Would You Wear It – Springtime Orange

Would You Wear It Springtime Orange

It’s Saturday!  and time for Would You Wear It – Springtime Orange!

This is the day my friend, Jennifer and I find fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think of the styles.

We offer you two blogs of fun!

Would You Wear It Springtime Orange

Please look over our displays and tell us if you would or would not PERSONALLY wear the looks and explain constructively exactly why.

Teach us what it is about the looks that work or do not work for you.  These comments are read and enjoyed by man.

Would You Wear It Springtime Orange

I have two mannequins for your consideration today and feel free to comment on one or both.  Also, tell us if you would style the pieces differently in order to make them work for you.

So, ladies, look these two over and tell us………………………………………………………..


Would You Wear It Springtime Orange

And the party has begun though the calendar doesn’t say officially it is spring just yet.  Remember, tonight is when we SPRING FORWARD THE CLOCK for most of us.

Today’s mannequins come from Chico’s, so here are some fun styles they currently have for spring in these colors…orange you glad you were here!

Now, head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin…and remember to always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Wow!! Yes, I’d absolutely wear both, even though the neckline on the tunic on the right isn’t a great shape for me — I’d definitely want to wear a statement necklace like the one shown to break it up. Those fuchsia pants are magnificent! It’s such a flexible colour & can be paired with other “hot” colours (red, orange sherbet as in the slide show, coral) or cool blues (turquoise, navy). I like the top shown but also think they’d look terrific with a black tunic, fuchsia necklace & earrings, & black shoes. And as for the slide show, I’d be happy with just about everything in it! These are very obviously “my” colours 🙂

  2. I would wear the kimono and the tee shirt or tank. It’s pretty bold, but I like it. The other one is a no for me. The pattern on the top just doesn’t appeal. Probably would pass on the pink crops. I do like pink and orange together, but these two pieces in combination are very hold, probably due to the pattern on that top. The pink crops would work for me with a toned down top, depending on the length of the bottoms. This is not a favorite pant length, but the slim cut makes them a possibility for warm weather.

  3. No. These clothes would wear me. I like tailored clothing, solid colors and maybe a subtle print. The prints and bright colors here are the opposite of what I wear. Happy Saturday!

  4. I love them…especially the floral sweater and pink pants. Late 80s flash back….but would i wear it, no. Too bright for me.

    1. Hi Pam, on the whole, I love these bright colors for spring and summer, especially shown with white. The top is especially lovely, the length and the neutral at the face. As for the ruana… last year I wore them a bunch. This one, with the outfit seems a bit too much for me. Thank you!

  5. Chico’s has a great no-iron blouse in that bright orange that I’ll buy as soon as they have a really compelling “coupon” event.

  6. Orange is just one of those colors I do not wear. Having said that, I do like how they have paired the bright orange and hot pink together. Perfect colors for a tropical getaway. Unfortunately, the colors just aren’t me.

  7. A big yes for the clothes on the left (in fact, it looks like a lot what I am wearing today, with other colors!). I like the colors very much, the various pieces are quite versatile and I am a big fan of light kimonos for the spring and summer, they are an easy third piece. I would probably choose another necklace, perhaps blue glass beads for instance. The clothes on the right are a no, not a strong one, but enough not to buy them, say. I do not like very much the print of the sweater, and I am avoiding crop pants usually – I am not that tall and I feel they shorten my legs which certainly do not need it. I must say I prefer this same top with the longer white pants (as in the photos underneath), the white parts on the top and on the pants together make the overall line more fluid, I think.

  8. Love that these outfits are so colorful. But, orange is NOT one of my colors so couldn’t wear as present with the orange so prominent. I like the blue and fringe on ruana but it would be too big for me in S/M size (I have tried many times). The design on sweater to right is too large for my frame; especially with the large swatch of orange! I love the raspberry color crop pants and just ordered their raspberry no iron shirt. These designs get me excited about the coming of spring, almost here in SoTx, Yea. (Have the colorful tunic on black background in the ad at top which I have just received)

  9. I love shades of orange and coral so yes on the color. I wouldn’t wear either outfit but would wear the color combinations. I’ve not worn kimonos. I need an outer layer that covers my arms more because I get cold easily. I always have a long sleeved layering piece in the summer because of air conditioning. I liked many of the clothes in the slide show yet don’t have luck with clothing at Chicos.

  10. I would not buy these outfits but I would pay attention to the color combinations. I would look in my own wardrobe to see if I could make a similar color combination. I might then look for a scarf in these colors to pull it together.

  11. I like the bright orange which is so cheerful, but I cannot wear such a warm color without looking washed out. If the ruana were in colors of pink and purple, or shades of blue, I’d love to wear it. I have a similar ruana from Chico’s in shades of blue that I love, and get compliments when I wear it. If the other top had a pure white around the neckline instead of a creamy white, again, I could wear it, but the cream color is too warm for my cool coloration.

    1. Buy the sweater and fuchsia pants! Please…I love them but wouldn’t invest since this is a one wear/showing sweater!
      Soooo fun , so I too will think of these colors and but a taste somewhere, on the cheap!

  12. even though youre in my happy place today, these pieces arent on my wishlist.
    i like the colors of pink and orange, but i think that tunic would really make me look bigger, and that pattern doesnt appeal to me.
    i like the ruana, have several, but not a fan of the fringe, its either getting caught on something or the cats have a field day with it in the closet…i dont know why they are drawn to it, but anything with fringe has to be carefully put away.

  13. I would wear the orange outfit…I love a kimono. I would also wear the shirt and kimono with jeans and cute sandals. I would not wear the outfit on the right. I prefer solids to florals.

