Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Bright Spring Styles.

Today is the day that my friend Jennifer and I select fashion displays to bring before you for your thoughts.

Also, underneath the mannequins today, I am assisting another reader with her style adjectives…so keep scrolling after you comment.

So, let’s get going…I was recently in Macy’s and this bright spring display captured my attention.

Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

We ask that you look our displays over and tell us if you would or would not personally wear what you see.

Please look at the garments and styles with your best fashion-stylist eye and explain why these would or would not work for you.

Remember, please,  constructive comments written in a way as to help other women reading them.

Would You Wear It - Bright Spring Styles

I have two mannequins here for your consideration…please tell us ladies………………………………………………………………


More from Macys….Current sale prices valid through April 4!



It's not cliche to bloom where you are planted

As a reminder for any new readers, I am a proponent of developing your personal style by deciding what you want to say with your clothing to the world about you…like a cover on a book.

I have done this for ten years through asking readers to select five adjectives they want to communicate with their clothing...if you stay true to those five…you will build a personal style.

So every now and then, I have readers send their five adjectives to over50feeling40@gmail.com and I will put together a slideshow of clothing, I believe speaks those five adjectives.

Linda M. sent casual, confident, interesting, intelligent, and aware.  She described them this way….

Casual …. (not sloppy, but comfortable)
Confident … (I am usually very confident, but on the occasions I’m not, I want to fake it to make it)
Interesting …(I used to say creative because I make and wear statement jewelry, but in truth, that is often my only statement, as I seldom wear any pattern but a stripe, and wear a lot of neutrals, though this girl does love her shoes!)
Aware … (of appropriateness, of others, of our modern world and issues, of good quality workmanship and hence stewardship of my money, and of the health of our planet and the effect my choices make. I don’t specifically look for sustainable fashion, because I often feel that’s a marketing gimmick, but I do try to find clothes that I can mix and match, wear often, and change up using fabulous accessories).

In making these selections, I kept in mind her statement jewelry and her love of shoes….those need canvases to display the fun. I threw in occasional pieces that I believe a confident woman would wear who is also aware of her budget and good stewardship.

See what you think, Linda…and let me know ( I realize I threw in a couple of items that might be too interesting)…hope this will bring you some inspiration!


 Now, it is time to tell us what you think of the Macy’s display….visit Jennifer at A Well Styled Life.…and always, always 


By Pamela Lutrell



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