A few of my favorite things part 2

Happy Friday, all!  Welcome to A Few of My Favorite Spring Things…Part 2!

This is a follow up to My Favorite Spring Things Part 1 from last Friday.

Also, I have at the end one of my favorite things to do….help inspired readers with their style…so look for it!

Also, some of my favorite things would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts…so keep them in mind.


A few of my favorite spring things part 2

I am 100% sold and in love with the Sonoma Lavender Company!

I have tried many brands for lavender, but this one is by far the best….deepest aromas, so relaxing, and peaceful.

I have their footies (which are warmed in a microwave) and then put over the foot balm (AMAZING!); the neck wrap; pillow spray, essential oil…it is all incredible and the richest form of lavender I have discovered.

Brings a spa home!


A few of my favorite spring things part 2

Cydney Mar Wellness is new to me and I recently began taking their supplement for strong bones.

Calcium supplements have been difficult for me.  I need them for my bones, but they often upset my digestive system.

I am please to report that this digestive issue is not happening with this supplement for Strong Bones.  It does include magnesium and even zinc.

These are all natural supplements, gluten free, and I encourage to read the founders story on the website…very inspiring.  I am thrilled to find a calcium supplement which seems to be working!

As always, I encourage you to discuss things like this with your personal physician, but it might be a good option for you as well. 



A few of my favorite spring things part 2

Last fall, I introduced you to TEAKRUTHI…wonderful tea options, and they have a new one for spring.

It is a cinnamon chai tea…wonderful hot or cold.  Check out TEAKRUTHI here. 


A few of my favorite spring things Part 2

Leigh Ann and I recently received a facial procedure called a JET PEEL.

This is a special non-invasive needle free solution for wrinkle reduction (YAY!); acne; skin rejuvenation; dark circles and hair restoration (read that right).

It detoxifies through lymphatic drainage; exfoliation which also oxygenates the tissue and stimulate microcirculation; and then infusion of bioactive skin nutrients.

These include hyaluronic acid, bio-peptides, vitamin A +E, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C.

Both of us felt amazing afterwards…refreshed…and our skin glowed.  It actually helped my sinus cavities clear that day as well. 

I highly recommend it if you can find a salon in your area.  For those in and around San Antonio, I recommend you get yours at Prisma Beauty Co. offer Boerne Stage Road and IH 10.


A few of my favorite spring things Part 2

That, of course, would be to help inspire a reader with her style!! 

Readers have been sending me the Foundational Five adjectives they would like to communicate with their style so that I can offer a little help with a slideshow.

Lee Ann (a reader, not my trusty blog sidekick) sent her adjectives this way:

Timeless – I like clothes that are built to last the test of time and trend. 

Soft – I like flowy tops with a little lace and look feminine.

Casual – I wear mostly jeans and capri pants.

Confident – I want to feel good in my skin. 

Fun – I want to feel on trend and look younger.

Remember, I am looking for garments which speak all five adjectives…that is the challenge.  So, Lee Ann, here is a slideshow for you and others like you!

I want to explain a couple of choices.  I went with a few timeless, quality, simple pieces from Eileen Fisher which can be made to say fun and feminine with choice of accessories.

Also,  the Viveka Lace Mini Dress would be a great flowy tunic over capri leggings.  

If anyone else would like their own personal slideshow, just send me your adjectives at over50feeling40@gmail.com and I will let you know when it is your turn.  Thanks for being here today.

I will return tomorrow with Would You Wear It…so until then…


Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for review in this post and there are affiliate links.

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