Would You Wear It – Vibrant Prints

Would You Wear It Vibrant Prints

Happy First Day of Spring and welcome to Would You Wear it – Vibrant Prints!

Today is when I join in with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you some of the latest fashion displays currently in stores.

I think more of us are ready for color this spring coming out of a dark time…but just how far will you go?

Would You Wear It Vibrant Prints

Remember to answer personally if there is anything here you would or would not wear.

Use constructive, personal evaluation to tell us why or why not you would wear these items….in such a way as to help other women with their own evaluations.

We want to know what you think…no matter which side of the coin you are on.

My display today was found at Nordstrom.

Would You Wear It - Vibrant Prints

So, ladies, look this over with your best fashion-stylist-eye and tell us……………………………………………….



Now, make sure you stop by A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.

Today, I have two slideshows for you…one for Misses and one for Plus Size!




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It’s Springtime…breathe deep, bloom where you are planted and make sure you always…………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I do like quite a few things in the slideshow featuring tops. From the display though, those aren’t really something I’d feel comfortable wearing. Possibly the peasant-looking top with straight jeans, but none of the others. The necklines on the other tops would not be flattering for me, and I just don’t care for the prints here or the way they seem to clash with the blue/green. That shade of blue/green is not a color I’d choose. I find the display a bit jarring. The peasant top seems out of place in this display, yet it’s the one thing I’m drawn to! Definitely not how it’s shown here, but as I said, with some straight jeans. So glad we can say it’s spring! Looking forward to when it warms up!

  2. I do love color,but perhaps not all at one time! I would style these with more neutral pants/skirts. I have a young friend who was in the design business who called very vivid clothing”Notice me” clothing. Some times it is good to be noticed, but not when someone says,”here she comes in THAT dress again!” that type of clothing is memorable! Really liked the tops in the slide show presentation. Lots to choose from. I prefer to wear more colorful items in the summers,balanced with white or cream slacks or pale jeans. But then to each her own. Stay well.I am looking forward to dining out with family for birthday! Be nice to get out somewhere different for a change.

  3. I can’t see myself in the outfits. The printed pants are too bold for me and I think they would overwhelm my 5 ‘ 1” frame. I like a little print so would try something small. I do like peasant tops and just bought a similar blouse I may be brave and consider wearing a bold print pants when I see someone else my size in these prints. I do like the bright green blouse. I suffer from dry eyes. The joy of maturing and too much screen time so I can’t wear mascara anymore. I’m wearing more colors that emphasize my blue eyes. Happy Spring everyone. I hear the birds singing and an owl hooting.

  4. Way too much color and way too much print for me! The colorful pants look like loungewear not streetwear and the green blouse would be better suited to a black pencil skirt or black slacks. I would give this a glance and keep walking. Happy Saturday.

  5. I do like the vivid pants on left but would probably choose a more toned down solid top to wear with them. Actually on a younger woman all brights are fine (opinion) but for me, not Kelly green. It’s not complementary to my complexion. I don’t have words for the outfit on right. Mini dresses and I parted ways awhile ago but cute fir a teen or a twenty something.

  6. I like the blouses in the back with the smaller print and softer colors.
    I avoid bottoms with pattern as they usually end up in my giveaway pile, and don’t even want to think about bottoms with a horizontal stripe.

  7. the horizontal striped pants would be an absolute no for me…i do love a vibrant print, and quite a few items in the slide show i would love to try…but the mannequin display items, i cant find anything that would work for me…the pleated skirt isnt for me…the bell sleeves on the back shirt would be another no. only because when i was working and had phones, stacks of paper, pens, keyboard, coffee…those sleeves are going to be a pain.
    also, didnt anybody think their mannequins are a bit creepy? i wonder if those companies have discussed diversity….or maybe they are a blank slate for a purpose…

  8. No. I don’t care for the print at all, and when combined with a flowy loose pant, they feel costume-y.

  9. I loved what you said about plus sizes Pam the other day well said! There is room for all of us in the world if only we were kinder and more generous to each other. I think those retail stores that made the decision to discriminate will get serious backlash and I hope the negativity of their actions will affect their business.
    Happy weekend Pam and thnak you for the sunshine.

