Would You Wear It – Bright Spring Styles

Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Bright Spring Styles.

Today is the day that my friend Jennifer and I select fashion displays to bring before you for your thoughts.

Also, underneath the mannequins today, I am assisting another reader with her style adjectives…so keep scrolling after you comment.

So, let’s get going…I was recently in Macy’s and this bright spring display captured my attention.

Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

We ask that you look our displays over and tell us if you would or would not personally wear what you see.

Please look at the garments and styles with your best fashion-stylist eye and explain why these would or would not work for you.

Remember, please,  constructive comments written in a way as to help other women reading them.

Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

I have two mannequins here for your consideration…please tell us ladies………………………………………………………………


More from Macys….Current sale prices valid through April 4!



It's not cliche to bloom where you are planted

As a reminder for any new readers, I am a proponent of developing your personal style by deciding what you want to say with your clothing to the world about you…like a cover on a book.

I have done this for ten years through asking readers to select five adjectives they want to communicate with their clothing...if you stay true to those five…you will build a personal style.

So every now and then, I have readers send their five adjectives to over50feeling40@gmail.com and I will put together a slideshow of clothing, I believe speaks those five adjectives.

Linda M. sent casual, confident, interesting, intelligent, and aware.  She described them this way….

Casual …. (not sloppy, but comfortable)
Confident … (I am usually very confident, but on the occasions I’m not, I want to fake it to make it)
Interesting …(I used to say creative because I make and wear statement jewelry, but in truth, that is often my only statement, as I seldom wear any pattern but a stripe, and wear a lot of neutrals, though this girl does love her shoes!)
Aware … (of appropriateness, of others, of our modern world and issues, of good quality workmanship and hence stewardship of my money, and of the health of our planet and the effect my choices make. I don’t specifically look for sustainable fashion, because I often feel that’s a marketing gimmick, but I do try to find clothes that I can mix and match, wear often, and change up using fabulous accessories).

In making these selections, I kept in mind her statement jewelry and her love of shoes….those need canvases to display the fun. I threw in occasional pieces that I believe a confident woman would wear who is also aware of her budget and good stewardship.

See what you think, Linda…and let me know ( I realize I threw in a couple of items that might be too interesting)…hope this will bring you some inspiration!


 Now, it is time to tell us what you think of the Macy’s display….visit Jennifer at A Well Styled Life.…and always, always 


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I do like the styles shown! The floral pants are very memorable and typically I shy away from things like that, but with the red top they are pretty fabulous! If I had a place or event to wear this outfit, I’d do it and feel striking! Maybe my class reunion! The black pants are always right, and I like the statement sleeves and bright color of the top. So for me, yes! As low key and classic as I am, I like to break out sometimes and do things differently. These outfits are perfect for that!

  2. I like both mannequin outfits! I can definitely see me in the dark wash skinny jeans during these cool but bright spring days in New England. I also see the orange top paired with my white jeans! Yes!
    The other mannequin is dazzling with those bright pants and red sleeveless top. Really cute. I can see me buying the outfit but rarely wearing it around here. New England tends to nurture the very traditional, classics in clothing. (My opinion) . Preppy dressing is alive and well. These pants? Like them just don’t think I’d be wearing them…..

    1. I like both outfits. Orange is not a color that I am drawn to and it makes me look tired. I would pair dark jeans in any style with a beautiful silk blouse in red or cobalt blue. I do love red and have a lot of it. I am sure about the print pants, however I would try them on to see how they look.

      I love Linda’s adjectives particularly aware. What a thoughtful approach to developing personal style.

  3. I would not wear any of these items shown. I am a Winter, so I cannot wear orange at all nor can I wear that shade of red! Also, the orange blouse has such full sleeves that would make my somewhat large bust look larger. I have so many black pants now that I never wear here in Florida! Just too hot! I usually wear capris.

    1. Another winter that could not wear these colours. It definitely is a year for those who are falls. I don’t mind though as I have a redheaded friend who often can not find colours in seasonal fashions that flatter her one year after another.

  4. I never wear bright orange, especially with black as it reminds me of Halloween…I do like the black slacks, especially with that darling belt. I would hope after trying it on, it might work with my less than thin waist. The red shell and jacket are just my style, but I find the bright mix of colors and large pattern on the slacks a bit too much for my style. I would wear a print in slacks, jut with fewer colors and in a smaller floral or geometric print.

  5. I like the black pants and the belt is a maybe. I don’t wear orange or red so everything else can stay in the store. I looked twice at the clear shoes. I wouldn’t wear them, but they are interesting. Happy Saturday. Thanks for doing this.

  6. I wouldn’t wear either outfit. I loved the orange blouse with the gathered sleeve on the mannequin yet didn’t like how it looked with long sleeves. I rarely wear skinny pants and am down to one pair left in my wardrobe. I like the look – it’s just not for me. I think the floral pants would make me look short so I would avoid them. The top is fabulous and I would be self-conscious in it. I just can’t seem to put cutout tops on my body especially with the loss of muscle tone. It’s a beautiful outfit and I’d love to see it on someone. The color on the top may not work well with my hair and complexion.

  7. I love both outfits! The bright orange blouse is perfection. I love orange, although I know it’s a hard colour for many to wear. The hot pink top and floral pant is just terrific. I’m going shopping!

  8. I wouldn’t wear the orange blouse or the outfit on the second mannequin – not flattering colours on me. However, I love seeing the vibrant jewel tones in the photos. After a seemingly endless winter of Covid lockdowns, the bright colours are calling to me.

