technician coat. With respect to the plaid jacket though usually a big fan of texture; the pattern weave does not appeal to me nor does the trim used on its lapels so in other words it is a matter of personal taste and not so much its style/cut.

    Last but not least; do like the striped poncho because not only is it one of my favourite fabrics but I like its creative geometric print, neutral colors and styling possibilities. i.e.: Paired with black or white bottoms ranging from a high end fabric in a tapered trouser/pant (ankle or full length) to a white or black denim slim cut/or skinny jean or for a more relaxed looked even a pair of capri length leggings with a slight sheen (i.e.: rayon/elastic blend) . Pop on appropriate footwear, add a chunky bracelet or even slip a belt in the arm holes cinching it ‘only’ at the front (the back not belted) and I’d be ready to go. (A fitted lightweight, long-sleeved top may even work under it for a cooler day.) -Brenda-

    P.S.: Re the UIN shoes you featured yesterday; as would like to order a pair how do you personally find their sizing specifically in length as nine times out ten I usually require the .5 extra. (Thank you.)

  17. Hi Brenda, tomorrow in my post I will have a savings code and link for the shoes. The savings code will save you $5 on your order. As to fit, with most shoes I wear a 91/2, but with the larger toe box in the UIN shoes I wear a 9. I only go up .5 to get room for my toes. The nines fit great!

  18. I would choose the toile jacket. I have a white denim jacket, so I don’t need another one. I do like the tweed jacket but feel I would get more mileage from the toile. I also liked the magenta jacket in the slide show. We are experiencing some unusually warm weather in Indiana with the temperatures near 70 for the next few days, but that will be changing this weekend. Jackets will definitely be in use a lot for the next month or so. I’m hoping I won’t need my heavy winter coat anymore.

  19. First day out on the bike this year so it’s officially spring!! And yes, we did just about freeze to death. I ride pillion & tuck in behind Himself (who’s a big tall guy) to stay warm but was glad to get home even though we were both in wool sweaters & leather jackets & gloves & boots 🙂 There’s still lots of snow on the mountains & except for an hour or two at noon on sunny days, it’s still not warm enough for spring jackets! Of all the ones you showed, if I were shopping I’d have a hard time choosing only one from the slide show: the spectacular black zippered cut-out one, the caramel moto or the magenta tweed, all of which fit my look perfectly & are really well-priced, even in Cdn dollars. Great selection, all around!

  20. I like the Toile jacket, but Talbots has a much more “fun” denim one this Spring–white with blue and green in a toile pattern. Have bought it and LOVE it! You may want to check it out. And it’s readily available in Petites, which Chico’s is not.

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