  10. I do like primary colours however the mix of colours and pattern in the stripe pieces is outside my comfort zone. The turquoise is lovely and I have a dress that colour that is in need of replacement so would try it on. At only 5 ft. it may actually be a perfect length for a summer dress or beach coverup. That is assuming the turtle neck is a separate piece. I’m not sure what kind of weather would suit wearing the two together. If it is separate it would be cute for curling under a fleece. The other print is not in a colour mix that appeals to me.

  11. Though leaning towards color, pattern and comfort for my summer wardrobe (we are still wearing light weight, winter outerwear where I am); I am afraid it is a ‘no’ namely due to their styles for all pieces with perhaps the exception of the turquoise shift that quite possibly would work as a swimwear/beach cover up depending upon its fabric. As to the pants in particular; I’m afraid with their vivid horizontal stripes I feel I would be constantly adjusting them so they would match up while in motion or otherwise … lol! (That’s just me as since a hobby sewer, it is one of the many things that one takes quite seriously when choosing pattern fabric and/or laying it out.) -Brenda-

    P.S.: Speaking of beach cover ups; something I recently purchased was a cotton open netted one to wear as an overlay over my sleeveless or camisole tops so when I want full coverage of my arms. Shall also mention economically it was far cheaper than the sweaters that I priced; plus it can be quite easily stored in a tote for emergency use as not only will conform to your body size but once off will shrinks back to its original shape so is easy to compact and doesn’t have the tendency to wrinkle. Just thought I would share this with you and your readers who might wish something for said purpose but still will reveal the garments underneath.

  12. The horizontal print is very Missoni-inspired, isn’t it? Cute on someone petite, I think, but would be too much on me. I like the t-shirt dress on the right and think you could dress it up a bit with cute sandals, a belt and tote. The high-neck blouse on the left is pretty and would be a nice pop paired with neutral-colored pants or a skirt. Would keep the look of the bottom half more tailored to offset the blousy top.

  13. I like my clothes to last several seasons (years), so I tend to favor a base of well-made classic pieces. I like color, but there’s too much going on in these outfits. To catch the vibe, I’d opt for a colorful stripe or bohemian print in a tee or scarf. Head to toe? It’s not me.

  14. I like my clothes to last several seasons (years), so I tend to favor a base of well-made classic pieces. I like color, but there’s too much going on in these outfits. To catch the vibe, I’d opt for a colorful stripe or bohemian print in a tee or scarf. Head to toe? It’s not me.

  15. Oh … too much bold color and bold prints for my taste.

    I think the turquoise tunic is cute but I don’t like it paired with vividly colored turtle neck.
    I’d much prefer to see it with a white jean jacket and white sneakers!!!

    Other than that, I have to say nothing else here is appealing to me.

  16. I almost never wear a print, and if so, not on the bottom. It’s just my taste, because I often like them on other people. Because I make very bold and elaborate jewelry, I like that to be the focus of my outfit and have the eye focused on my top half. Boho also does not fit my style adjectives. I love turquoise and bright colors for summer. I’m glad to see that not everything is pastels, as they are everywhere and are having a moment. It’s just not my moment, because light colors tend to wash me out.

  17. The pants are definite no for me. All the colors, prints & horizontal stripes would make me feel like everyone would be staring at how wide my hips looked, & I am just not a fan of this full flowy silhouette. This whole display looks rather garish to me. It is just too much for my eyes to focus on the individual items.

  18. I’m 69 years old and those pants are just too bold for me. With so many colors it’s just too much especially with the stripes.
    I like the green blouse and might possibly wear it but I’d have to like it a lot.

  19. I like bright primaries, but not all of them & not all of them at once. These patterns are all much too busy for me & too severe & jagged — the same colours in large, tropical florals would appeal to me more. I do like the tie-front blouse on the right but not with that jaggedy skirt. I’m actually not sure what I’d pair it with: black jeans, maybe? And I don’t think I have the patience or grace for those wide ruffled sleeves — I’d be dragging them through everything! But the display is certainly an eye-catcher, especially after a long & trying winter!

    I do love many of the tops in the slide show, though. Brightly coloured solids & florals seem to be high on everyone’s list this summer, which makes me happy.

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