  9. Now that is how to get a display to grab attention. I would stop to check it out and figure out how to make it work with different items. I am so not a fan of orange but really like the style of the blouse. I puish up my sleeves all the time so that would be an interesting look with the ruffle at the elbow. Not many skinny jeans/pants left in my wardrobe unless I am wearing boots. The other outfit is attentin grabbing and not sure how that would go in my area, but so stunning.

  10. Love the brighter colors. I wear orange with navy, light blue, tan, brown all the time. The patterned pants would require a test drive, but are appealing. The red top is the perfect color but I need some more cover. My shoulders are broad and this top wouldn’t help. Clear shoes seem a bit gimmicky.

  11. and now I have The Supremes, “Stop in the Name of Love” as an earworm….
    hat tip to the Macys employee who got into job of dressing the mannequins, they gave me a smile this morning.
    I love both outfits, right down to the shoes. theres something odd going on with the red tank though, the cut of the arm on one side, i could not handle that. and the elastic of the sleeves of the orange would aggravate me…but the overall idea is what i try for a lot of the time.

  12. Hi Pam….
    Absolutely! Love the Orange blouse with black skinnies…
    After all I am a S.F. Giant’s fan..😉
    I really enjoy your blog. Thank You

  13. Orange is a good color foe me and I like it with white. The flowered pants would push my conservative edge but could be fun to wear. I’m in the mood to wear colors now that it is spring and find jewel tone colors are better for me than pastels.

  14. I agree with someone else that the orange blouse with white pants would be a Wow! look. With the black it looks to much like a certain holiday. I’m noticing some of the spring colors look a lot like fall colors to me, I’m seeing a medium dark green elsewhere. I like those colors but right now need a jolt of happy, bright rose and periwinkle blue. The other outfit is smashing. I wouldn’t buy the pants even though I like the entire ensemble, it’s just too memorable. One and done, but for a special occasion perhaps! I hope that the clothes I’m buying now aren’t too boring, but I’m just not spending money on items that will only be worn a few times or one season. It doesn’t fit with my attempt to love what I buy with the intent to keep it for a long time.

  15. With the exception of the red garments since a color I can’t wear; a definite ‘yes’ to all pieces.
    Do like the orange blouse but most likely would pair it with white rather than the black, also that its fabric content is 100% cotton and it could be worn open as an overlay. As to the printed pants; the pattern to me reminds me of folk art (very artsy and kind of fun) and I would combine them with a black top instead and choose either the red or the gold for my accessories. i.e.: Hand bag and/or jewelry with a pair of low wedge, black strappy sandals that I already own. Oh, on the subject of the clear shoes; I do have a pair of flat slide-on sandals which I get a lot of mileage out of as eliminates colour concern plus IMHO gives the illusion of a longer leg length similar to what a flip-flop sandal does.
    P.S.: Like the pleated, cropped joggers in your slide show as feel you could dress them up or down plus being viscose/polyester I assume they are very comfortable.

  16. Thanks for featuring me, Pam! You absolutely nailed it, to the point where I have a version of many of these things in my wardrobe, and I have been eyeing those -exact- sandals! I loved the white sweater with the interesting neckline. I will definitely wear unusual necklines, patterned and bright shoes, mixed fabrics, etc. just as you showed them. And you are correct, you need a canvas for oversized and bright accessories. As for the mannequins, my eye went straight to the chain belt, which I haven’t worn since junior high. My waistline is pretty thick, but it might flatter since it makes a diagonal line. I hope these come back into style! The orange top would be fun with very faded jeans and espadrilles. The print pants are too much for my personal taste.

  17. YES! YES! YES! I would wear both outfits. I love bright color, the brighter the better. Does that mean I’m saying look at me? Yes, I guess it does. I may have to go to Macy’s today.

  18. I really enjoyed reading Linda’s descriptions of her adjectives. I like her style! 😊 As to the display, I love an orange top, but the sleeves are too billowy for me and my wide shoulders. The bright and happy hue is one I look for. I also liked two of the blouses in the carousel which had the side-tie feature. This and a front-tie both seem to do wonders for my middle. Happy Saturday! I’m off to the first farmer’s market of the season!!! 🌼

  19. I don’t wear brights so I can’t say I’d wear any of these outfits. However, I would definitely try the orange blouse if it came in a different color — soft yellow, blush or even navy. The style is very cute!

  20. Orange or red with black is a classic color combo that I would wear but the style of neither top appeals to me. I have a more petite frame with narrow shoulders and the orange looks like it might overwhelm me.; I’m cool natured so would always wear a jacket or cardigan over a sleeveless top thus the unique asymmetrical design would be lost. My personal taste doesn’t include highly patterned pants so those wouldn’t go home with me. That just leaves the black pants on the left, and what’s not to like about a wardrobe staple like those

  21. I would wear the black pants & the red jacket. Both are classic & could be worn with many pieces that are currently in my closet. Orange is not a flattering color for me, but it certainly seems to be a popular choice this spring. I am not a fan of the big billowy sleeves on the blouse or of the cut out on the red sleeveless top. The print pants are just way too much for personal taste, & I don’t think they would flatter my short legs & wide hips. I like the interesting belt on the black pants.

  22. A woman wearing either of these looks would stand out in a crowd. The print pants might be pretty memorable. You might see yourself. It bothers me when I see someone else wearing the same thing I own. I stocked up on brights this spring, but find I don’t love them on me.

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