  14. I love these colorful options! I would wear both. The jumper and ankle jeans is a more tailored/streamlined look—and I’ve always liked a pink-orange combo. However, the boho mannequin is a slightly more subdued pairing, but still colorful, which I also like. Personally, I am not drawn to the earth-tones and washed-out pastels which seem to be commonplace in the stores this Spring. After the past year of being locked-down, I am REALLY craving bright, colorful, “fun” clothes!!! So, these are perfect for me.

  15. I bought the orange and pink tunic sweater on the right and I love it. It fits really well!
    I’ve worked very hard to get down to my goal weight. I find that I don’t want to cover up as much now, so I don’t like the toppers with fringe as much as I like the closer fitting sweaters. I totally understand we are all different and prefer different looks.

  16. Although breaking all my fashion rules for myself, I love these two outfits and would wear them in a heartbeat. I’m usually classic, traditional…you know the spring navy and white or navy and tan, but these outfits are gorgeous! I want them just as the are!
    You can teach an old dog new tricks, after all. Lol.

  17. I love the colors in both outfits and the quality of Chico’s clothes but would not wear either. I prefer a more classic look so would opt for tops in stripes or smaller florals. I love to shop at Chico’s but often I’m swimming in their clothes..I’m small framed and thin and was so happy when they introduced smaller sizes but for the most part I usually buy their cute jewelry, scarves and no iron shirts.

  18. I would wear the cuffed jeans but not the kimono. Too much fabric and not practical for my lifestyle – I spend much of my time in the spring and summer in the garden and it would drag in the dirt :). The pink pants are a definite yes, but not sure about the sweater, It’s very pretty and bright but orange is not my colour. I am excited to see on Chico’s website that green is making a comeback. It has not been a popular colour the last few seasons and is one of my favourites for warmer weather.

  19. A ‘no’ to the Kimono as they are something I just don’t wear. Also I avoid garments with chainette fringe due their maintenance namely being they require hand washing as over time can turn ratty/unravel however feel though it certainly offers a spectrum of colors to work with, so it does have its merits that way. Now as to the other pieces; I love the high energy colors and though not a fan of florals do like the abstract design on the sweater and since I have a cotton jersey summer top with identical colors (in a Bayadere stripe) I certainly would try it but pair it with full length bottoms, add a chunky resin bracelet and most likely ballet flats (or similar). Plus its neckline and overall cut works with my body type. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The top I mentioned which I do have; made a two-tone mask in the orange and pink to wear with it and received several compliments so know the colors work for myself.

  20. Yes to both! Love the high energy colors. I would wear the ruana/ kimono with a white tank top and blue jeans though. Thanks for “taking “ us shopping with you. 😊

  21. Time spring forward tonight, the first official day of spring next Saturday and these happy color outfits – definitely mood boosters! A kimono isn’t my normal style as a ‘jacket’ but I think this would be a lovely swimsuit coverup, which I make pull double duty with jeans in the evening on vacation. Yes to the tunic on the right: the colors, the neckline and length, the asymmetric print. I prefer it paired with the lighter color pants in the slide show rather than the raspberry pants on the mannequin.

  22. The orange and pink looks like a summer party to me….if we ever get to have parties again. Chico’s shows the top with white pants, but I really like the pink better. The whole outfit is a yes!

  23. I would wear the orange tank in a heartbeat. I don’t wear kimonos or flowy layers, especially in prints, as I don’t feel they show off my style adjectives. While they hide flaws, on my plus size body I feel they add nothing to my shape. I love the tunic on the right for someone else. It looks like a fun vacation piece, but is too memorable for me, and I wouldn’t get enough wear out of it. I would strongly consider the hot pink pants, because it is a good summer color for me (pastels simply wash out my “blue autumn” coloring). I would love it with a navy or black solid linen tunic.

  24. Although both outfits are bright & cheerful, they are a no for me. Orange is a color that does not look good on me, & cropped pants are not flattering to my short legs.

  25. I’d pass on the styles and patterns, as they shriek ‘Look at me’ for all the wrong reasons.
    However, I wear orange and a pink a lot together and it’s a favourite combo in summer.

  26. I like the concept of both outfits, but orange is not my color so I would opt for coral. I like both pants. I would pair the bright pink pants with a black tunic and print slides or with a floral top and nude shoes. I have a topper from Soft Surroundings without a fringe in navy and blues with some rust colors and neutrals like taupe and ivory. I wear this with turtlenecks or tanks in various colors and skinny jeans or slim pants a lot. I pair with ankle boots or heels or sandals depending on time of year.

  27. I would wear the outfit on the right, but, not the ruana outfit. I am not usually drawn to bright orange, however, I am intrigued by the bold floral tunic in orange and fuchsia. I love the fuchsia crops. I would wear step out of my comfort zone and wear that outfit to a party or fun summer event. It has an energetic vibe which I like over my usual styles in subdued natural tones. The ruana outfit just isn’t my style. I could not carry it off and feel comfortable. I like to wear relaxed structured jackets, or an oversized blouse over a tee, or subdued natural print shirt during the summer. I love the J Jill barn jacket featured on the other blog. That jacket is more my style. I am natutre photographer, and like to wear clothes with a more rugged vibe in desaturated colors.

  28. YES TO BOTH!!! I LOVE orange!!
    The kimono over the orange tee isn’t a look I wear regularly, but I think it would work for me .. and I already own the tee!!
    The sweater, with its diagonal lines, would work if not too clingy. Not a fan of fuscia pants, but these are too cute. Wondering how this sweater would work with fuscia capri’s?
    Thanks Pam!

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